AC: First Review of Halo 3 ODST

AC has officially posted a review of Halo 3: ODST for the Xbox 360.

You'd have to either live under a very large rock or be extremely lucky to never have heard of the Halo series. It is essentially the 'Wii Sports' of FPS fans- or what World of Warcraft is for RPG fans. It's a very casual, user-friendly, dumbed-down entry of the genre. If you're no good at real shooters and crave a game with unbalanced weaponry, auto-fill life bars, and downright broken multiplayer, you'll love Halo. In previous iterations of this cash-cow franchise, you've played as the ever devoid of personality protagonist, Master Chief. Yes, that's his name. Frat-boys across the land sing his praises between beer burps as they await the next inevitable sequel.

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IcyJoker1873716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

AAA Confirmed LOL

Jamie Foxx3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

.. in depth review which was a actually a great read, the game was scored and judged by what it is and not by its name lets hope more sites can be as honest and that goes for any high profile game

N4G king3716d ago

so now we can call it a flop

Gabe EatsWell3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

Wow this game didnt reach my expectations. I thought it was going to get at least 75 but hey look it got a 64!! You bots are major losers.

MURKERR3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

how is this review a fake

GWAVE3716d ago

Yep. PS3 owners will be playing GT5, Ratchet and Clank, and Uncharted 2.

360 owners get this "AAA" DLC-pack.

el_bandito3716d ago

LOL. So the best game for the 360 this year would most likely be a multiplat game.

Sarcasm3716d ago

Reviews or not, once people actually play it themselves. They'll see. No battle rifle, no dual-wielding, primitive story, and really nothing new to set itself apart in the Halo universe.

I say to you 360 fans to buy it if you like Halo, but don't expect much.

NeoBasch3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

Ouch. I was actually hoping this would be good. Playing as a shock trooper sounded kind of interesting. I'll wait for a couple more reviews to come in, but I wouldn't be surprised if the average score ended up a lot lower than the previous games in the series. Just seven days shy of release and this is the only review we got. *bites nails*

TK4213716d ago

I guess that means they didn't like it very much. I wonder if they would like Uncharted 2 instead??

Syronicus3716d ago

It's not about reviews, it's about the SALES!!!

Triple A baby!

RadientFlux3716d ago

BaschPS3 if the review embargo is anything like it was for Halo3. We most likely won't see reviews from game sites in till Sunday/Monday.

4Sh0w3716d ago

Listen I'm not all that excited about ODST, but this just stinks of bias...Halo3 was awesome and this is just more of the same through different perspective how in the hell could that be only worth a 6? What other reviews has this site done?

Godmars2903716d ago

A flop that will sell millions because of its fanbase. sadly.

PrimordialSoupBase3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

"The dual-wielding is there" No, it isn't.

Broken embargo and inventing features that don't exist in the game...

@v1c1ous: Indeed, it's very poorly written.

v1c1ous3716d ago

not professional wording at all.

at least hidde your bias by saying halo is casual's dream and frat boys' main dish. also:

GWAVE3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

It's funny how Halo fanboys are downing this "no name site", the same site they defended when it knocked some PS3 exclusives...

It's even funnier how Halo fanboys will rush into the comforting arms of "sales" when "review scores" abandon them...because Wii Fit is teh best game evarrr based on salez!!

Christopher3716d ago

But even I admit that the review was a bit harsh in its delivery. I'm not saying his score isn't representative of his opinion, just that his method of delivery could have been much better, less ridiculing. Some of it was talking about "Halo" from a very subjective standpoint as a franchise and not about the game being reviewed itself.

It's clear that the reviewer went in with a lot of bias towards the game and forgot to leave it at the door. In fact, he seems to revel in his bias.

Serjikal_Strike3716d ago

way low considering its a Halo game...he he

BTW ...something EPIC will be coming out OCTOBER 13th!!!

Chubear3716d ago

Let's all be glad and happy that a 7type game will grossly outsell games like KZ2, MW2, R2 and all other incredible shooters. ... how very sad.

