$60 for an expansion pack? Halo 3: ODST underwhelms - Ars Technica Review

Ars Technica writes:

"If this game actually succeeds at retail it'll be because it's carried by the Halo name; were it simply called FPS X it would be cast aside nearly immediately as a mediocre release.

With so little in terms of new content and ideas, the $60 price point and the complete re-packaging of an earlier game's multiplayer would mean that gamers would scream bloody murder if this were anything but a Halo title. But I'm afraid soon we'll be treated to Gears of War 2: Let's Go Kill Those Guys Over There once the sales numbers for this game come in.

Verdict: Rent"

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Mo0eY4323d ago

Ars tells it like is it; unbiased review right there.

kalebgray924323d ago

its a good 9/10 for $40 but like 7.5/10 for full price

gamesR4fun4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

lol well dude didnt hold back wish i could say the same for any of the top 20 gamereview sites here in North America...

and ya if it was 40 or less id b all for the high scores. But to pass off the old halo engine and this minute bit of content for full price piss off ms.

TheIneffableBob4323d ago

Ars Technica does quality writing, especially for technology.

memots4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

Lets review reviews. And lets flood n4g with review/blog and talk/ comment about review instead of playing games. Let's not forget Teh sale comment instead of playing games.

I haven't played it yet ! No day off for a while :(

Winter47th4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

It's a refurbished 3 year old game, that's finished since May, flawed with no matchmaking to the only new addition Firefight. Only 5 hours long. So yeah, it's sure not a 9er. The review's spot on.

morganfell4323d ago

Thankfully a major site had the balls to stand up and say something. Forget the short SP campaign. The fact that we are being sold 2 year old multiplayer is a load of crap. And people are laughing and saying what a great deal.

Well have another glass of kool aid while the reverend Jones dances in the Guyana heat.Kumbaya!

This will be the first HALO I do not buy. Doing so sends a very bad signal to every game publisher. Not just Microsoft, but every game publisher.

"Hey, take your 2 year old crap, toss a fresh coat of paint on some of it, shove together a mission pack and charge me full price."

People that rush out and buy this encourage publishers to charge more for less.

jib4323d ago

i agree with this review.

i'd buy the game for 35$ max

Syronicus4323d ago

I have already decided to pass on this game. It's a shame that Halo started out so good but decided to simply live on the name it created rather than truly bringing more awesome plot points to the story. It just go so boring after number 2.

Razzy4323d ago

From the review:

"The Good
-New campaign missions adds to the Halo story
-New multiplayer maps, two new weapons in single-player
-Good voice acting, with some funny lines
-All released Halo 3 multiplayer content on one disc
-Firefight mode is a blast

The Bad
-Short campaign
-Sub-par graphics
-Rehashed multiplayer
-Cheesy music
-Set pieces lifted from past games
-Linear game play in missions
-Hub level used to pad length
-Low value for the money
-Co-op that breaks the game's internal logic

-The Ugly
-The fanboys reaction to a panned Halo game, on both -sides of the fence
-Microsoft learning it can get away with charging $60 -for $30 worth of new content"

I can't beleive M$ is getting away with charging 60 bucks for this. Craziness.

kwicksandz4323d ago

Morganfail has bought previous halos????

Turn in your ps3 fanboy card at once MR your no longer welcome here.

Defectiv3_Detectiv34323d ago

Its so true, the whole 'hub' style gameplay is just a gimmick to add padding to the game length. Frankly, I'm sick of these kind of games that make you jump through hoops to go on a mission - kinda like the new Wolfenstien. They are just tedious, and it doesn't make up for the fact that there is a lack of actual game to play.

I also find it pretty weak that the only way you can get the new maps is by paying 60$ for this game. Why don't we just let MS rape us blind while we're at it.

bobdog6264323d ago

You Guy' are mad at Microsoft but Sony charge you guys Double for the PS3. It Was 699.00 Remember that.That Means Every Sony Fan got cheated until now.Sony did not add nothing new to the PS3 and you guy's cry over this...sad.

LiquifiedArt4323d ago


This is a LEGITIMATE review. Continue with Fair reviews like these and i'll start holding these guys in High Regards!

Blaze9294323d ago

You dont have to say "rent" or buy for a Halo game, watch this thing still sell a million+ copies it's 1-2 weeks of release.

rockleex4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

We could have bought a PS3 for the low price of over $1,000 instead of the high price of $599.

Darn Sony for charging us hundreds of dollars less than the actual cost of a PS3! Darn Sony for losing money on each PS3 sold just to give us gamers a great deal for all the brand new tech that came with the PS3!

Sony should have charged us over $100 for Wi-Fi. Sony should have charged us over $100 for 60GB harddrives. Sony should have charged us $299 for a HD-DVD add-on that doesn't allow more storage for its games.

But you know what's really messed up? You bringing up Sony and the PS3 in an article about Halo 3: ODST. Off topic.

himdeel4323d ago

...when was the last exclusive disc based 360 game released? Reviewers need to be especially cognizant of their opinions with respect to reviews, particularly when there has been longer than average gaps between exclusive/IP releases for a particular system. Sometimes the reviews just don't make sense.

