Why Marvel Ultimate Alliance Is the Ultimate Comic Game

The Marvel Ultimate Alliance games appeal to hardcore comic nerds and beat'em up fans alike. Hopefully the next one keeps it going.

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FallenAngel19841440d ago

“My fear is that the game will suffer a similar fate as the one seen by Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. That games roster was slimmed down from its predecessor, and the heroes featured in the game were primarily pulled from the extraordinarily popular Marvel Cinematic Universe.”

Yeah that’s my biggest gripe. You don’t even see any of the Fantastic Four when they already played major roles in the first two titles, whereas the entire Guardians of the Galaxy cast had been prominently featured instead.

The X-Men Legends and Marvel Ultimate Alliance series were both heavily influenced by the comics, yet the third MUA is influenced way too much by the MCU and takes away from the identity this series already had in the same way MvC:I’s identity got diluted by trying way to hard to appea to the MCU crowd rather than its series’ longtime fans.

Featuring Wolverine is a nice start, but it seems like a token gesture considering there hasn’t been any other famous X-Men characters shown off.

Gemmol1439d ago

It's just the first trailer lol how you expect to know all the characters involved

badz1491438d ago

from the first trailer, most of the character models are taken from the MCU. that's not promising at all

at least wolverine is there, though

FallenAngel19841439d ago

The first trailer alone just spells out how influenced by the MCU this game will be. Even the main plot is MCU inspired. Not saying that characters like Fantastic Four won’t appear, but I wouldn’t hold my breath

shinoff21831440d ago

I think this series is awesome, I loved them on ps3. I only wish it wasnt switch exclusive. I know the switch people will buy it up, but the ps4 install base alone should have been enough to entice them. I think ive read nintendo has a hand with this game so if true it is what it is.

Neonridr1440d ago

Nintendo is publishing it, if I am not mistaken. Just like Sony helped in the creation of Spiderman, Nintendo is doing the same here. Such is business.

shinoff21831437d ago

I thought so thats why I mentioned it. I thought I had read that around the time it was announced.

Segata1439d ago

Sony got Spiderman. Nintendo got Alliance. Both fully funded by those respected companies. Without exclusive deals, you get irrelevancy like Xbox loose definition of the word exclusive.

Blu3_Berry1439d ago

I haven't played the previous two games but I do know alot of people love them and considered them a classic.

I'm not gonna lie, if it weren't for the Nintendo Switch logo before showing the game off at the game awards my first thought would have been "This is a mobile game" . Graphically, I thought it was pretty bad looking. The cutscenes were nicely done, but the in-game was just......... ugh. Not trying to sound like a downer and that graphics mean everything, but nothing really stood out or impressed me about the game's trailer other than that it is back as an exclusive (which quite frankly I couldn't care less about).

Gemmol1439d ago

Graphics goes back to cartoon style........even past games did not have realistic graphics it was cartoon

Now if you said you wanted a realistic version one day i could understand that but no matter what you say the switch version look way better than the old ones

addictedtochaos1439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

Always liked the X-Men Legends and Ultimate Alliance games, really wish we could get a good DC game in a similar style.

Gemmol1439d ago

More of a DC guy but i agree with you

Kainbrightside1439d ago

Looks good so far to me I played the second one on the Wii with some friends when I was younger and enjoyed it.