NeoBasch3716d ago

Thanks for the info RadientFlux. It's been such a long time I hardly remember. lol

aldesko3716d ago

hahaha.... I remember how harsh 360 fanboys were when PS3 fanboys accused sites of being "no name blogs". Now the tables have turned, I guess.

This is what happens when you let MS ream you and charge you twice as much as they should for an expansion pack. If ODST was priced correctly ($30 dollars max), it would probably get good review scores... but we'll see how it goes.

gaffyh3716d ago

I think this is one of those "just for hits reviews"

Parapraxis3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

This review seems really weird to me.

I'd accept the lower score if it weren't for the childish manner in which it is worded, and actually well thought out and presented.

I think the reviewer woke up on the wrong side of the bed, people love Halo, if you don't...well too bed, that's no reason to call the people who enjoy it "frat boys" and foolishly try to ridicule things like Master Chief's name and compare it to Wii Sports.
That being said.
I guess we'll have to wait and see more reviews.

On a side note, I guess some 360 fans may now understand why it's frustrating seeing a game they are sure is great get slammed. Ie: Teletext review of inFAMOUS (6/10), the difference here is this is the first review and a standard hasn't been set.
Most reviews for inFAMOUS were very positive, so a very low and bias review sticks out.
This is the first HALO ODST review so maybe this score will be around the average...not likely though, most reviews I suspect will score the game higher.

menoyou3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

Great review. This man speaks eloquently and honestly.Halo is a franchise that has no passion, no vision or creativity, who's only saving grace is the tons of money poured into marketing it (more than they receive in profit from sales) and legal bribes (free Xbox360 consoles for reviewers). It's really time people start calling it for what it is.

Cold 20003716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

Anyways this is the most biased review ever. His hate for Halo and MS is so obvious...

But look at who is up in here all over this review...yep Halo and MS haters.

Its a review by a Halo hater...and the first 15 possts or so in here are known 360 haters.

But just watch these VERY same people complain when UC 2 will get an average score from I dont know who.

This review is CLEARLY biased but not a single one of you is complaining.

Please do the same when a more professional and respected website than this one gives UC2 a score that isnt AAA.

4Sh0w3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

"so now we can call it a flop"
A flop that will sell millions because of its fanbase. sadly.

And why exactly is that sad? Are you really a gamer? Like I said I'm not the biggest Halo fan, I like some other shooters more but Halo is still a good game and I can respect that Halo fans don't let people tell them whats best, its clear that these guys like Halo3, this looks like more Halo3 and it looks like ++THE FANS are going to buy it, you seem pissed off only because you think they should buy something you consider better, is it your money they are spending? Everytime I come back to this site Im reminded why I try to stay away, fanboys on both sides are just ridiculous.

also I noticed in his very first part of the review he incorrectly calls the 360 "Xbox 369", simple mistake I guess, but it does sound like this guy was in a rush even before the review embargo to bash the game.

Mr_Bun3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

I see the whole Too Human fiasco happening again....this is where G4TV will get involved and the Microsoft loyals will run to attack anyone who doesn't give their flagship title an amazing score.

Looks like CNET is already on board doing damage control...who's next?

Jinxstar3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

@ 4show.

While I agree with you it kinda... Here is my view. Why would I spend hard earned money on mediocrity. I would not tell my friend to buy a product that supported it either. If people support mediocrity we will get mediocrity. We will get exploited for it as well. I don't want to buy or support a knock off Final Fantasy that has nothing to do with the FF series except the FF name in the title... "FF Crystalis Disdian defense IX"... It's a sham and if everything about ODST is true it's a short campaign and DLC any halo 3 fan would already have. It's an Xpac thats simply not worth it to a fan and should have been DLC... Supporting something like this kinda defeats the purpose of a progressive industry.

