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Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising attempts to cure the ailment of making war sims "real" but instead inflincts them with not making it fun. While some of the aspects of war are clearly made "real," it does not translate well with the video game media. Sure, the scenario mostly makes sense, and the combat is true with what one would really face on the battlefield, but rather than make fighting a tense and nerve-wrecking experience, it turns it into an annoying one thanks to botched mission objectives and horrendous AI.

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CyberCam3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

This game is not for everyone, which is why the average gamer will hate it and come to the conclusion that "it's not fun". Most FPS gamers expect all games to be as easily accessible as the COD series... this game has quite the learning curve, IMO it's in a class all by itself!

But there are those of us out there that LOVE the game, even with all the bugs & server problems. Friday night I personally had the most fun I even had in my 30 years as a gamer, playing co-op with 4 of my buddies! Most fun I've had in a long time!

This is the first FPS to attempt bring a total realistic combat to the consoles and I for one can appreciate it! I've been dying for a game like this for ages! It even surpasses my Rainbow 6 (original pc game) & Ghost Recon (original pc game) experiences! Great job Codemasters... it's not perfect by a long shot but with some patches & server upgrades the game can be a gem!

Statix3297d ago

Why do noobs that don't like realistic military simulators even get to review this game? The fact that he never once mentions its direct competitor ArmA II or doesn't mention Bohemia Interactive (the creators of the original Operation Flashpoint) tells me that he has never played military simulators before and thus is not qualified in any sense of the word to review this game.

This might not be the best game in the world, but noobs and arcadey-shooter fans need to know their place and STFU!

Sarcasm3297d ago

I rented the game (360) and found that the graphics is what sort of holds the game back a bit. It's so hard to see anything because of the blurry textures and aliasing. So I stopped after the first mission. However I guess I'll give it another shot before I return it.

evrfighter3297d ago

Arma 2 has lots of potential. However it needs major work with bugs and optimization. From what I've heard BIS will definately fix it. Given the only dev I trust is Valve (not even Blizzard anymore with Activision at the helm) . I won't get my hopes up.

AzaziL3297d ago

If it weren't for the A.I. failing so many times, this game might've been great. Tried playing it a second time through, but it's just too tiring having to restart a mission over and over cause your a.i. teammates suck. That and they expect too much from them given that half the missions are timebased and are nearly impossible to solo without the squad.

CyberCam3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

I have a 62" LCD & so I can see enemies perfectly, even when their crawling behind trees & bushes. BTW I have the PS3 version of the game.

There is a memorable momment I have to share;
In one night map our team (the 4 of us playing co-op) had to sneak through enemy lines to get to our objective... no big deal right.

We approached a certain encampment from a high hill looking down, we fanned out alongside the hill (I gave the order). We then all pulled out our binoculars & started giving enemy positions everywhere, that took about a good 2 minutes. Our sniper stayed up on the hill and the 2 guys on the flanks started sneaking down the hill from either side, I snuck down the center.

I then gave the order for the guy on the right to sneak up on this one guard and take him down with a silent knife kill (watching that happen threw my binoculars was so cool!).

Everyone marked a particular tango and then I gave to go to fire and BAM 4 more tangos down. The really cool thing was that the guy on the left was about to get flanked by a tango and our sniper took him after he shot his first round!

With precise teamwork we took out that encampment in a matter of 60 seconds... IT WAS THE COOLEST CO-OP EXPERIENCE I EVER HAD, IT WAS SUCH A RUSH!!

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Rifle-Man3298d ago

Whoa! That's a little low.

renegade3298d ago

Wow I was expecting better reviews

Glen953298d ago

I can say the game is far better than that. I'd give it at least a 7/10.

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