Patch 1.01 for Need for Speed Shift available, fixes damage system

Start your game connected to the PSN and you'll be invited to download an update.

The download weighs 35 MB, it fixes the damage system.

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Pintur3401d ago

You have a change list?

xTruthx3401d ago

Be careful with this patch...., I downloaded it (for PC) and started having probs. Dk if it will apply to consoles tho

-x.Red.x-3401d ago

I put in shift but didn't download anything...


sprinterboy3401d ago

It should ask you for the patch install on start up of the game, maybe its not live yet or not live in your country not sure.

Ju3401d ago

Good, I'll try that out tonight.

monkey nuts3401d ago

It also fixes the bouncing high performance/tuned cars have when traveling at speed. I haven't been able to progress past tier 3 because of it. Its good to know they've been swift with a patch though.

steve30x3401d ago

They need to fix the steering with a controller next because the controls are over sensitive in the PS3 version.

@xTruthx - This is a different patch than the PC version also I dont have any problems with the PC version with patch 1.1. It made Shift better for me.

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