Game: Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Review

Game writes: "It's been more than eight years since the first Operation Flashpoint was released for the PC. That title won plaudits and awards across the game's industry for its realistic gameplay and graphics. In fact, Cold War Crisis was even adapted and used to train real soldiers to give them a taste of what battle could be like.

So the arrival of follow-up Dragon Rising for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 means there's plenty of reasons for your trigger finger to get itchy with excitement..."

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zeeshan4514d ago (Edited 4514d ago )

This game is starting to sound great. The problem is that Sony is going to juice my wallet dry with their AAA exclusives. Anyway, I'd still try to get my hands on this title. Looks really interesting and heck, better than MW2 (here come the disagrees). Yeah, I guess I am the only gamer on this planet who is NOT excited about MW2 and who thinks that it should be MW1.5 or a DLC to COD4. Yeah, there, I said it. It looks dated and sub-HD!

evrfighter4513d ago

I don't know why people would disagree with that. OFP2 and MW2 are apples and oranges. There's quite a bit of military buffs that game. This would be more suited to their taste. But theres nothing wrong with liking apples and oranges.

CyberCam4513d ago (Edited 4513d ago )

I too am not giddy with excitement over MW2 like the masses. I won't lie though, I'll end up picking it up off for cheap ($50 or less) in the new year sometime (for the single player & co-op), but true be told, I'm pretty board with twitchy FPS. I'm in the MAG beta right now and it reminds me a lot of COD4 (because of how most play it), just on a much larger scale. Teamwork is the key to that game, but it's hard to find.

The exception to the rule for me however is the Uncharted 2 co-op & multi-player (I was in the beta & now in the early demo), for some reason I just can't get over how addictive that game is... like how COD4 was to me in the first 8 months. I guess the switch from first person to third person view, along with the vertical gameplay has made things fresh for me again... sure I played & liked Socom Confrontation, but the bugs & no DLC along with no single player or co-op to fall back on, pretty much killed it for me.

Anyway, I've already got this game paid for & I can't wait for the 9th to dive into some realistic tactical shooting for a change. I have about 20-30 gamers on my PSN friends that are in the same boat as myself and come early October we will be talking tactics heavily for a change... not about our kill/death ratio!

jjohan354508d ago (Edited 4508d ago )

I'll probably end up getting this game on PC, not on either my 360 or PS3. The consoles have only 4vs4. The only problem I find with this game: 90% of the action involves sniping. Snipefest games get boring fast. Before everyone starts spouting about how I don't know anything about realistic military warfare, I was a Marine during the first wave of Afghanistan invasion.

A large, open environment with so few online players supported on the consoles, with sniping or countersniping as the dominant forms of assault... it worries me greatly that this game will be very boring. I'm NOT a fan of twitchy FPS (that's why I like Killzone 2), but snipefests aren't exciting.

BonhamZ0S04514d ago

I think I love this game <3

D3acon4514d ago

if you like fast paced fps then you should be excited about modern warfare 2. This game is also going to be great, because it feels the gap for tactical shooters where your not running and shooting everything.

This review is only half done, he doesn't mention multiplayer or coop.

Dellis4513d ago

ArmA is headed to these consoles out there????

TheIneffableBob4513d ago

Yeah, they did start work on a 360 version, but on their Twitter, when asked about the console version, they said something along the lines of they stopped working on it. All resources are probably being focused on the expansion right now.

HOSe4513d ago

this game absolutely does look worth the $60 charge, just sucks it comes out a week before uncharted which i have preordered....

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