Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 - PS3 vs 360 comparison

Gameswire has added a comparison gallery, showing the actual level of difference in quality between Ninja Gaiden II on 360 and Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 on PS3.

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Gabe EatsWell3322d ago

"Sigma - the definitive version"

NG2 - the beta version. awww poor bots.

raztad3322d ago

"NG2 - the ALPHA version. awww poor bots."


Even if Sigma2 is more than a year later it's the version to own, the other doesnt even come close.


the old man is actually lacking detail on his skin and shirt.

morganfell3322d ago

Ha ha ha Gabe. Funny as hell. And what happened to the color in the 360 version. Everyone looks like a ghost. Everything is washed out and the jaggies are poking my eyes out. BUTT_UGLY on the 360. Hell Sigma 1 looks better.

Pizzagaki3322d ago

I doubt you will enjoy the game more then i did more then a year ago.
It looks dated, even with the improvements.

wxer3322d ago

@ pizza
and MGSR
here you go guys
use this
you'll feel better

TheBlackSmoke3322d ago

Sigma 2 is basically what every multiplat would look like if they didnt gimp the PS3 version every time.

The XBOT3322d ago

Imagine how it would look when its the full version. Get your sh1t right fatso. You're comment doesnt make sense. Or its inferior because of your lack of knowledege, either way, you have been owned. And all PS3 fans who supported you have been owned too. As I said, When I fukced sony 20-30 years ago, you, the sony fanboys came out of sonys vag1na.

PostApocalyptic3322d ago

WOW! I was expecting the PS3 or the 360 to be a little bit better than each other! But not THAT BAD! I mean, damn, the 360 version looks like PS2 graphics!

kevinx10003322d ago

the PS3 still looks like a PS2 game with more color.
i really don't mind playing this game a year earlier.
it's not like the gameplay and story have changed.

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GiantEnemyCrab3322d ago

Played them both and not even CLOSE to the big deal this site is making it out to be.. It still is the same game and well if you played this on the 360 you are missing nothing.. At least from what I can see with the demo.

Lifendz3322d ago

It seems only reasonable that the PS3 version would look better considering the devs have had more time to polish the game. It's not a slight to the 360 imo.

GiantEnemyCrab3322d ago

There is no big deal.. Exactly what my post said. If you played it on the 360 it's the same thing.

Unicron3322d ago

C'mon Crab, it's N4G. It's ALWAYS a big deal. I mean, look at the Ghostbusters debacle. HUGE DEAL, no?

If Ayane had one more poly in her nostril it would be a HUGE DEAL here.

raztad3322d ago (Edited 3322d ago )


While time is a relevant factor of course, it alone doesnt explain the staggering improvements over the xbox version. Many ports of former xbox "exclusives" ended up looking (in the best case) identical or just slightly better.

There are a lot of effort put in the creation of Sigma2. An immensely better engine, 720p capable, better textures, more detail, much better lightning, show that Team Ninja is having a lot of fun with the PS3 arch.

I had not intention to get this game, but after the demo it is clear Team Ninja deserves my support.

Gregmonk3322d ago

pls, the PS3 version is clearly the better option, there is no reason to be in denial.

SuperStrokey11233322d ago

The may play the same but the game looks 100% better on the ps3. That being said the core experience looks is the same so no big deal if you already have the 360 version.

Snoogins3322d ago

While the visuals are noticeably better, I'd say the more impotant differences would probably be the rock-solid 60 frames per second and the flexible and less frustrating camera, two of the biggest gripes about the original. Still not a very big fan of the art-style, though, but an issue that never kept me from enjoying the series.

Ichiryoka3322d ago (Edited 3322d ago )

Seriously all you do is defend anything 360 related...its getting old. The 360 can defend itself.

There is a big difference here, if you played the 360 version, no you

have not played this game. All the upgrades almost make it an entirely

new game itself. Only thing I see the same is the story and heck they

may have added new segments to that as well, as they did with sigma.

What I'm saying is its a different experience.

Story- Added character stories and new story segments.

Graphics- Upgraded, you can see that here.

