The cult RPG "Risen" is coming to consoles on January 24th, 2023

"THQ Nordic are today very excited and happy to announce that Piranha Bytes' cult RPG "Risen" is coming to PlayStation®4, Xbox One™, and Nintendo Switch on January 24, 2023. THQNordic has partnered exclusively with GameStop to bring Risen to PS4 and Switch players in North America." - THQ Nordic.

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MadLad80d ago

I really like pretty much everything Piranha Bytes games, but this one was a little rough.

I'm glad it's getting another console release, being that the 360 port was pretty mediocre, but this is also a game that starts off really strong and then the last third is just a monotonous grind.

Currently playing Elex 2, and it's fantastic.

TGG_overlord80d ago

It's a matter of taste really...Either you enjoy it, or you don't...It's like my relation to the "Fallout" series, I like the old-school "Fallout" games MUCH more than the FPS games, but that's just how I am...True and fair enough...That one I haven't tried though.

lonewolf1080d ago

I like my Eurojank RPG's, good news for console players.

Father__Merrin80d ago

lol the swearing in risen 2 was hillarious

lonewolf1080d ago

Jaffar always made me laugh, fuck yes.

jznrpg80d ago

Super jank . I own these games but never did make it far in the first game it was the jankiest of all

MadLad79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

Depends on what you're looking for.

Piranha Bytes are definitely a AA team, and it usually comes out in their stiff animations and unrefined, yet complex,.combat.
What they do really well though is make worlds you actually want to explore, and give the player a lot of agency in how they complete missions and affect the world.

Currently playing Elex 2 and most of their past issues have been greatly cleaned up. You can tell the extra funding went to good use.

jznrpg79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

Their games have improved since then for sure . I like Elex , Risen 2 & 3 , etc . Not high end games but decent RPGs . The first game was just too rough for me when I played it . Timing sometimes makes a big difference

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