However if you like it. Buy it. If you don't then Don't. Truth be told I feel that supporting junk like this, while it hurts the industry as a whole, it hurts the 360 more as Dev's may now look at it as "The 360 fans will buy anything" while PS3 fans are harder to please. So in the end 360 fans may get more content but PS3 fans will get quality... Because trust me if they did this for KZ2 it would not sell that well...

FlipMode3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

These same people gave Halo 3 a Perfect score so you can stop calling bias.


Saaking3716d ago

Poor MS. Nothing but bad news all year and now their Flagship title is no longer AAA. This spells doom for the Halo franchise and MS as a whole imo. I said it before. MS overmilking Halo cannot be good.

4Sh0w3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

"I see the Halo games exactly as they are and, in turn, accept them with a slim interest. Because I fall under this category of understanding and acceptance, I'll be giving you an impartial review. I'll neither bash it to Hell out of hatred, nor will I praise it to Heaven out of overblown hype and affection."

wtf, Now come on, does that sound like a guy who reviewed this game just on its merits, he should just forget about the hype all the hatred and just talk about the game, the more I read this gibberish the more I think this guy is looking for early hits before the embargo is lifted and we get tons of reviews where people mostly only pay attention to the big sites. I would say ODST doesn't deserve high 9's and 10's because Halo3 scored that much when it was fresh, this game could be just as good but really it should take a hit just for being much of the same, but despite how you feel about that for Halo fans it isn't mediocrity its just Bungie giving them more story of a game it seems they absolutely loved.

also your point about 360 fans buying anything is mute, there are tons of 360 games that sold like sh!t, even with hype too-Too Human comes to mind, and early this year Ninja Blade, rpg's get medicore sales, medicore shooters like section 8 won't sell well; and remember just like with the ps2 with a higher install base also comes a fair share of "milking" and plenty of low quality games because every dev and their mother just thinks they can be profitable if even just a small percent of the install base buys the game, meaning put very little into the game dev budget, sells might suck but chances are you still make a profit. If you don't know this then you didn't own a ps2.

vvvvv #1.35 OK Godmars290, sorry I bothered trying to have a reasonable discussion with you at all

vvvvv #1.38 Jinxstar, that is a really good point, ODST looks like a good game but its essentially an expansion I dont care how Bungie tries to get away from that, so full price is a little much maybe 30-40 because there is alot of content underneath. So if your arguement is price then yeah I can see where you're coming from, especially since GTA4 expansions were dirt cheap for the amount of content+different charachter story.

NeoBasch3716d ago

@ 1.28

The site may not be, but the writer might. Two different people reviewed the games. Even IGN has its fair share of biased reporters. Most of their staff is fairly objective, but a few sour grapes will spoil the bunch.

ThanatosDMC3716d ago

Reviews dont matter as long as they market this to death. There's all ready tons of ads in Gamestop.

Shadow Flare3716d ago


2009- what an awful year for 360 fans

Cold 20003716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

Halo 3 reviewer: Cody Watts ----> sounds professional, laid back, giving his honest opinion

ODST reviewer: John Barnett ----> writes in an unprofesional manner, review overflowing with Halo hate. He's simply and clearly a 360 hater.

Its funny that u guys find this review unbiased but when a completely acceptable and professional review comes out giving a PS3 exclusive a score other than 9/10 or 10/10 it sure is biased !!

But hey dont go thinking Im surprised or something that u guys act this way.

Godmars2903716d ago

Its sad for the obvious reason that the Halo fanbase is allowing itself to be exploited. That if MS/Bungie are rewarded for mediocrity, they'll have no reason to really improve the franchise. You'll get graphic and gameplay tweaks, a lukewarm story, and one or two sidestory games that cost as much as a full game.

FlipMode3716d ago

Actually if your referring to the Uncharted 2 reviews from PS mags, people called them biased too. :/

fryday3716d ago

Stop clicking on this review, you make that bastard rich...



