Now is the Best Time to Get This Incredible RPG Bundle on Steam

If you are looking for an awesome RPG, look no further. Steam is offering a significant discount on its Fallout Franchise Bundle.

SimpleSlave51d ago

"You can get all Fallout games in a bundle at a significant 20% discount on Steam. Individually, all these games add up to $244.91. With the discount, you can get them all for $195.91. That is $49 less than the original price. Quite a significant discount for such a popular franchise."

😊 😂 🤣 😐 - But why?

Just wait for a sale and get most if not all of it for a fraction of that price.

20% off...lol

Tacoboto51d ago

The games were just on a real sale over the last week or two for the show promotion. Fallout 4 was $10, 3 was $5, NV was cheap as heck too.

So what the heck is this

Inverno51d ago

The original games have been given out for free by Amazon for GOG and Epic, 76 is free now on Amazon if you have prime, Epic has also given out new Vegas for free and 4 has gone down to pretty cheap prices. 194 bucks is a total ripoff when you can get these games individually for less. Don't forget cd keys might sell em for a dollar less at times too. Come on man, us cheapskates won't touch anything near or above 100 lolz

isarai51d ago

Bro that's a ridiculous ripoff are you kidding me? 🤣


I Have A Confession, I Like The Fallout 3 Green Filter

The game looks too clean without it.

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isarai26d ago

How about you actually SHOW wtf you're talking about

Nacho_Z25d ago

Always annoying when articles do that.

I agree with them that the tv show was a bit on the clean side. They got loads right regarding set design etc but there's room for improvement.

gold_drake25d ago

i dont. it hurts my eyes. but im fairly ssensitive when it comes to that sort of stuff.


Fallout 4 – Next Gen Update 2 Notes

A new update is now available for Fallout 4. This update adds the ability to manage your control over graphic fidelity or performance and addresses some further stability and visual issues.

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Tacoboto31d ago

How nice of them to give us more control over graphical settings as a way to *completely* avoid taking accountability for the broken Xbox settings.

bondsmx31d ago

Well, I still crashed like 5 times last night within two hours. So there’s that.

anast30d ago

I had to stop. The game is not good. I'd rather play Skyrim and that game isn't that good either.


Fallout 2 Dev Says There Were Plans For Deathclaw Power Armour

TheGamer Writes "I'm not sure if that would've been the coolest thing ever or the most terrifying."

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