Content- New weapons and characters

Online- coop

And more...

this is almost like a new game...only thing that is the same is what story elements the 360 has that the PS3 version has as well, THAT IS IT!

edgeofblade3322d ago

Honestly... I see a difference in colors and lighting angles. I think the PS3 version looks better by virtue of the color saturation, but not for any technical difference. They just applied more polish to the PS3 version than the 360 version.

But what would really get my goat is the way the gimped the gore out of the PS3 version. Come on... that's one of the trademarks of the recent NG games...

Microsoft Xbox 3603322d ago (Edited 3322d ago )

Funny, I played both and the PS3 stomps the 360 version in every way. No suprise here, GECrab comments first in attempt to one-up the inferior 360 version. Everyone and their grandmother knows Sigma 2 provides graphical upgrades and more gameplay. Its a FACT. Spin it all you want.

SuperStrokey11233322d ago

Yeah I forgot about all the additions like that Ichiryoka. It is actually not the same game as i posted, its got loads of new stuff.

Ocelot5253322d ago

the lightning is much better on the PS3, also many textures are better, so the differences are anything but small.

Godmars2903322d ago

Are you honestly looking at those pictures and saying that there's no major differences between them?!


darthv723322d ago

then why all the fuss? This is a great game in the NG series and if ps3 gamers who wanted it when it was on 360 are now able to get it then so be it. It doesnt make the 360 version any less fun to play. It isnt the same differences like the xbox ng black and ps3 ng sigma 1. The differences between these two arent as noticable as most want to make out. Just be happy it is available on ps3 and move on.

dragunrising3322d ago (Edited 3322d ago )

I'm undecided if NGS2 warrants a second (repurchase)purchase for ME. The graphics are better, sure. The story, new characters and team co-op are great. However, after playing through the first level it feels much the same. If you think likewise, cool, however I bet you haven't played the "horrible" 360 version as much as I have. I like the new additions such as the bow mapped to L2 and R2 to shoot, and streamlined everything; I just need to see more.

Edit: As mentioned above, NGS2 compares very much to a pseudo update to NG2 than a whole new game; much like Ninja Gaiden Black was to Ninja Gaiden. This isn't a knock against Sigma 2 by any means.

As with every Ninja Gaiden game before it, I will eventually buy it. The question is when and what price.

Edit 2: DIRTYHAIRYJOYSTICK- How many times have you played through Ninja Gaiden 2 on 360? If you have played it more than 6 times through, raise your hand. The vast majority of single player will be much unchanged. No need to get upset, no one called you a name.

Edit 3: Totally changed your comment! Caught you red handed ;)

OGharryjoysticks3322d ago (Edited 3322d ago )

Ninja Gaiden SIGMA 2 rocks!

Strikepackage Bravo3322d ago

this game is old news, I played this a long time ago, it had better look better now that they have made it twice.

GameGambits3322d ago

I played the demo for a good chunk of this morning. I think the people on here either A) Didn't play the 360 version or B) Are REALLY trying to make this game sound like it's comparing a NES game to a PS3 game...

It looks slightly better... it really doesn't look like a giant leap. I've beaten it on my 360, and now I played the PS3 demo and honestly the only real noticeable things is improvements to lighting.

The main problem from the 360 version is still here---damn camera is just something you have to fight against as well as the enemies on screen. It rotates slow, and R1 taps just seem to screw with what enemey you had wanted to target.

I did love the team mode a lot though. Hopefully it's really long as that would be a blast to play to get high scores on leader boards for.

All in all it's just typical N4G banter. Saying one version is a million times better than the other. At this point in time of course there is no reason to play the 360 one over the PS3 one as there is more content to be had here, but at the same time unless you really wanted to try out the co-op you won't be missing out on much if you beat the 360 version already.

That's my 2 cents.

morganfell3322d ago

It is a HUGE deal and there are plenty of instances of several of these deniers saying such differences do matter. A great deal.

They had just as much time to polish the game for the 360 because the game wasn't in development for the PS3 when the 360 version was being built. It was built FOR the 360 and still looks better on the PS3. You had better learn to deal with the fact that half way competent devs have now wrapped their heads around the PS3.