* Get paid upfront
* Earn money over time when
your content is viewed
* Over $1 million paid to Contributors like you

Jinxstar3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )


I do understand where your coming from but... 65$ (After tax) for a few hours and a bunch of DLC you already should have as a halo fan... Thats not just saying your a halo fan it's bending over for them as well... If this were an MP game it would be shunned and torn to pieces. Imagine Batman AA. Great game and they are supporting it with free DLC. If they released a "Nightwing/robin" Xpac... How do you think it might do? If the DLC they have was not free and the "Xpac' was just a few hours long and they charged you full price for 5 hours of gameplay...

It's really about this to me How much do you think it cost to make this "Xpac"? Really? How much time/effort and everything? it's been done a long while now according to bungie. Hence why people have already beaten it... This game looks to me to be 80% profit while most games are more along the lines of 25%(Just a rough guess or goal I would say). This annoys me because people are supporting Mediocrity. It's pure milking at it's finest. I would not support it and tell everyone who was thinking about it not to support it because by supporting it we the gamers get bent over next time against our will.

I look at a full game like UC 2. I was never a big fan of the first one but look at what it is. A full 20 hour game with co-op and MP to boot... The best looking graphics to date and a story that trumps most other games or rivals most good movies. amazing motion capture and cutting edge technology... All for the same price as the Halo Xpac... And it's even free to play online. Guess which Dev I will be supporting. Thats right. The one that offers quality and looking to make me happy and not take me for a ride.

Sarcasm3716d ago

"Halo 3 reviewer: Cody Watts ----> sounds professional, laid back, giving his honest opinion

ODST reviewer: John Barnett ----> writes in an unprofesional manner, review overflowing with Halo hate. He's simply and clearly a 360 hater.

Maybe Cody Watts got that free $800 worth of Swag MS was giving to all the reviewers? Halo 3 10/10??? Come on now, let's be realistic. The most it deserves I'll even say is a 9. I personally give it an 8.

kwicksandz3716d ago

This review is filled with spelling and factual errors.

For one you CANT dual wield in ODST, yet the reviewer says "The dual-wielding is there, the familiar weapons are all there, and the environments are what you'd expect" which leads one to ask did he play the game at all? or is this just a halo haters rant that the good denizens of n4g picked up.

On the first page he then goes on to talk about the xbox "369".....

The review reads like a disgruntled wii fanboy rant not a legitimate piece of games journalism. I found it amsuing how he ends it with a jab at halo wars. This review stinks of bias and yellow journalism.

thegood333716d ago

lol, this reviewer is a hater, straight up. Whoever gives this any review any truth is an obvious fanboy.

N4G is getting so lame...

3716d ago
JokesOnYou3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

micro should just do what sony does and tell the reviewers what they can and cannot say in the reviews even when its not about plot spoilers, lol you guys are so one sided in the things you *choose to point out and *overlook'cause I'm sure MGS4 deserved every 10 it got, yeah sony would never try to influence a score, lmfao....too easy.

Yep, all the usual hypocrites here on a biased Halo review ready to anoint it with praise, yet these are the very same folks who scream the "media is biased" in every post that makes a slightly negative statement about sony.

If any review has ever been bias its this one, this guy doesn't even sound like he played the game, how the hell could you play the whole game without being able to dual-wield and then say its there? wtf, lmfao

You guys are so desperate to see Halo fail, just jealousy, thats all.


lowcarb3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

Here we go with another attack on 360 fans and halo out of spite.

edit above jokes: Very jealous indeed.

SONYFOREVER3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

Except this is a fake review.

It's kind of sad this stuff gets passed as news on this, did anyone above me actually READ the "article"

First off, he doesn't once ACTUALLY talk about the game, the first 2 pages are a tirade about FPSs befor Halo and then when he brings up the game he just mentions things that are unspecific and anyone can say.

-The level design is poor
-The controls are tight and the 360 pad is good!

You can tell this review is obviously fake when he mentions that you can dual wield, I haven't even been following this game and have no plans on buying it but even I know you can't dual wield and there are control differences.

