MIG Preview: Massive Action Game

MyInsideGamer writes:

"You enter a room to see a gamer playing his PS3. His eyes are bulging and bloodshot, his hands are excitedly shaking and he is sweating profusely. No sound but the noise of dramatic bombs and fast paced gunshots - maybe the odd noise of a tank. This is the typical description of someone playing Massive Action Game.

MAG is one of the most anticipated video games, and for one reason: Online Multiplayer. This game is taking console multiplayer to a new level. Huge wars of 256 players, with 128 gamers on each team means this will be the most intense and faces paced games in the history of video games . . ."

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robbiedillona4318d ago

I love this article. Really well done

ZBlacktt4317d ago

I was going to say the same thing. Damn good read. This game will be the COD online game killer for sure on the PS3. It's just 10 x times more game.

vflhp4318d ago

Thanks, I tried to fit as much info in as possible haha

ZBlacktt4317d ago (Edited 4317d ago )

Great work! repped for sure. You wrote this?

SkypeMan4318d ago

Nice article. Maybe you could have taken your own screens? But good article overall!

vflhp4318d ago

Thanks, we did take our own photos but they came out really bad. Thanks for the comment though.

WuzupMate4318d ago

I would much prefer the official screens. It shows the game at its best and not purposely showing bad screens.

Baka-akaB4317d ago

Nice article .
However it could be useful to have more infos on the factions .
See you gave some vague yet true descriptions , but nothing about each one's cons and pros .

Noctis Aftermath4317d ago

no single player? that's fine with me, when i got KZ2 i played the single player for 45min got bored then played online for 4 hours a day for a week straight.

This isn't just a KZ2 thing, FPS single player games have never been able to keep me interested, no matter how good the game because if i want a story and to fight with AI i will go play an RPG, FPS to me is all about fighting with people who will sometimes do unpredictable things and AI just can't do that.

Ninji4317d ago

You can save screenshots in the game. Just open up the in-game XMB, go over to the Photo section, and click save screenshot.

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Fishy Fingers4318d ago

I wish they'd increase the server times and add weekends. It's a real pain being in the UK as they're all set to be on during US prime times. Cant complain to badly though as it's meant to be a US beta.

SkypeMan4318d ago

Extra server time would be good, but the games might not be full enough.

BlackCoffee4317d ago

Agree with the UK comment FIshy.

I downloaded the beta on Saturday, took me 8 hours to get, imagine my disappointment when I found out I couldn't play it after all that time. No weekend, a short time around evening meal time. and midnight to four am. Looks like I won't be playing much Mag, I work until 8pm weekdays.

The only time I will be able to play is the wee small hours. Thanks but no thanks Zipper. We need a UK Server open 5-12pm thanks. Then I might be able to play the beta past the connection screen.

How about allowing a single player to just explore the maps and try out the weapons offline?

I realize this sounds like I am whining and complaining, though think of it this way, I was really excited to get a beta code and imagine the disappointment to find it's essentially useless unless I want to stay up really late. I have work, kids, and far to many responsibilities to stay up to four am playing video games.

iceman064317d ago

Rumor has it...floating all around the beta forums...that the server times will be increased...possibly 24/7 once the GameStop beta starts after this current beta phase. The devs haven't commented as of yet...but it's worth it to keep your eyes open. I also understand that all current beta members will continue their membership up until the beta closes!!!

eddyka24318d ago

Great article, makes me even more excited for this game.

vflhp4318d ago

Thanks for the nice comment! Feel free to register if you enjoyed the article (it's free)

SkypeMan4318d ago

Yeah, I also think this game will be really great. I think some single player would have been good though.

Bushwacker4317d ago

Yeah I agree - my excitement for this game has increased tenfold after reading this!