Rhianna Pratchett interview: Developers don't remember about story until it's too late (in English and Polish)

Polygamia interviews Rhianna Pratchett about her work on Overlord and Risen, as well as about general issues connected with being a game writer.

"One problem is that not enough companies factor story-telling into their game in the design stages and tend to call on the services of a narrative professional very late in the day. This can mean you're trying to hammer a story around a structure that hasn't been properly built for it. Hardly ideal! Calling a writer in late can also mean that you're frantically trying to polish and patch up a narrative that could have used the attention 6 months previously. "

English version is to the right of the Polish version.

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LinuxGuru3486d ago

Of course with the exception of most Sony exclusive titles, where the game is built around story first.

MagicAccent3486d ago

... And look at her taste in games. That's class!

TVippy3485d ago

She's very good looking, didn't expect that.