Gamereactor reviews Forza 3

Jon Cato Lorentzen writes;

"Forza 3 is a great detail-rich racing game with a super-tight running engine, but it lacks a bit of driving pleasure. Are you really bilinteressert will this game be able to enjoy many months to come. But personally I miss several drive modes, and a bit more life into the game. A sober racing games for bilinteresserte"

7 out of 10

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GayASSAdmins5368d ago

biased. gt5 lover written all over the review.

WildArmed5368d ago

Or a lame attempt to get hits?
Didnt they give uncharted 2 a 8/10?
So I dont really sense BIAS vs a site looking for crazy hits

AKNAA5368d ago (Edited 5368d ago )

First uncharted 2 and now this?!?! WTF is up with these lower than expected scores on good games?!

GamerPS3605368d ago (Edited 5368d ago )

oh great, I hope this is not another Halo ODST fiasco. But, overall seems like this game is over 9 which is pretty solid.
I am really hoping to dust off my 360 for this game.

ctfkev5368d ago (Edited 5368d ago )

"It flows quite phenomenal in Forza 3, but the smooth image patch is unfortunately at the expense of other graphic effects. The graphics are in fact very static and lifeless. I crashes with other cars there will be no smoke or sparks spectacular effects, all that happens is that the shiny shiny texture to the opponent's car will be replaced with a slightly dirtier texture. It looks fake and strange. Driving over the gravel makes no dust clouds, burnt rubber stock does not smoke, and the result is that it feels almost like running a bit lifeless bilsimulator simulator! "

edit: haha this is straight from the review, disagree away!!!

WildArmed5368d ago

lol if you say 'hi' people will disagree away.
That is the magic of N4G.
(even if u leave the comment blank xD )

JonnyBadfinger5368d ago

Im a 360 owner but i would rather GT5 over Forza 3.

Reason number:

1) Forza 3 lacks the fun that Forza 2 had (atleast the demo was boring as hell)
2) Playstation has better console wheels
3) Forza 3s cckpit is HORRIBLE, i didnt think it was even possible to ruin a cckpit view but Turn 0 managed to do it some how.
4) Have always loved the Grand Turismo franchise and,
5) Grand Turismo has always had more variety in race modes, and it looks like they are gunna up that with GT5.

I have offically decided to buy a PS3 come GT5s release, and it wouldnt hurt to have blu ray player lying around the house. but i will most definately not be getting that crap UC2 or 1 for that matter.

WildArmed5368d ago

over 80% of 360 owners probably owned a Psx or a ps2. And GT series has been around since the ps1. So its not totally unbelievable that 360 owners love GT series.

JonnyBadfinger5368d ago

I have never had a Playstation. HATE that bone shaped horrible controller, which is why i choose the SNES, N64, Xbox and Xbox 360.

But Grand Turismo is just special, and the only Playstation exclusive i want desperately. but other than GT the Playstation in my eyes has nothing over Xbox or PC.

5368d ago
gaffyh5368d ago

@johnny - so basically you are just a fanboy. Because you are not a gamer if you didn't own a PS2, the best console EVER for gaming. Also LMAO @ you bashing UC2 and 1, two of the best looking and playing games this generation. Ah fanboys, always make you laugh.

On topic - This seems like a review that is desperately looking for hits. If you compare the game to GT5, obviously it won't be as good, Gran Turismo (Yes GRAN NOT Grand) is one of the best racing games, but they shouldn't be comparing it to that. They should be comparing it to games that are currently on the Xbox 360, which would warrant a score of 9 at least.

RedSoakedSponge5368d ago

wow man. You do understand that getting insulted about someone not liking a certain game actually makes YOU the fanboy lol. I dont care what anyone likes or dislikes. Its up to them. Ill just play wat i enjoy, nothing to do with anyone else lol.

Zack Sawyer5368d ago

"Because you are not a gamer if you didn't own a PS2"

That is one of the most dumbest things I have ever read.

YogiBear5368d ago (Edited 5368d ago )

I guess I understand where you come from. I despise the 360 controller. I think it was designed by a simpleton for simpleton's but I still own a 360 for COD 2. I don't own any other games mind you, since I can sign them out from my store. Enjoy your GT5 emulator.

RedSoakedSponge5368d ago

haha i know lol. You are a gamer if you play games!! nothing else to it lol.

gaffyh5368d ago (Edited 5368d ago )

@1.13 - I'm not getting insulted by him not liking Uncharted 1 or 2, but the fact that he can't see that both games are major strides in gaming shows he is a fanboy.

@1.14 - Please enlighten me as to why, oh 12 year old child who just started gaming this generation. PS2 had the best catalog of games ever, everyone agrees with that. Simply put, you couldn't afford to miss the PS2 if you even consider yourself a gamer.

MNicholas5368d ago (Edited 5368d ago )

Based on what's been said by reviewers about gampeplay Forza 3 deserves a solid 8 or maybe even an 8.5.

Then again, if you own an Arcade or Core and don't want to erase your memory card or fork out $50/yr for online, this is what $60 gives you:

300 cars
70ish tracks (mostly just variations)
no second disc (unusable)
no online racing
no community features

Face Palm5368d ago

It's GameReactor, did you guys click the link expecting credibility?

Do you know why they're call GameReactor? They use games, to get a negative/angry reaction, which in turn gets them hits.

Zack Sawyer5368d ago (Edited 5368d ago )

Again with the child comments because I disagreed with you. It sounds like you're the one who needs to grow up and act our age.

Your right, gaming didnt start this generation but in case you didnt realize gaming has existed well before the PS2 of which I was a part of and there are many who would have the opinion that a past console beyond the PS2 was better with better games, so are you calling them kids too? I personally thing the Amiga 500 had the best.

Please tell me how exactly you know that everyone agrees with the PS2 having the best catalogue of games?

You consistently seem to enter 360 articles and then proceed to call all those who enjoy their 360 a fanboy. You are one of the biggest hypocrites I have ever known!

mint royale5368d ago

'Your not a gamer if you nver had a ps2'

How inward looking and biased is this guy?!

I could say your not a gamer if you never owned a gamecube which had some of the best and original games ever released on it.

You see your opinion does not equal fact.

GWAVE5368d ago (Edited 5368d ago )

Ouch. So who do I trust? Gamereactor or IGN?

EDIT @ mint royale: Gamesreactor gave Uncharted 2 an 8/10, so why should I trust them? It's sad that you keep tabs my "bias" as if you're championing some great cause.

Mint Royale, you should play games, do your homework, and get to bed on time. I'll make whatever comments I want.

mint royale5368d ago (Edited 5368d ago )

GWAVE - do what you do when a review gives a 'bad' review to a Playstation game - trash them and call them biased etc etc etc. Theres no point in having double standards is there?

And GWAVE I don't follow you, in fact I rarely come on this site but it is not hard to miss someone who constantly trolls. I agree Gamereactor is crap so why were you wondering who to trust? :)

lowcarb5368d ago

These reviews are always bias. Turn 10 and SDF both should shut it already and let the games do the talking.

corneliuscrust5368d ago

Waht's up with this guy?

"I crashes with other cars there will be no smoke or **SPARKS** spectacular effects,"

There are tons of sparks upon crashing. Not sure what game he was busy playing when he was supposed to be reviewing forza3