On top of that many of the 360 issues such as poor camera implementation have been fixed. Add in the TON of additional material and it is only the same game in the barest instance. NG2 and Sigma 2 are the same game the way a tuna and a shark are the same because they both swim in the sea.

raztad3322d ago (Edited 3322d ago )


Agree 100%.

I was about to say something in the lines. It is impossible (under Itakagi reign) Sigma 2 was even in projects. With Itakagi Team Ninja was dedicated to the xbox version, so I can mark his departure as the beginning of Sigma 2 development.

EDIT: @morgan I dont think they are THAT different versions in term of content. At the end of the day both games share the same core story.

hades073322d ago

Did I dream my version of NG2 but I do not remember it being that dull on the 360.

*Puts game into system and plays for a min*

Nope my 360 version isn't as dull as those pics at all. Still not PS3 quality, but not as bad as gameswire makes the 360 pics out to be.

mastiffchild3322d ago

I think it's pretty big deal myself AND I played the 360 game to death as a series fan. The reason it's a big deal to me isn't the extras, isn't the expected better visuals BUT is the fixed camera which made the 360 game far less enjoyable than it should have been-and the kicker is that they REALLY should patch 360 gamers a fix for the damn thing.To me it was close to a game breaking fault and the pros[pect of playing a fuller, better looking game with a fixed camera is brilliant.

The icing on thje cake, though I'm alone on this one I'd imagine, is the toning down of the blood and gore. Along with the poor camera it conspired to make some scenes incomprehensible to the eye taking much of the skill out of the game and rsulting in pure mashing at some moments! IDK about the "stylish" purple mist but I'm glad the OTT spurts and trails of limvs are gone if I'm honest as it just got daft and eventually, in the way. It's not the kind of game where I need a distraction either-and why they let us move the tits about is way over hmy head. What IS that about?

But anyway, big deal, for me, is the fixed camera which is a disgrace that they aren't fixing for fans with only a 360-vey tight in my book. NGS2 itself, however, looks a great play for PS3 gamers and those who, like me, found some parts of the 360 game just a liottle too flawed/annoying.

morganfell3322d ago

But you see, that is the point. Saying they share the same story just condemns the idea of equality.

Stories in the NG1 and 2 are very thin...anorexic actually. What makes NG games great are the mechanics and the gameplay, not the Kate Moss storyline. In that respect the 360 version is broken and the PS3 version is the Bionic Gabe Newell.

So saying the story is the same doesn't help since the story in a NG title is just so much fluff.

cmrbe3322d ago

with this game right from the start is that they haven't improved much from the first. All the issues from the first game weren't solved. Perhaps the graphics in NGS looked too good that i coundlnt see a difference.

Now they said they fixed the camera but i know they can never fix the story.

hades073322d ago

I would like to think I'm a decent gamer, especially after completing all the combat challenges on Batman: Arkham Asylum and getting 100%.

With that said, I hope they fixed the cheap and frustrating enemies as well, worse part about the game. Loved it but that had to be changed because no way could I finish this game on Path of the Mentor.

tucky3322d ago

As you said, the games are exactly the same ... when seeing the new generation of games that are coming (Uncharted 2, Gran turismo 5,...), this one looks very poor technically. After more than 1 year, I was expecting something with some real graphical improvements.

Insomnia_843322d ago

Crab's back to his roots.

Poopface the 2nd3322d ago (Edited 3322d ago )

With an extra year to polish.

not only that but the disappearance of the limbs that were scattered everywhere in the 360 version frees up some power to be used in other areas.

hades-- I didnt think I could finish it on Path of the mentor either, but after you get the sythe it becomes easier. Plus I saved my lives of the thousands gods to use as health potions for toward the end. I did it but I didnt even want to try it on master ninja. Im guessing they will make less cheap enemies.

ape0073322d ago

this not "same version,more AA,runs better etc.."

this is an upgrade,I really love ng2,finished it last year and this 1 will be better of course

raztad3322d ago (Edited 3322d ago )


Sounds about right.


I dont agree about the "EXTRA" year. I dont think Sigma 2 has been in development in parallel with NG2, that was not possible under Itakagi. After he was fired Team Ninja begun to develop Sigma 2, that is my guess.