It's sad articles like this are created to garner more hits to their site to be the "first review" and contains actually NOTHING about the game.

If an article like this was written for a KZ2 expansion it would have been deleted in 2 minutes.

Honestly this is sad, all the little nerds smashing agree buttons laughing at a 360 game. You are all an embarassment to REAL SONY fans like me who want the 360 to offer competition so we get better games in return instead of slandering all 360 games like little idiot kids.

Mike134nl3716d ago


my favourite parts "Your games are disgusting and gray"and ofcourse "Your existence I will always fight."

Arnon3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

You'd have to either live under a very large rock or be extremely lucky to never have heard of the Halo series. It is essentially the 'Wii Sports' of FPS fans- or what World of Warcraft is for RPG fans. It's a very casual, user-friendly, dumbed-down entry of the genre. If you're no good at real shooters and crave a game with unbalanced weaponry, auto-fill life bars, and downright broken multiplayer, you'll love Halo. In previous iterations of this cash-cow franchise, you've played as the ever devoid of personality protagonist, Master Chief. Yes, that's his name. Frat-boys across the land sing his praises between beer burps as they await the next inevitable sequel.

Halo has one of 3 different effects on gamers.

1. Love, unhealthy devotion, and blind-senseless rage at outside opinions of Halo/Xbox 369.

2. Deep hatred and resentment.

3. Acceptance of what it is (a casual shooter that anyone can play and enjoy) and either a light fondness for it or slight annoyance.

I fall under the third category. I see the Halo games exactly as they are and, in turn, accept them with a slim interest. Because I fall under this category of understanding and acceptance, I'll be giving you an impartial review. I'll neither bash it to Hell out of hatred, nor will I praise it to Heaven out of overblown hype and affection. But first, a history lesson.

The FPS genre was little more than a post-it note on the early timeline of gaming. Sure Doom eventually showed up and there was Wolfenstein 3D to attract early followers. Yet, for the most part, shooter fans played either Contra, Galaga, or some other side-scroller. PC gamers were the first to gather an FPS following due to their superior tech over consoles.

For some time it seemed as though it would be forever before a truly impressive console FPS would appear. The Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis went by with little progress. The Playstation and Sega Saturn did what they could, but failed to leave an impression. It was the Nintendo 64 that rose to meet the call. Nintendo and Rare released the immensely popular 'Golden Eye 64'.

This James Bond FPS was the pinnacle of FPS console multiplayer and shaped the industry for years to come. Perhaps it was the N64's superior technology, perhaps it was the introduction of the analog stick. Whatever the cause, people played the H-E-L-L out of the game. The loss of key staff members of Rare lead to its purchase by Microsoft. This tragic change would tarnish Rare forever. With mediocre releases like 'Perfect Dark Zero' (What? Why can't I jump?) and 'Viva Pinata' (They're so not cute, it's disgusting!)- and downright terrible releases like 'Grabbed by the Ghoulies' and 'Kameo: Elements of Power', Rare has lost the magic it once had.

Let's time travel to Bungie and the original Xbox. Nintendo, Sony, and Sega were all gathering their resources and rallying their usual forces for the next generation. Microsoft, recognizing an extremely lucrative market that they had yet to stick their greedy claws in, decided to jump on the wagon. Halo, what was to be a multi-platform release on the PS2 and Xbox, quickly appeared as a monumental system-seller. Naturally Microsoft bought it up and secured its throne as the 'Console of Shooters'. Lots and lots of shooters.

Every year another batch of shooters release on the Xbox 360. Every year there are disappointments and achievements. For many, Halo 3 was a disappointment. It wasn't nearly as expansive as gamers were lead to believe. The graphics weren't nearly as good as the 360 supposedly could manage. And, to top it off, the multiplayer was just as unbalanced as it was in previous iterations. In fact, Halo 3 was pretty much Halo 2 with some fresh paint and the next chapter of the trilogy. Several packs of pricey DLC later, Microsoft is offering its next money-grubbing add-on to the Halo series. Halo ODST has arrived.

