DualShocker Review: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

DualShockers writes:

"I was definitely a comic book fan growing up. I read almost everything out there that was hand-drawn with dialogue aside from newspaper strips, Archie, and other comics that didn't really peek my interest unless it had some hot chick on the front cover with a shirt she bought in Kids r Us. So you can imagine how enthralled I was when Activision and Vicarious Visions announced the first Marvel Ultimate Alliance (not to mention I was already a fan of the X-Men: Legends franchise, which is somewhat similar to MUA). After I abused Marvel Ultimate Alliance, I was somewhat satisfied. I'm not going to say that it left the best of impressions; but it was entertaining and laid out an overall good story.

Then, Activision announced that Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 was in the works and I clapped hysterically like adolescent girls nowadays would go nuts for The Jonas Brothers. I figured, if the first game was pretty good, then - if there is a merciful god out there somewhere - the second one would be have to be better..."

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BROOKLYN N-M-E3391d ago

an in depth review. Now I'll actually have to think before buying!

BROOKLYN N-M-E3391d ago

Thors voice is as high pitched as Iron Mike, WTF?

iiprotocolii3391d ago

Nah, he just sounds like a retard. The game has a lot of potential, just ended up being bland, sadly. Now, X-Men: Legends - that was a good game.

iiprotocolii3391d ago

The game was ok. It wasn't anything to go crazy for. The review is pretty much on point with a lot of the game. It's too much like the first one with little change which is why some folks are weary of getting it.

taz80803391d ago

Good game, but online was terrible.

taz80803391d ago

AI is on crack half the time.