Are AAA Games Too Easy?

"Perhaps extreme difficulties are still here, just presented in different ways. Multiplayer focused shooting games (for the most part), have average (to-below) difficulty within their campaigns. However, jumping online and playing competitively can produce a welcomed contest." KJ of Play Legit Writes

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itsjustexuma3086d ago

From Software thinks differently

bacrec13086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

Real Talk. Wish more companies would get the memo.

joab7773086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

So do I. Unfortunately, it doesn't sell so it doesn't get made. At least it doesn't sell 5-10 million like Assassin's Creed, And all the others. Bloodborne is one of the best games I've ever played, and it ruins other games b/c it expects better of you. It wants you to play it for awhile, instead of moving on to the next big thing a week later.

It's goal is to consume you, and not just your time, but your patience and your will, and it promises, unlike other games, to reward you for that time w/ actual satisfaction.

breakpad3086d ago

eeh ?? have you heard bloodborne or Souls games ? ..no if the develeopers dont seek wide casual acceptance (aka all kids must play the game) no ... are not easy

bouzebbal3086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

i think western games are getting much easier than ever.
japanese are the only ones who dose difficulty. Games like Ninja Gaiden, Souls, Bloodborne raise the level.

johndoe112113086d ago

Why? That makes no bloody sense. Most games have varying levels of difficulty, if you are someone who likes to be constantly punished and frustrated while playing a game simply start off playing the game on it's hardest difficulty. Why the hell should they make all games with only one level of frustrating difficulty, to pander to a select few who have nothing better to do than spend 10 hours trying to pass one level?

This argument makes no sense and since bloodborne released people act like they've forgotten about difficulty settings. People saying all games should be difficult and punishing are selfish and inconsiderate and don't give a damn about anyone else's time or preferences. if gamers want to spend over a month trying to finish every game then they should not complain when only 5 or 6 games get released every year. It's a senseless foolish expectation.

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rawrock3086d ago

From Soft makes Souls games hard the wrong way. Slow clunky controls and questionable mechanics and design. Anybody can make a game where you die a lot. It takes more talent to make a game with a good difficulty balance and smooth gameplay. I have not played Bloodborne but at least it looks to be step up in gameplay over the Souls games.

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freshslicepizza3086d ago

from software became a aaa developer based on expanding its fanbase who often felt neglected to play games where if you die you suffer for it. the first demons souls game was not marketed as a aaa game, it grew from word of mouth and they managed to fill an area that was being ignored.

lots of aaa games are made easy and that makes sense since they want the barriers of people to play them to be as wide as possible. the more accessible the more will play is what they are thinking because aaa games cost a hell of a lot more money to make now than they did 30 years ago.

AngelicIceDiamond3086d ago

The industry doesn't use the word easy but "accessible" so yes games are easy.

joab7773086d ago

It's because they know that you won't be playing long. Only certain games get played over a period of time longer than 2 weeks. They just want your money, and want you to finish it. And they know that if you get the Souls reputation, you are screwed.

700p3086d ago

it depends on the game really.

BitbyDeath3086d ago

Depends on the difficulty setting.

Perjoss3086d ago

I find the souls games a bit too hard personally but I think Bloodborne has perfectly balanced difficulty.

KryptoniteTail3086d ago

Too hard, actually. Well, not "hard" but complicated, with long boring tutorials, and unbalanced sections and they try your patience with collectathons, bulls*** missions and try to make up for it with half hearted multiplayey and/or bitchy trophies.

I prefer more indies these days. AAA can still be the best around but most are boring rehashes and DLC fests.

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