The Premise.

After the lukewarm reception to Halo Wars, Microsoft is hoping to get you with another Halo this year. Before you get excited at the possibility of again stepping into Master Chief's shoes, let me you get the disappointment out of the way. The lifeless, cookie-cutter source of bravado in green armor is not the character you'll be controlling. No, you'll be in control of an ODST- an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper. Basically you're one of the little guys that the Chief usually saves or uses as a shield against alien hordes. Your job is to complete a set of missions taking place outside the Halo 3 storyline. Doesn't sound very fun, huh?

Well, it is and yet it isn't. On the one hand, the game plays almost exactly like Halo 3. The dual-wielding is there, the familiar weapons are all there, and the environments are what you'd expect. On the one hand this is great, fans of the Halo universe will be right at home. Yet, on the other hand, it adds relatively nothing to the Halo formula. Sure, Firefight mode is a blast for a while (see the pun? Clever, huh?). But even it gets dull fairly quickly. It's the case of a new mode that isn't very fun on its own- the fun comes from the friends you're playing with.

The story itself measures up weakly to the rest of the series. And if the story isn't as good as the already watered down Halo storyline, you know you have a problem. The basic formula goes as simply as this. Listen to a loosely connected reason for your next mission, go to the objective area, and kill all enemies. Considering the very standard weapon selection and recycled level designs, you'd think Bungie would have been more dynamic with the story. Afraid not. Luckily the story isn't what 90% of people that play Halo care about. It's the ability to run, shoot, and teabag helpless victims.

The Controls.

Control-wise, you're looking at a carbon-copy of Halo 3. There are no true tactical additions or attempts to make things go more smoothly. This is becoming a real sour-spot for the Halo series, considering the emergence of the FPS genre on the Wii. There's simply no going back once you experience the fluent targeting of IR aiming in The Conduit or Metroid Prime Trilogy. By comparison, Halo is starting to look like a dinosaur that's unable to evolve thanks to its analog controller. Sniping is a chore- I really hoped they'd fix this. It's still the sort of skill that's annoying as Hell to master and little fun once you do, but will rack up kills for you online.

With that said, there is a redeeming quality in the sense that it has some of the best elements of FPS control on a game pad. The 360 controller, built pretty much with shooters solely in mind, very much compliments ODST. The triggers have a satisfying feel as you hand out death to friends in multiplayer or enemies in the campaign mode. If you haven't been blessed by real-time aiming on the Wii, you won't notice the difference. If you have, you'll be pretty disappointed when you try to go back.

The Graphics.

Let me set one thing straight. While playing ODST, you'll never forget it was built with the Halo engine. You may notice some fresher, sharper graphics and textures, but they won't be able to hide the fact that this is very much an expansion. The glow effects are nicely done and there's a nice bit of detail put into much of the world around you. The only real graphical issue would be the lack of polish you see on certain later levels.

Bungie has a habit of making the early levels look gorgeous and letting the later ones sort of drop in quality. Logically this is because they feel like if they've gotten you this far, there's not much you can do if the presentation starts to dip. The frame-rate goes smoothly until things get too hectic. At that point you'll probably notice some of the weaker aspects of the engine.

The Value.

There is something to marvel at when you consider what you're getting. For the entry-fee of a regularly priced 360 game, you're getting a 2 disc set featuring this new chapter to the Halo universe and the separate disc with the expansive multiplayer mode. Considering that most people buy Halo solely for the multiplayer, this is both a blessing and a curse.

If you didn't go through the trouble of buying up every piece of Halo 3 DLC (I didn't, haha!) you'll be overjoyed. Every map that's been released and every other goodie is included on the multiplayer disc. If you can up just the MP disc used in the near future, you'll be a very happy gamer.

However, if you blew a bunch of Microsoft points on the extra DLC, you'll be bitter at the discovery that this is what the second disc pretty much consists of. It's also a bit annoying to switch discs just for the multiplayer. There's also the nagging feeling that first disc isn't necessary. Considering how mediocre the Halo single player track record is, Halo 3: ODST is likely to disappoint most fans.

