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IGN has posted another blog from Ken McCulloch, Director of Content. In it he summarizes how the plot will be unfolded to the gamer. Here is a quote from the blog:

"This goes to show that there's more to storytelling than just relating 'what happens.' Storytelling is not simply sitting down and working out a progression of events. This is doubly true for video game storytelling, where you have to mete out content in the pace and rhythm of the gameplay to avoid alienating the player who might just want, heaven forbid, to play his new game."

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ThaGeNeCySt4198d ago

i want to play a demo of this RIGHT now.

power of Green 4198d ago

They're working on the animations fighting physics, YES!.

Xi4198d ago

can't wait to be playing this online with my friends.

VirusE4198d ago

The story in eternal darkness was amazing (very cuthulu) i hope this game has a similar quality story. Silicon knights are a very under rated studio in my opinion.