Dead Pixel Live: Need for Speed Shift Interview

The podcast Dead Pixel Live interviewed Jesse Abney from EA Blackbox, the producer of Need for Speed: Shift. The hour long talk had Jesse giving details on everything from the philosophy behind the NFS series, to what may be upcoming in DLC content. Some of the highlights include him stating that NFS Shift isn't really in competition with Forza 3 and GT5, instead its targeted at the audience of PGR4 and GRID. He tells us how the Battlefield series and dev studio Dice influenced some of the design. He also went into why it gets harder to fool the gamer as sims get more and more realistic.
The interview starts about thirty minutes into the episode.

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DonCorneo3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

also, this game made me realize how good looking GT5p is. this game is not good looking at all. the cars look plastics and 30fps just doesn't cut it for racing games.

man, after 2 years not other racing can top GT5p graphics. the closest is burnout. flopza is just behind a 16-bit racing in terms of graphics and everything else.