Planet Xbox 360: Need for Speed: Shift Review

Planet Xbox 360 writes: "Electronic Arts is at it again. The Need for Speed franchise has seemingly stalled the past few years with titles that weren't up to snuff such as Need for Speed: Pro Street, NFS: Undercover and NFS: Carbon. Lacking revolutionary features and practically having no redeeming qualities, EA has decided to course correct the sinking ship by putting more concentration into the development of future titles, such as Need for Speed: World Online and Need for Speed: Nitro, and the positive results are easily identifiable in Need for Speed: Shift. What does Need for Speed: Shift offer that past iterations couldn't? To begin with the most noticeable change, the look and feel of the franchise has returned. Sitting behind the wheel, the driving experience is 100 percent more visceral and intense than it has been in the past. The mini-map of the track is hidden in the left hand corner and is no longer a distraction on the heads-up display. This feature helps remove the "fantasy" aspects of the game and create a more realistic approach to a racing title."

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