Heavenly Sword Update--Rope Walkin' and Butt Kickin'

Ninja Theory shows off a brief but cracking new level of its promising action game.

Excerpt from Gamespots preview:

"It's been an age since we last heard a peep about Heavenly Sword. The UK developed game made a splash at E3 two years ago when it was shown running on the PlayStation 3 at E3 and continued to impress us at this last year's Tokyo Game Show. Things have been pretty quiet since then though, with a recent appearance on NBC's Heroes being the only sighting of heroine Nariko's exploits. Sony and developer Ninja Theory finally showed off more of the game at a recent press event which featured a dedicated presentation and a new playable demo. Though the presentation and demo were brief, the game still managed to show very well and leave us wanting more."

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