Information Minister3322d ago (Edited 3322d ago )

The PS3 version looks better, runs in native 720P and it features more content. Sorry buddy, but gamers who only played this on the 360 are missing a lot. I don't remember co-op in the 360 version.

And I guess you didn't spot any difference between 360 and PS3 in Ghostbusters as well, did you?[\sarcasm] Damage control much?

EDIT: I think these screens ( are quite clear. Look at Ryu's suit, sword and helmet. Look at his eyes! There's a huge difference in detail. Itagaki must be furious!

Rob0g0rilla3322d ago (Edited 3322d ago )

PS3 version looks sharper and the colors are a lot better as well. I just don't remember the 360 version looking that bad.

Plus, besides the graphical enhancement, the additional content just blows the 360 version out of the water.

3322d ago
rubarb233322d ago

comparison ever. WTF? I have the 360 and it looks way better than that sh1t. I'll admit that the ps3 version looks better - barely, but those '360 screens' were f*cked up yo.

SaberEdge3322d ago

I can't tell crap from those screenshots. Both versions look about the same there and I don't understand where this huge difference is. I guess I will just have to go play both versions myself.

Anyway, the real advantage of Sigma 2 is all the extra content and improved camera. Those are the real reasons I will buy Sigma 2. If it looks better as well, great. But I don't really see that in these screenshots. (The first rule of screenshot comparisons is that the shots should be identical. If they are showing different views then you can't really do a proper comparison.)

Blaze9293322d ago

So I just played the PS3 demo and immediately im like wtf. I thought this game was supposed to look a hella lot better on PS3 but looks damn near identical to the 360 version minus the blood. I even ran both games at the same time with Picture in picture and couldnt really see any improvements. Camera still sucks ass too

Prototype3322d ago

@ teraclusterx
I own all 3 consoles (the 360 is DoA at the moment so technically its down) yet I don't act nerdy like Crab does; not that I take offense to it or anything (because I don't) however not all of us that owns all 3 consoles act like that.

As far as the article goes I'm with Mastiff on this one with the violence; yes 10 years ago (I was 17 then) this would have been a big factor in me buying this - 10 years later at 27 I'm more interested in what they fixed from the 360 version. Yes I did play the 360 version and yes there was some fun moments in the game, however I figured over time it was comming to the PS3 so I patiently waited (also spent time in Killzone 2 and Socom) and now saw it's available for PS3 with added content the 360 version should of had to begin with.

Personally I believe a lot was cut from the 360 limits and its a matter of time before more games get ported to the PS3 with added features and content.

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darthv723322d ago

it seems to easy these days to stack the deck in favor of one or the other. The game is good regardless of the system but all these claims about the color and lighting could come down to simple adjustments to the screen. Comparison screens can be manipulated as most of the 360 shots look drab while the ps3 is to bright and not very realistic.

I have both demos and neither of them look better or worse as they can look the same with minor adjustments to the screen. I tend to run my 360 with slightly higher contrast and the ps3 with just a dab more brightness and they can look the same (color and lighting).

There are a few minor texture differences but really nothing to cry foul about. I have to press my nose against the screen (42" plasma) to really see if there is a difference. Who plays that damn close anyway????

The added features to the gameplay seem logical to be addressed to the 360 version via dlc. The question now is...will it be released?

Like I said above, they look and play the same so everyone should be happy they get to play it on their console of choice. The differences between ps3 and 360 are nothing compared to the differences between sigma and black.

menoyou3322d ago (Edited 3322d ago )

The graphical difference is huge from the screen shots and the feature difference is huge too. 360 damage control much?

TheBlackSmoke3322d ago (Edited 3322d ago )

Sorry crab, i know you own both consoles and try to be fair with your opinions but in this case your denial of something so obviously true is the reason why people are getting on your back about it.

NgSigma2 features...

- natively runs at 720p (upscales to 1080)
- Higher rezz textures
- uncompressed audio
- camera fixed
- framerate fixed
- bugs and exploits fixed (such as the spawn enemies then run back to the last save point to make them dissapear glitch)
- full game rebalancing (so its challenging like ng1 instead of cheap like ng2)
- almost forgot six-axis boobies.


