New RPCS3 video shows major improvements in Uncharted, Ni No Kuni, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 & more

The team behind the best emulator for Playstation 3, RPCS3, has released a brand new video showing some of the major improvements and changes that the team has implemented from December and January.

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beulahland956d ago (Edited 956d ago )

Very nice, but playing on original console is better - unless, of course, the console's tech is way too old and incompatible with the current tech standards.
The emulators must always be developed, though. It is good as a way to preserve and play old games.

956d ago
MoshA956d ago

Maybe in 5 years peasants will have access to our nostalgic games lol.

Casepb956d ago

Backwards compatible PS5 is their only hope.

boing1955d ago

Only hope? Only hope for what? Mainstream console gaming is crushing mainstream PC gaming for several years now. You are extremely out of tune with reality.

mkis007956d ago (Edited 956d ago )

Consoles are cheap, would think not being able to buy one would make one a peasant. Personally, I dont understand the mindset; why not own everything if you can?

On top of my gaming pc, having a ps4 and Switch is a must for me. ( also have an X but it has been relegated to uhd player/ red dead 2 machine)

What is an extra couple hundred bucks to someone who loves to play.

ShadowWolf712956d ago

A gas bill.
A light/water bill.
A car payment.
About a week or two's worth of groceries.
An unexpected expense that they can now cover.

I can go on. That is one hella privileged mindset there, broski. lol

mkis007955d ago


Sorry I was referring to his use of the word peasant. Obviously meant to troll, but its fun to dissmantle the use of it.

PurpHerbison955d ago (Edited 955d ago )

It was a joke.

MoshA954d ago

Because you can't enjoy the best games due to 30 fps. Thank God for that. If you care about fps more than graphics/combat/story/music then you don't deserve anything but LoL, Apex, WoW etc.

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boing1955d ago

Care to give an example of such nostalgic game that console players would love to have? Because so far all I read about are poor attempts of launching 15 years old console games on PC with a playable framerate.

mkis007956d ago (Edited 956d ago )

Why would you want the ps3 version when the ps4 version will always be better than even an improved ps3 emulated one? Uncharted 1 was converted to Uncharted 2's engine on the drake collection. Runs at 60fps with uncharted 3 or better level graphics.

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