ConnectedConsoles: Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Review

ConnectedConsoles: For the last three years now, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare has taken hold of the war genre by the scruff of the neck. The game has won countless amounts of rewards and really hasn't had any big competitors to the modern combat genre. The closest in fact, that's even come close, is Killzone 2. Now, Codemasters have arrived on the scene with a more tactical modern combat game in Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. The original Operation Flashpoint game was built on an engine that was used as a military simulator in 2002. Dragon Rising now looks to bring the original's success to consoles and with it being so realistic, Codies will try and bring modern combat fans to the more tactical scene. So can it compete with the big guns?

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sam22363392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

"For the last three years now, Call of Duty 4..."

Stopped reading there. People need to stop comparing this game to CoD and Killzone 2. They should be comparing it to the original Flashpoint or ARMA, not run-and-gun shooters.

I'm going to write a review of Dead Space: Extraction and I'm going to compare it to GTA4.

trancefreak3390d ago

haha you made me laugh man. Very valid points you have there btw.

Rom8283388d ago


I think reviewers do this because of the "war" genre within the FPS mode. But, you are absolutely right! This game has a different feel (more like a military simulator). After playing on-line and some of the bonus missions. I decided to play the campaign on "HARDCORE." Do you know what's amazing to me? This game makes you strategize and think through your decisions. Codemasters are correct when they say they want to put "fear" back into the game. I love it...

BTW - the commands that you give your squad on the radial dialog ring are not as difficult as people say they are to use. Once you are familiar with the commands, it takes NO time at all to use them.

"Tighten up & fire on my lead." LOL