- Extra SP missions and new bosses
- 3 New characters each with their own SP missions and new cutscenes
- Online co-op campaign mode featuring 30 missions.
- Abilty to record your co-op missions fully and directly upload
- New weapons and costumes not found in ng2.

Trust me this is not the same game. Yes the SP campaign is primarily the same but theres so much more to this version. Your opinion is like saying super street fighter 2 turbo is the same game as street fighter 2 vanilla.

jack_burt0n3322d ago

The team mission mode is f**king excellent.

GiantEnemyCrab3322d ago

@1.8: I am pointing out that this is not the big difference and no I am not judging by screenshots I'm playing the game on both the PS3 and 360 on my 67" HDTV and they there is not this blaring difference. I do the same thing for the PS3 so please spare me the character analysis. Just recently even with Ghostbusters.

I dunno where you people are coming off with the fixed camera.. The camera is just as flakey in the demo as it is in the 360 version. I still have to swing the camera all the way around during combat and yes I am series fan myself.

Midgard2283322d ago

u serious bout the camera? it was definatly worse in NG2 on 360, ofcourse the camera isnt perfect,it cant be at the insane pace of combat, only way to fix that is to slow down combat drastically or put Fixed camera's like the old resident evil/onimusha games, actually god of war does this aswell.

u act like the camera is bad because the devs suck, its just wat happens when something is fully 3-d and has high action and speed

Dareaver13322d ago (Edited 3322d ago )

the same people complaining about the violence, are probably gonna be relishing in it when God of War 3 comes out.....

Sad bunch of hypocrites.....

I like the violence, and I think it should have been optional on PS3.....

Oh, and so far, all i've seen is a color saturation difference and less AA on the PS3 version. Haven't seen any texture detail shots to make a judgment and the lighting is different. Can't really say better or worse, because it's better to tell when the game is in motion, since it's such a fast paced game.

TheBlackSmoke3322d ago

@ Dareaver

Im not attacking youbut did you play the PS3 demo at all? Theres still gore including flying body parts, blood splatter and spray in the air. Its just a purple essence that comes out of the enemies bodies when they are dismembered.

Ng1 - black - sigma is still the better game than ng2 and they never featured that amount of gore.

god of war is different because its a cinematic experience. Its a tough game but compared to ng its very casual, the gore is intended to make you feel like your a powerful, brutal warrior whilst in ng your skill is what makes you a badass and the blood just accents your work.

pixelsword3322d ago

...that I wanted my post on the front page, so I posted here.

That is all.


NewZealander3322d ago

i havnt played the ps3 demo yet, but own the game on 360 and was bored after the first play through, i would rather spend my cash on another ps3 exclusive then play NG2 again.

likedamaster3322d ago (Edited 3322d ago )

Having to play it a whole year and a half later is a HUGE deal to me. I'll stick with the original Ninja Gaiden 2, no fillers... and bloody.

LONEWOLF2313322d ago

Yeah dev time says it all. Anyways i never played the 360 version, it never caught my attention BUT now that ive played sigma 2 i am very interested day one buy for me.

TheReaper423322d ago

Let i remind you all that you can only jiggle the boobs on the PS3 version "on demand"

Boody-Bandit3322d ago (Edited 3322d ago )

Then why don't you have any of the achievements for it? It shows you completed a couple task but no chapter or completed game achievements.

Sarcasm3322d ago (Edited 3322d ago )

The core experience is the same, but those of you saying there's no difference must be blind or something.

I for one noticed a better frame rate, better colors, better lighting, and an overall sharper picture. And from a gameplay point of view, 2 new playable characters that don't play like crap (rachel), co-op mode which is fun as hell (come on, two ryu's jumping and flying around looks hilarious), and in my point of view better controls using the DS3 (subjective but a plus for me)

My main only small gripe is that I do miss the gore from NG2. That was a really fun aspect for me. Sorry, I like seeing virtual limbs of bad ninjas who deserves to get cut up with blood flying everywhere lol. The purple essence thing is ok, but it doesn't give me the same satisfying feeling.

Otherwise, this doesn't necessarily make NG2 the "Super Dumbed Down retarded" version, this just makes NGS2 the "Definitive" version. Whether some of you people think it's worth $60 or not. It's still is what it is. You don't have to buy it if you don't want to.

