Your questions answered in depth by Turn 10.

IGN'S Cam Shea writes: As promised, we caught up with John Wendl, Turn 10's Content director, during this year's Games Convention Asia, but this was no normal interview, as we were armed with your questions. While we didn't have time to ask them all, we got through an awful lot, and John was extremely candid, and went into fascinating detail about Forza 3 and the development process. We didn't ask all the questions word for word – we've transcribed what was said, as opposed to what was emailed to us, but you'll know if it's yours…

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Peter North3948d ago

What will you do after your game fails once again to dethrone the king of driving simulation

jamesrocks31473948d ago

the king of all simulaters come out?

Gran Turismo 5.

always has been king always will be king its that simple

XLiveGamer3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

1 - what will they do once
the king of all simulaters come out?

Gran Turismo 5.

always has been king always will be king its that simple

Hey kid... In the world of Racing Simulators GT series is just a poser wanna be.

How many Racing Simulators have you been playing all this years.
If your answer is GT series then is equal to none.

GT series have always been a Racing Casual game with some Simulation elements.

In the history of Racing Games on console GT series was the best until Forza 3 show up. Im still a fan of GT series but not an idiot to comment that GT is better than Forza series. Forza since the 1st day have been the best Racing Simulation Game in consoles that is one of the main reason i jump on Xbox just like i jump on PS1 for GT. Simulation & Real are 2 words that Polyphony and Sony PS Division have been using to promote GT series but never honor them. The majority of those who call GT series the best racing simulator are just PS only Fanatics that only own PS consoles and their PC suck.

Please moron name me 3 Racing simulator games that you have been playing lately (DONT mention GTurismo because that is not a sim)

If you ignorant fanatics of Sony+Polyphony lies dont know sh!t about sims please access this and learn>>> http://www.insidesimracing....

Those who have been bashing Forza3 they dont really know why they are bashing it. Dont get me wrong i am not bashing GT Serie but i am bashing those morons with their misleading comments. GT is good in what it is and Forza is great in what it is.

The reality is that ALL the Racing Games on Consoles with the exception of Forza are just Racing Games while Forza is a Simulation Racing Game in consoles.

Some morons out there call a Racing Game a Real Racing Simulator when they play it and found it difficult to handle it... Need For Speed Shift anyone? The only thing that i am 100% sure about GT Series is that its going to be better than the other Racing Games but be better than Forza 3... well thay have to copy them in every aspect.

Polyphony is taking GT and trying to take it from Casual to Sim while Turn 10 is moving Forza from just a sim to a casual and Simulation game without risking the simulation aspect.

You like many others Sony+GT fans only dont enjoy the reality of been a free Racing simulator Gamers you are just slaves and private from games like Live for Speed, iRacing and many others.


CaptainAmerica3947d ago

See, theres a big difference. GT5= Driving Simulator, Forza 3= Racing Simualor. My grandma can drive, but she cant race :)

chaosatom3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

They are doing 10 cars a month for the next year and selling it as DLC for $5.

Waste of time. MS needs to stop pushing developers on the DLC.

That's like $60, so instead of paying $120 for Forza 3, you pay them the initial fee of $60, and then $5 on monthly basis if you want all the cars.

MNicholas3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

They charge $60 for a game with 400 cars, then charge an additional $60 for another 140 cars.

Total of $120 for 540 cars.

Their excuse for charging as much as the game itself for the extra 140 cars is "it's expensive to model the cars."

Microsoft really knows their customers. Brilliant.

gta_cb3947d ago

i was REALLY looking forward to Forza 3 release obviously with me going to the shop on day 1 to buy it, but i am not happy about this.

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randomwiz3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

"The Nissan GTR – will it be in the game"
"Yes and no. There's some details we're not divulging around that quite yet."

I loved to drive the car in real life(rental)... wish I could afford it. I don't get what they're saying... will it be in the game?

I'm kind of undecided on buying the dlc. Most likely, they already had all those cars before release and are just trying to get as much money from you as they can. I don't know if I want to support a company like that, unless the game is really good.

lordkemp0073947d ago

If you want to see just how good. Watch yesterday's Gamersyde videos.

Then imagine taking a Bugatti Veyron round that Italian coastal track.

phosphor1123947d ago

You feel like you are driving something from the future, that's how amazing it is. You push those levers down to race mode and you can feel the car transform as you are driving. The ride lowers, the suspension gets more stiff, and boy can that beast handle turns. It's a bummer that it's not going in there. Oh well.

Back to the DLC, I hope they bundle the DLC's together.. 60 bucks for 120 cars is kind of steep. Yeah, it's a lot more than most games have to even offer *cough* Shift *cough* but I still think it's a little steep. Personally, I hate DLC's and I wish it stopped. It is a pain in the ass at times.

Peter North3947d ago

Why haven't they answered my question, it's a valid question.

Do they have a Plan B in place?

CaptainAmerica3947d ago

they dont talk "retard" thats why they cant communicate with you.

JonnyBravo3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

You were able to answer him just fine...

CaptainAmerica3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

Ive been on N4G for too long

KionicWarlord2223947d ago

10 cars a month for dlc ....


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