GameTrailers: Massive Action Game Preview

GT: Enlist in the soldier's life with 255 of your closest friends and enemies!

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BulletToothtony5380d ago

even by the way he was playing u can tell they were trying to miss on purpose.. man he sucked..

In the beginning yes it can be confusing but the game is pure gold.. this preview was how i felt after playing 2 games.. but if u play around 10 to 20 games.. this game is awesome.. GT are retards

ZBlacktt5380d ago

"Enlist in the soldier's life with 255 of your closest friends and enemies!"

I see what you did there, lol :P

Ps_alm3k5379d ago

I 'd played 2-3 match and was like meh...........
then i found out that its pretty deep and robust, tactical and full of strategy.
You won't get anything done without communication. You can't rambo, unless your whole squad does rambo tactics. but yea this game is a hit!!! Just a little more polish and i can see socom fan comming in plus fps fan... nice mag ftw!!!


MAG was one of the most ambitious shooters ever and deserves a PS5 sequel

Zipper Interactive were once one of Sony's most important studios and became a household name due to their work on the SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs series during the PlayStation 2's heyday. Their most ambitious title was MAG. Could it make a comeback?

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yellowgerbil1611d ago

Best game ever. I had put over 1700hrs into that game before it deteriorated too far with cheaters getting out of the map and sadly decided it was time to let it die (Zipper had already been closed down by that time).

_SilverHawk_1611d ago

Amazing game. Hopefully sony makes a sequel

XisThatKid1610d ago

This is the game in modern gaming that even got me into shooters i spent literally days with this game Raven All the way. War against the the mighty D ride oh so edgy S.V.E.R.

NecrumOddBoy1611d ago

Original Battle Royale. No microtransactions. Definitely ahead of time.

XBox4eva691610d ago

It's almost as far from battle royale as you can get. o_O

frostypants1610d ago

It didn't have a BR mode.

Da12RespectA1610d ago

That wasn't a battle royale game at all.

rdgneoz31610d ago

3 teams of 32 fighting it out would be considered Battle Royaleish. If you're gonna saying teams are OK when you start doing teams of 2 or 3 or 4, then 32v32v32 should work. And on besides that, it had 128 v 128 which was insanely fun.

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Muzikguy1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

I personally hadn't played much of it. I did spend a lot of time in PlanetSide 2 though (somewhat like MAG). Games like these tend to get overrun by cheaters and then ruined too often.

Teflon021611d ago

MAG didn't have that issue as far as I remember. I use to love the 256 matches. That game had an amazing community. Everyone actually communicated and played together. No one B****ed at the team. Everyone understood there was so much going on that if things are going wrong. Everyone had to think of new strategies.
Fav moment was when all 3 other squads 32 took their objectives but we were struggling with ours and had one more to blow up. The other leaders were communicating asking if the 2 nearest squads should send ppl. Our leader was like Naw I got a idea. So he told us all to die and set ourselves at the nearest hills prone without being seen. So we all did and surrounded the areas.
He said everyone on his count throw your grenades. Then snipers go all out and everyone else run in. They won't be able to get everyone and if needed the snipers go in about 10 seconds after.

Everyone did that and I got to the objective and set it off. 9 of us survived and got it. felt amazing to say I got the objective, cover me in that moment. Wish it was PS4 so I could have saved that moment
It was literally the coolest moment I had in a online shooter, closest since was BF4.

Muzikguy1610d ago


That does indeed sound like an awesome moment. One that makes games like these memorable for sure. It does seem like MAG had a lot more cooperation than most any online shooter

Teflon021610d ago

It did because you absolutely can't get no where in it without teamwork. It also didn't have an extremely big base of players. Everyone who played really wanted to play. I really hope they bring it back and do the same thing to only have serious players get into the big matches again

UltraNova1611d ago

Wow, what a run! This game looks better than PUBG!

Muzikguy1610d ago

Watching that video you wouldn't think the game was on PS3.

Spenok1611d ago

I adored this game too. Some of my best FPS online memories on it. So freaking good.

I'd love to see another game like this come out at some point. And NOT like Planetside... M.A.G. was something special.

yellowgerbil1611d ago

Yeah problem is if it existed now adays, it would likely be riddled with xp boosts and dance moves and all that other pay garbage...
MAG and Warhawk are the only 2 online games I ever got into, and both need a PROPER sequel on PS5.
Remember the first time I got 100 kills in a match, was in a turret with a repair kit and just mowed down wave after wave on Valors map.

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PrinceOfAnger1611d ago

I had so much fun with this game

TGGJustin1611d ago

This is a game that was ahead of its time. Had it came out on PS4 it would've done much better. I put hundreds of hours into this despite the problems it had on PS3.

UnholyLight1610d ago

Really interesting as an Xbox owner at the time. This game had captured my interest as a kid but I never got a chance to play it. Being on PS4 and soon possibly PS5, I would love to see this franchise brought back to life. I imagine with the power of next gen it would be really quite fun.

From what I hear and what I remember, this game was FAR ahead of it's time. A real shame it never truly took off from my understanding.

grifter0241610d ago

I'm an xbox boy since mech warrior but got a ps3 slim for mag. If you liked halo or cod you'd have had a blast in mag. Was one of the first games you could actually do something other than shooting and still make a difference in game.

spicelicka1610d ago

PS4 needs something like it. In the multiplayer space it's far behind the Xbox, there are no quality multiplayer games on it that aren't on other consoles.

Dirtnapstor1611d ago

Yes, yes, and yes. Way ahead of it's time. Would love to see a PS5 variant of this game.