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Rumored PS Store Content for 10/01/09

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"This week might just be the largest update the PS Store has ever had. Most of the content will be geared toward the PSP, to ready for the launch of the PSPgo. However the PS3 is still getting plenty of content, namely a few demos and a few downloadable games. Also don't forget to to download the Uncharted 2 demo, which is available in the PS Store now."

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DoucheVader5377d ago

For reals. I was trying to figure out a way to get it from UK.

Sev5377d ago

Because they waited so long to release Trine, I wont be getting it. I have too much I want to spend my money on now. Especially with the launch of the PSPgo, I got to fill that 16GB flash mem.

They should have released Trine in August or Sept. Now the holidays are here, and retail disc-based titles are what people are spending their money on.

GameGambits5377d ago

Hmm I'm curious what .detuned is about. The screenshot you have on your site Sev alone has me interested. Reminds me of the Persona series style of art. :)

Hellsvacancy5377d ago (Edited 5377d ago )

Trines a fantasic game im on my way 2 earnin my 5th Platinum

Edit: So is the Fallout 3 dlc not cummin 2 the Uk this week? it sais US only

Lifendz5377d ago

I'm loving Broken Steel so far. I haven't even played the DLC. I just wanted to get my char past level 20.

Oh and I'm sorta peeved at Bethesda for punishing people that didn't play the game with a trophy guide handy and didn't search every crevice of the stages prior to leaving. I'm talking about the darn bobbleheads. Decided to plat the game after beating it and low and behlod I can't get 2 of the dang bobbleheads now cuz thoese areas are closed off. That really grinds my gears.

But hey, I was wrong about the game and love it. Too many games coming.

Sprudling5377d ago

Trine was released 17. september on PSN in Norway, and I'm sure in some other countries too. If you can't wait it's just a matter of creating another new PSN account and download it.

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DaTruth5377d ago (Edited 5377d ago )

You have to be able to pay for it! I can pay American on my credit card, but I don't know about Euros. Most people use PSN cards and not credit cards, so they will have to buy a Euro PSN card from EBAY or something(might be illegal).

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DoucheVader5377d ago

Crossing my fingers for Trine. I suppose Uno can keep me occupied. :)

riksweeney5377d ago

It's £15 in the UK, *way* too much for a PSN game.

Sev5377d ago

So who is getting a PSPgo to download this massive amount of PSP content?

Lucreto5377d ago

I would get one but I have a good few UMDs I want to transfer over.

Confused5377d ago

I have loads of UMDs so i'll be keeping my old 1000 as well. I'm not even sure why I'm getting a Go to be honest. Guess I'm just a sucker for new things...

The_Count5377d ago

The count thinks your confused.

Ah ah ah

jack_burt0n5377d ago

No but after seeing the dualshock BT demo, and the game resume feature I want one its very nice.

Dir_en_grey5377d ago

I thought you could download the games on to a normal PSP.

MoneyBagz295377d ago

Over here!Lol,don't know which games to get though. Have a PSP-2000 but UMD drive is broken

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kingboy5377d ago

No NBA2K 10 Demo?i believe it`s out on xbox live if i`m not mistaken

Sev5377d ago

It is on Xbox Live for gold members only.

The official press release says the NBA2K10 Demo would be out "shortly after".

Just like the latest trend of demos, Live Gold members get everything first, then PSN and Live Silver members the following week.

kingboy5377d ago

ah! that explains it then

joeyisback25855377d ago

hey do u know when us ps store gets uno it was release on japanese ps store last week