I've noticed over the years similar types of reviews to the one HALO:ODST is getting now. Whether it's was a Nintendo or Sega game in the 90s or a PS2 game in the 00s. The longer the gap between exclusive games the rosier the fanboy goggles the less objective the reviews. Some new IPs get niggled to death while old IPs get a slap on the wrist from some reviewers.

I fell victim to this with GTA4 as a continuation of an IP, I totally drank the kool-aid. This isn't to say you cannot enjoy the game and have a great time with it, it's just that it becomes easier, sometimes, to gloss of the negatives and only focus on the positives.

Good games seem ABSOLUTELY GREAT when you've been getting average and/or cheaper games tossed at you all year regardless of system. This review seems pretty informative but unless I get a 360 I cannot confirm or deny any of this for myself BUT I can take some of the information at face value.

Kushan4323d ago

Allow me to let you all in on a little secret - as a consumer, you have every right to not buy the game for this price.
This may come as a shock to some of you, but I personally don't believe that many games are worth the full RRP that publishers try to charge for them. ODST is just another title in a long list of games that I would like to play/own, but refuse to pay full price for.
In those instances, I do something that most of you seem to have forgot you can do - wait. This is Halo we're talking about, millions sold on day one, thousands sold back second hand by day 3 and many more to follow. You'll be able to pick this game up for $30 within a few months, probably even before Christmas. A year after Halo 3 was released, you could pick it up brand new for $9.99 from certain stores. There's your solution.

bobdog6264323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

I will say this .Without Halo you would still be paying 599.99 for your PS3 right now .This Game has made Sony change there tatic's therefore the PS3 Slim was Made to Battle Halo.Im Glad Bungie made ODST and you should be too.

TotalPS3Fanboy4323d ago

and charge $60 for 4 new maps and not only screw 360 gamers, but PS3 gamers and PC gamers too. All because 360 gamers are willing to get screw over. I mean, I am fine with it, as long as it's only the 360 gamers that get screw over. I mean, that's their choice and if they want to get screw over, then it's all good. As long as they don't get PS3 and PC gamers screw over too, then it's cool. .

Actually, Activision should follow Microsoft and charge 360 gamers $60 for 4 new maps, and while only charging PS3 gamers $4. Because the 360 gamers have voted with their wallet. And 360 gamers knows best. So Activision should just do to the 360 gamers what the 360 gamers want.

rockleex4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

Right, because Sony never lowers the prices of their past Playstations until Halo came out.

It was due to Halo that Sony slimmed the PS1 down and it eventually reached the low price of $99 at the end of its life-cycle.

It was due to Halo that Sony slimmed the PS2 down and finally got its price cut down to $99 just this past year.

Thank God for Halo. Because before Halo's existence, there was no such thing as price cuts and hardware revisions for consoles.

pixelsword4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

If it was going along with the grind, then I would say (if you value reviewers) that conclusively ODST was a must buy off of the top.

This review from the so-called XboX-siding Ars Technica is stating something radically different in several aspect from their contemporaries.

But since Ars manhandles games when reviewing them, I would tend to lean a little more towards them (again, if you value the opinion of a reviewer).

Overall this review is very interesting, and I can't wait to see which one is the more accurate review between IGN and Ars; but since I don't value reviewers because of inherent bias of the people/companies reviewing, I'd say that I'd strongly recommend renting if you own Halo 3 since you pretty much already have the multiplayer, and buying if you want to get all of the gamerscore points.

vhero4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

no doubt the 360 fanboys will cast this off as a sony fanboy review by a nobody though.. The first honest review by a non swayed reviewer. Was waiting for this. Its exactly like Final Fantasy 11 without the Final Fantasy name that MMO would have closed down a year after release. This game will do the same it will live on the Halo name just as FF11 lived on the FF name.

pixelsword4323d ago

If they turn around and lambaste a PS3 game (like Uncharted 2, for example) where will the opinion of PS3 fans go from there concerning Ars? (I don't like the term fanboy and use it only in certain situations)

You're right in saying that they do deserve credit for their accomplishments... I just wouldn't put gaming reviews as a credit for any of these online/paper magazines. :)

shovelbum4323d ago

If you like Halo then yeah it's worth the price. We all know we're getting shafted with the story lenghth but it'll be purchased anyway. You only have to look at other AAA titles for comparison with regards to length of gameplay - COD4..cough..cough.. and sales. Firefight and the Reach Beta will sell this thing and sell it big time and for the record I am not big into Halo. For me it's a way overrated but a necessary evil because my friends/family love to play it.

prowiew4323d ago

I will buy this game hands down. From what i read, i will be disappointed if the music sucks. I always loved halo music!.

slayorofgods4323d ago

The Ugly
* The fanboys' reaction to a panned Halo game, on both sides of the fence
* Microsoft learning it can get away with charging $60 for $30 worth of new content

Very true and a very good point.

watch this thing still sell a million+ copies it's 1-2 weeks of release.

Sad but true, refer to the 2nd ugly point.

duplissi4322d ago

yep cancelled my pre order today, and picked up a few used games instead.
i WAS so excited for this game..

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Mo0eY4323d ago

Underwhelmed and overscored - just like all Halo games.