Lair swoops in - could look better

CVG has played Lair in full 1080p on a TV that you'd struggle to fit in your house. They know it looks pretty good. So what happened to these screens is anyone's guess.

Nevertheless, it's a game that lets you fly giant fire-breathing dragons in epic medieval battles, fighting in mid-air and frying hundreds of humans with your flame breath, so it's always worthy of a look.

It's been a while coming though - Lair was one of the first games Sony showed off on PS3 and it still lacks a firm release date, but is expected to launch before the end of the year. Fingers crossed.

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EDF 20174171d ago

Looks like crap, ground texture is really blurry in the fire pic. What is this the Wii?

CG4171d ago

All i can say is that if this game isnt the most technically and graphically advanced game when its released then factor 5 five are in for a while ride.
There constanlty praising the the ps3 saying how the cell and rsx is soooo powerfull and great bla bla bla...we'll have to wait and see though.

BlackIceJoe4171d ago

I have to agree with you after seeing the new bloodbath trailer the game looks slow and just not that special. I had this game pretty high on my list to get but right now I want to play Drakes Fortune more.

Firewire4171d ago

Those screens are bull! They have been blown up !

Keyser4171d ago

Every screen and trailer wont be seen in the best light. I will still be picking this up. It still looks good to me.

Torch4171d ago

but the screenshots look pretty decent to me (with the exception of the third, which portrays some harsh lines.)

Take into consideration everything that's shown in the screenshots - the fire, the lighting, textures, etc. - and imagine it in action.

Besides, reading CVG's comments, I think that they're saying that the game actually looks "pretty good"; so good, that the respective screenshots don't do the game justice.

They've got my sixty bucks reserved.

marshman4171d ago

I Still want this game. But the we have seen better screen shots than this.

Saint Sony4171d ago (Edited 4171d ago )

Most of the GOOD footage seen has been prerendered like most of the PS3 game footages. Motorstorm is a good example. People really waited it to look like they had showcased it and many other PS3 games before the console was even out. Prerendered glory. Truth hits the face later and often not so glorius.

EDIT: to all below.
Yes HALO trailer was prerendered everyone knows it because they said so. The game itself is not out yet, neither is Lair. My intention was not to really bash anything. But it's the truth that many people thought PS3 could do what they showed at E3? 2005 (all game preredered). Later they admitted it, so not much to argue about it.

Lair does not look good based on those images, what ever you say.

achira4171d ago

wurwag you mean surely the halo3 trailer last e3 ? lol, look at the end game, hahahahaa

techie4171d ago

"Most of the footage seen has been prerendered like most of the PS3 game footages."

GET OUT. We have seen ONE prerendered trailer of Lair in 2005. Everything else has been INGAME.

spedmen4171d ago (Edited 4171d ago )

Get your facts straight, watch the "E3 Making Of Documentary" here

To prove it was not CG they showed the trailer from multiple angles....

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techie4171d ago

we've seen much better than this...and still I find it funny they're making their minds up over three screens when they could just watch the gameplay and dev walkthroughs


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