Operation Flashpoint Multiplayer Detailed

The Lost Gamer writes "Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is now moving closer to its October release date and more information has become available today to detail the multiplayer aspects of the game that will see Skira Island become a massive online battlefield.

Co-operative play is something that all gamers look for in modern gaming and Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising delivers this with the whole campaign being playable in both single player and multi-player co-op modes. Enlist up to three other online Marines and take on the opposition and fight across Skira Island, each mission can be played with a different fire team so don't worry about needing your team all the way through the campaign. "

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Hellsvacancy3948d ago (Edited 3948d ago )

Yet it doesnt seem 2 b gettin much (if any) attention - i shall buy it regardless MW2 can kiss my back-side OF2:DR looks FAR more entertainin

GamerPS3603948d ago

I will be picking this up game for my PC.
No room for Modern Warfare this time. Not supporting their price hike period.

Playing RE5 on PC :D

jjohan353948d ago

I hope this game turns out well. So far it seems like a snipefest.

bjornbear3948d ago

Flashpoint is the new impressive war zone FPS =) MW2 75€ can kiss my A$$ cz i'll be playing a far more loyal, challenging and engaging war fps =D

Greeny19723948d ago

Day 1 for me. Loved the original on the PC

DigitalAnalog3948d ago

I hope it plays as it was intended to be. A "simulation" shooter. Otherwise, I'll be disappointed.

FCOLitsjustagame3948d ago

I think I will enjoy this game and MW2. Though the more tactical the better for me. Its not like this is going to be a Full Spectrum Warrior but maybe it will give me that type of fix.

HueyNewton20083948d ago

I prefer sim shooters over cod4 grenade spamming bullish any day. I will get this day one and i will buy MW2 but this type of game is for the mature audience. I hope MW2 hasnt turned into childs play. Oh for those who are under the age of 18 and own a xbox, STAY THERE we dont need immature racist and homophobes on PSN ya dig.

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