Both of the Marvel Ultimate Alliance Games Have Been Delisted

It looks like both of the Marvel Ultimate Alliance games have been delisted from the digital stores making them unavailable to purchase.

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monkey6021588d ago

This seems all a bit too soon though doesn't it? Weren't these remastered games recent enough.

Automatic791588d ago

I am glad I picked up on Xbox game sale. Definitely worth adding to collection.

XxSPIDEYxX1588d ago

So now Activision has lost all rights to making and selling Marvel Games.

gigoran1588d ago

So if I delete them I can download them again? If not, Sony will reimburse me right?

Digital only consoles....


DeadManMMX1588d ago

If you own it you own it period. You can redownload it. No one new can buy it now.

Master of Unlocking1588d ago

Except on disc, that is. The first game came out right back when the PS3 came out and I've been thinking about buying it for some time now (over a decade!), but I don't know if they're worth anything. here's hoping the physical copies aren't going to fly off shelves now.

shinoff21831588d ago

Wgat about when the ps4 store goes down for good. It's all gone after that.

shinoff21831588d ago

Another reason physical is better. Atleast I'll have these in the future for ps3

Jmanzare1588d ago

What happens when your nephew comes over and scratches the disc or you lose it.

BlaqMagiq11587d ago

Blurays are scratch resistant. So unless you have anger issues and you feel the need to destroy your discs that's not a problem.

If you're losing your discs, you're very irresponsible.

As someone who supports physical, I've never had these issues.

shinoff21831583d ago

Easy I don't let children mess with my stuff second I'm grown, I kinda don't lose video games and such. Another thing with Blu rays they are extremely hard to scratch.

Nice try though

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The story is too old to be commented.