Forza 3: Eurogamer France Review

From the review:

"If this is indeed the best car game ever made, it remains a little about our hunger in comparison to its predecessor, Forza 2: not enough new features, graphics that range from pretty and nice, a system progress and difficulties not always well paid but also menus a little clutter. All that we can not cry engineering. But the gameplay is outstanding and the balance between realism and fun is very successful, not to mention the perfect dip, especially on a large HD screen."

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darkequitus3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

Translator not working well on this article. A hard read.

@ Below. If you mean the 'Driving force GT' or G35, then no that is PS3 and PC/PS3 only respectively. Nice wheels though

GamerPS3603351d ago

does gt25 wheel work for 360 ?? 'coz I really dont feel like buying another wheel.

ryuzu3351d ago

AFAIK - no the G25 does not work with the 360...

In fact, there are no good wheels for the Xbox which is the main reason I gave up on F2 and will pass on F3. Sadly no decent wheel support means the 360 is no use as a decent driving sim platform.


GamerPS3603351d ago

that sux, I am getting tired of prologue. Well, there is shift but I really wanted to play forza 3 and gt5.

WildArmed3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

omgz. ur still play GT5p?
Man you gots alot more patience then me >.< kudos to you
My experience went like this:
WEEE GT5P! amazing graphics! cant wait to get home n play! *runs home from Gamestop*
OMGZ I SUCK! I cant win a race! waaahh... atleast the game looks very nice.
*runs back to gamestop* ugh.. bought the wrong game.. i wanted burnout paradise please o-O

Marceles3351d ago

Yeah that makes sense..."BEST CAR GAME EVER MADE!!!!...8/10"

/end sarcasm

Boody-Bandit3350d ago

Fanatec Porsche 911 S ( is the only decent wheel compatible with the 360 (also works on the PS3 and PC) but it wont be out in time for Forza 3.

I am expecting mine to arrive sometime in November.

Terry Tate3350d ago

I'm currently testing the Beta version of the Fanatec Turbo S wheel. You're gonna love it.
Sooooooo looking forward to this game.

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WildArmed3351d ago

RAWR I really hate google translate.
I tried reading an U2 review awhile ago and it didn't make sense.

Btw, nice score. Looks like NFS and Forza are gonna have a nice battle

ELite_Ghost3350d ago

I'm french i'll translate the graphics...

"The outdoor graphics (background graphics: mountains etc...) are difficult to enjoy. Overall, this game is a step down in realism from GT5 prologue. It is a step up from NFS shift, which has a more cartonny look. The sound is great the vroom vroom sound different for every car and is enjoyable to hear if you have 5.1 sound."

it's a brief summary of the graphics paragraph...

xg-ei8ht3351d ago

Score looks about right.

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The story is too old to be commented.