GoGamingGiant TGS Preview: Tekken 6

GoGamingGiant writes: "I only had a short time with the sixth installment in the Namco fighter series, and that time was spent in their latest rendition of Tekken Force Mode from Tekken 3. Whether this was by virtue of design on Namco's part or due to a ill-advised menu selection I don't know, but it is what I played. Here's the rundown.
The main issue with this mode of Tekken 6 is that it is a struggle to deal with the new perspective. The original was a fixed side view much like Final Fight. The implemation of this brawler style action in this game however has tried to more closely imitate Ninja Gaiden, with a fixed over the shoulder camera. The perspective makes it difficult to manover and it is made no better by controls designed for one on one fighting. Once activated moves and combos often see you heading in the wrong direction unable cancel the attack until the animation is played out, leaving you prone to attack. To make things more difficult the full move set of the main game are seem reduced (or made impossible) due to context-dependent directional inputs, so frequently you will attempt moves that are not possible in this 'Force' mode."

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