Xbox 360 Crashes Accessing Playstation Store?

Calling it "the most bug-ridden piece of code I have witnessed in recent times," one blogger writes of his frustration when the game crashes on a PlayStation Store loading screen. Well, here's your problem: He has the Xbox 360 version.

"This could be the most embarrassing fail of all," posits enigmax at Freakbits.

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renegade5413d ago

Thats on Xbox 360? PSSTORE ON 360 LOL

Bodyboarder_VGamer5413d ago (Edited 5413d ago )

Ok, this it's really, really, really strange and funny at the same time...

Jumping-Jack5413d ago

Just wow, I mean seriously this is hillarious, I wonder who let this happen haha :D

Chubear5413d ago

NFS is going to be attacked to hell since that Forza3 Vs. NFS comparison article lmao

evrfighter5413d ago

Wow It really does do everything. Including crashing 360's.

Darkfocus5413d ago

Xbox Live users are paying to access PSN XD

Mr Logic5413d ago (Edited 5413d ago )

That just shows Microsoft's QA is not that great.

Cwalat5413d ago

ehm, how could something like this happen? =/

I mean, don't they have two seperate teams working on each version of the game? How could the code for one version slip onto the next?

Strange, yet funny :P

starcb265413d ago

oh no there going to try to steal our exclusives

Information Minister5413d ago

That has to be the best viral marketing campaign ever! And people say Sony doesn't advertise their products.

5413d ago
-EvoAnubis-5413d ago (Edited 5413d ago )

How in the HELL did this happen? That means it got through both EA QA and MS certification with this bug going un-noticed. Wow...this is seriously one of the funniest things I've ever seen. You can bet that there are a LOT of very angry and panic-filled phone calls happening right now between the two.

Elimin85412d ago

That's just proof that the 360 can't handle PS3 games..... IK I kid..

vhero5412d ago

obviously the game was made for ps3 first and ported thats why bits of code like that were still in the game..

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Nelson M5413d ago

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user39158005413d ago

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Saaking5413d ago

Wow, I have no idea what you just said bot. But I guess that's normal for bot, they don't tend to make much sense.

PotNoodle5413d ago

nlvwithgms, this is the xbox 360 version of the game, not the PS3. So what you said doesn't really make sense.

Nelson M5413d ago (Edited 5413d ago )

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Ron_Burgundy5413d ago

make sure bots that when you download the MGS4 trailers that you download the SD versions and not the HD versions so that the flopbox can play it