Syronicus5424d ago

They look the same. It is interesting how the PS3 version looks lighter in all of their comparisons yet I suspect that with every game, it will look equally dark when you play it on your own HDTV. These comparisons have lost their edge and are a waste of bandwidth these days.

Lifendz5424d ago

not sure they even have their PS3 on the proper settings. I'll wait until I see the game running in front of me.

What am I saying. I'm not buying this game anyway. GT5 for me.

Rofflecopter5424d ago

does it matter anyway? Forza and GT both kill this game.

HolyOrangeCows5424d ago

Now GT just has to put the right settings on the PS3, and you wouldn't even see the lighting difference.

Shadow Flare5424d ago

I never see the point of these comparisons. If there are differences in gameplay, fair enough. But if its a case of "that pixel is bigger then that pixel", seriously.......who cares?

dirthurts5424d ago

Is the frame rates. That's all I worry about. If one is cripplingly slow...then that matters. Other than that, not too much matters.

Blaze9295424d ago

Um...multiplatform owners care? For $60 you always want to get the best version of a game you can get and thats who and what these comparisons are for. If you (not you specifically) are a single console owner then stop coming to these comparison submissions and complaining since it has nothing to do with you.

Its like comparing which TVs are best, which internet service provider is best, what car is best etc etc. You pay for something you want the best possible version you can buy.

So if you (not you specifically) own both a 360 and a PS3 these comparison videos may...or may you ultimately choose which version to buy. If they didnt do a Orange Box comparison, I wouldve bought the PS3 version. Glad I didnt though.

talltony5424d ago

lighter? darker? thats the only difference. Pretty good port I think.

Shadow Flare5424d ago

Ok i suppose it matters if you own both consoles. This is the first time i've commented in this type of article, because these don't interest me. But i am keen on NFS shift. Its just to me most of the differences that exist are always usually minor, so i don't think it matters that much. I agree with what you said though, if you got both consoles you'd want to buy the best version

Lifendz5424d ago

I, as a single console owner, have every right and reason to view these vids as a multi console owner. My reason is slightly different. I don't want to pay full price for an significantly inferior version of a multiplat game and I think it goes the same way for a 360 owner. If Modern Warfare for some crazy unprecedented reason is substantially inferior on the PS3 I would not buy the game until the price dropped in a major way. I would see as much via one of these vids.

5424d ago
Lifendz5423d ago

If you've been paying attention, you'd know that they actually have stated they were running their PS3 on settings that aren't exactly conducive to getting the best picture quality. Furthermore, just because someone is a "professional" doesn't mean they're above making a mistake.

The guys at 1up and Gamespot were professionals according to your definition of the word. And they were blatantly biased to the point that a major overhaul occurred. Some sites like Kotaku were so biased that they were black balled.

I give credence to sites that continue to justify me doing so but if this gen has taught me anything it's that even the big sites, the professionals, can and do make mistakes that lead to an improper representation of a game and a console's worth.

5423d ago
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Daz5424d ago

what they done to 360 version its not that dark on my 360 :P but i see no difference. One the best nfs so far in my opinion.

N4G king5424d ago (Edited 5424d ago )

i swear to god i didn't notice the split screen at the first time i saw it
( at the start of the vid )
the second time i saw the
Playstation3 and xbox360 logos
then i knew it was a split screen

they both look identical
just the 360 looks a lil darker

Sarcasm5424d ago

Hardly a difference.

The lighting and contrast seems to be slightly darker on the 360.

But the PS3 version looks to have better anti-aliasing as seen at 1:34.

Overall though, it's a stupid comparison and goes to show that Black Box was terrible working on the PS3.

Kudos to Slightly Mad studios for making both versions look and run great.

Ju5424d ago

The only thing I see is, its a gorgeous game, regardless of platform. Surprisingly, tbh. Not a big NFS fan, but this one I will get.

Vitalogy5424d ago

And the war begun... the fanboy war :s

THC CELL5424d ago

ps3 version looks a lot better than xbox and the poor screenshots

haha NAI

kevlar5424d ago

They look pretty similiar to me apart from the slight difference in brightness but what happened to the damage on the ps3 version? where is it? maybe they had it turned off?