Review: Halo 3:ODST is good, but not good enough (Norwegian review, SpillMagisnet)

SpillMagisnet: "I am, as some of you may remember, not the world's biggest fan of "Halo 3". If you ask me, the game both felt and still feels old-fashioned, I was anything but impressed when I reviewed it in 2007.

Nevertheless, I was looking forward to "Halo 3: ODST, which began as an expansion pack. The developers at Bungie promised us an exciting story, an open world and a different structure."

The game's eight missions are all entertaining and full of epic battles and violent incidents, the multiplayer is as good as ever.

Bungie has largely kept to what they know they can and "ODST" feels so old-fashioned, the game takes place in the city are among the least interesting for a long time, the story is thin, the developers are fond of pulling out the time using far too long MP battles, short singleplayer.

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Chuck Norris KING5357d ago

chuck norris says
enjoy it bots its your best game this year !!

Chubear5357d ago (Edited 5357d ago )

It's obvious now that a lot of push on MS's end has gone to making the perception that Forza is a legit competitor to GT series so (and mark my words) IGN, GT, Eurogamer etc are going to bath Forza 3 in 9.5s like madness and the 360 fanbase will go absolutely stark raving bonkers on every single gaming forum on the planet.

When GT5 comes out they'll vary from 9.4 to 9.6, why? cause they want to force the notion that Forza and GT are similar and both in competition when that is not even close to remotely true if you've actually seen the features packed into GT5. Again mark my words on it. Ms's PR focus is not on halo DLC but rather Forza.

Remember, we haven't really seen a true current gen GT yet while Forza has shown TWO current gen showings of Forza and all people on forums are generally going on is GTHD which is in essence GT4 in HD.

DON'T TRUST THESE GAMING SITES. THEY ARE ALL BOUGHT AND PAID FOR. Their interests are not primarily on informing the gaming community but rather manipulating it to get ad$ and other lucrative incentives... ALL OF THEM.

Aquarius5357d ago

...don't worry everyone will be running out buying a PS3 nexy year when FAILTAL FLOPS ( WITH EXTRA LAG ).

Gaming sites have embarrassed themselves.

GameOn5357d ago (Edited 5357d ago )

4/6? WTF is that, like 6/10 or something? They could have made it easier.
6.6/10? I'm not good at this stuff.

hakis865357d ago

Ever heard of dice rolls? Very common in Norwegian media anyways.. :s

andron5357d ago

Perfectly natural if you grew up in Norway, otherwise a bit puzzling.

Explaination for non-norwegians: 1: Very bad, 2: Bad, 3: Average, 4: Good, 5: Very Good and finally 6: Classic...

Christopher5357d ago

Norway is the land of D&D geeks? I must move there :p

Maldread5357d ago

GameOn - Think of it as a grade system like in school. A-F.Even though i`m norwegian i must say i prefer a 1-10 system though ;)

cgoodno - Didn`t know Norway was the D&D-land, but in a place called Trondheim the mustaches are as great as dwarfs beards ;)

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peeps5357d ago

"the multiplayer is as good as ever"

that would be because it's exactly the same mp as halo 3 :p i am dissapointed that they didn't make 'ODST mp' and just bundled halo 3's mp and maps but ah well, i'm sure i wont mind when i finally get my hands on the game tomorrow

Aquarius5357d ago (Edited 5357d ago )

Its really obvious why this is releasing at retail.

This is a sly cover-up by M$ because they have no games in the year 2009.

Well at least M$ cares about the consumer and includes a 5 hour campaign and pulls a phony :P ( just like NATAL <----- )

Dutch Boogie5357d ago

As i have been saying all this time. Halo 3: ODST is a good game but only worth 7-7.5

I am Legend5357d ago (Edited 5357d ago )

not to me. I think it deserves all the praise it gets.

I wonder which matters most.

phalanx_mark5357d ago

looks like a top notch expansion pack type game, old fashioned is a poor translation probably outdated is more appropriate; halo 3 engine has had its day. I'm sure bungie want people to be impressed by halo 4 graphics so rather than adding major improvements to halo 3 odst they are deliberatly holding back on the graphics for maximum effect when 4 is released!