BLuKhaos3322d ago

The PS3 version looks "complete" while the Xbox 360 version....

Anon19743322d ago

Seriously. The differences are usually so minuscule when you look at the game as a whole, and they're so often just based on opinion, how are these any better then normal reviews that look at the complete picture?

Take that NFS: Shift screenshot comparison that did. According to them, the PS3 version doesn't even have legible dials. Do you really think anyone released a racing game in this day and age where you couldn't read the dials on the screen? Even more damning, when you look at PS3 screenshots from other publications, there wasn't a thing wrong.

Legitimate websites review games. Comparisons don't tell the whole story, are hard to verify and are usually just sites out looking for hits.

Sarcasm3322d ago (Edited 3322d ago )

And I just remembered, isn't these the same excuses the 360 fans made back in 2007 about NGS1? "Ohh well we played the Xbox NG:Black and I've played it already. It's the same 'core experience' NGS is just an upscaled version. Enjoy your last year port!"

Then when NG2 was announced as a 360 exclusive, they jumped around and did backflips claiming now NG2 is far superior to NGSigma. Now that NGS2 comes out, the same downplaying is happening all over again.

Just wanted to point that out. (Not like I needed to)

"Comparisons don't tell the whole story, are hard to verify and are usually just sites out looking for hits. "

That's not always the case. When a new car model comes out of the same car, you know what they do? They make comparisons to the previous model. That's all that's goin on here. Caranddriver compares the new Mustang GT compared to the last model Mustang GT. Are they only doing that for hits? Are they a fanboy publication? Not really.

Comparison's show us what's improved or not improved. I bet you if there was ZERO improvement from NGS2 to NGS, then GEC wouldn't have dropped his tampon.

na2ru13322d ago

Said the fanboy in denial from

XLiveGamer3322d ago (Edited 3322d ago )

1.19 -
"It is a HUGE deal and there are plenty of instances of several of these deniers saying such differences do matter. A great deal.

They had just as much time to polish the game for the 360 because the game wasn't in development for the PS3 when the 360 version was being built. It was built FOR the 360 and still looks better on the PS3. You had better learn to deal with the fact that half way competent devs have now wrapped their heads around the PS3.

On top of that many of the 360 issues such as poor camera implementation have been fixed. Add in the TON of additional material and it is only the same game in the barest instance. NG2 and Sigma 2 are the same game the way a tuna and a shark are the same because they both swim in the sea"
----------------------------- --
Ok morganfell enough of your classic Bla bla bla Sony is the best bla bla bla im a PS3 whore comments.

Lets make a bet... If Tecmo Team Ninja announce a Ninja Gaiden 2 Black Version for Xbox 360 (That looks similar) next year (We have all 2010) YOU QUIT N4G. But if they dont announce it I QUIT N4G. What do you say?

By the way if you judge the games by those picture PS3 looks better but come on you know that Ninja Gaiden 2 on a Samsung LCD looks better than that crap. In my Samsung the Xbox360 Version looks like in those PS3 screen so you and many others cut the bullshit.

oh by the way i already play the demo.

Best way to compare games > LG & Samsung

Sony TV's Suck!

CaptainKratos3322d ago

but it is a big difference.

IdleLeeSiuLung3322d ago (Edited 3322d ago )

For me though, what wins out is the controller and the blood. I really enjoy seeing the blood spatter everywhere and the blue mist in the PS3 version is frankly almost annoying.

Bottom line, the controller wins and the 360 for me is the better choice. I played the original Ninja Gaiden on the Xbox and now NG2 on the 360. I put over 250 hours on this game.

Once you get to the point where the graphics is at this level it doesn't make much difference in terms of your enjoyment of the game.

I will be playing this on the PS3 as well as I reserved the CE version already. I will reserve my final judgment once I get used to the PS3 controller.

nycredude3322d ago (Edited 3322d ago )

Wait Crab so you are saying better graphics, better framerate, new characters to play, new bosses, coop mode is all available in the 360 version?

Edit: don't forget the boobs jiggle tech. THAT only makes the ps3 version superior!!! muah hahahahah