Beautiful Dead Space Extraction 720P screens

"Some pics of Dead Space Extraction have been ran through the Dolphin emulator. Makes you want a WiiHD.

Note that our monitors were on the brightest setting when uploading these pictures. Your brightness may need to be varied."

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ndpad4861d ago

You may need to up the brightness of your monitor to view them in their full glory.

Counter_ACT4861d ago

Uhm... none of those are HD.

ActionBastard4861d ago

It'll be nice to be able to play this with trophies :)

ndpad4861d ago

Speaking of trophies the original Dead Space for PS3 just got a price cut to $20 at Amazon.

Great deal for a great game.

OhNoez4861d ago

its on Wii, no trophies on Wii

ActionBastard4861d ago

I know what it's on. I'm speaking of the PS3 port.

Altourus4861d ago

Am I the only one that had no idea there was a Wii Emulator?

hatchimatchi4861d ago

i need to get this game, i love dead space on my ps3. I really wish the wii was HD. At first it didn't matter to me, but after owning a ps3 for a while now, i find it very hard to come up with reasons to play the wii. Maybe this will be the cure?

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