A lot of people may wonder why Microsoft didn't simply release the second disc as a standalone expansion for $30. I'll tell you why. They love money and they know they can milk their Halo audience for all its worth. Just look at Halo Wars. Plenty of people actually fell for that little ploy. In conclusion, if you haven't picked up any Halo 3 DLC and would love another piece of the Halo campaign, go for it. If you already own Halo 3 and use it purely for multiplayer, I wouldn't recommend this purchase- especially if you already have the mentioned DLC.

Overall Rating - 64/100

Graphics/Audio - 18/25
Gameplay - 14/25
Creativity - 13/25
Fun Factor - 19/25

Not only was it illegal to post this review, but he has elements that a journalist should NEVER use. Not to mention his extreme slanted bias against the Halo franchise and his misinformation he continues to spew within this review, such as ODST soldiers being able to dual wield... and just for the record, when you troll using another site, you're not supposed to give away your name.

weazel3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

This is a little bit disappointing if i'm being honest. Although i'll occasionally take the pi*s, competition is one of the primary factors in pushing the market to evolve. Without top class rivalry, companies get stagnant, and churn out the same recycled sh*t -(Activision slapping a gloss of paint on their ever-narrowing range of franchises.) XBOX and Microsoft are the Richard Nixon to Sony's Hunter S Thompson.(Nintendo is checkers) They thrive under mutual disdain and competition, provoking a semi-healthy culture of forced evolution. Without the antagonists, either company would just get fat, lazy, and have every justification to rip straight through their userbases wallets at every opportunity.

DK_Kithuni_713716d ago

Halo this, Halo that. Enough already.

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chidori6663716d ago

flop flop flop!!


talltony3716d ago

this will not end well. I told you guys not to brag about this game. Im sure in the end it will 7 and 8's though.

Gabe EatsWell3716d ago

Halo: ODST? Wrong name.
Halo: Flop DLC? Yep, thats about right!

InfectedDK3716d ago

"... It's a very casual, user-friendly, dumbed-down entry of the genre. If you're no good at real shooters and crave a game with unbalanced weaponry, auto-fill life bars, and downright broken multiplayer, you'll love Halo. In previous iterations of this cash-cow franchise, you've played as the ever devoid of personality protagonist, Master Chief. Yes, that's his name. Frat-boys across the land sing his praises between beer burps as they await the next inevitable sequel."

AngryTypingGuy3716d ago

"You'd have to either live under a very large rock or be extremely lucky to never have heard of the Halo series." -- If you can't tell that this person went into the review with a preconceived bias against Halo, than you're an idiot. Like I said before, let's wait and see what Metacritic says, not some Sony fangirl behind a computer.

ODST won't be the best game ever, but it will be great.

El Botto3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

The biggest 360 title of 2009 is a MASSIVE FLOPPER!!!

HAHAHA stupid bots waited a whole year for their big "triple A" Top of the flops game.

Hahaha SUCK IT.

InfectedDK3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

I guess you bots laughed at Haze and humiliated the PS3 however we just dumped it and played all the AAA and now AAAA PS3 exclusives instead.. But worse, You'll have to STICK to your own Haze now!

MASSIVE LOL at 360 fanboys/PS3 haters

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3716d ago

...they were going to give it 11/10!!! ;-D ;-D ;-D (because of Uncharted 2's 21/20)

The 'AAA' Games are ONLY ON THE...'Triple'A'Station 3' ;-P

Saaking3716d ago

Not even the flagship title is AAA. Sucks for the bots, the 360 is def. at it's end.

DuneBuggy3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

Good to see so many people giving this guy so much praise and respect.Last week this same Author stated that the PS3 and the PSP were FAILURES.

From his article:
"Sony, a penniless homeless person at this point- its latest endeavors were all largely FAILURES. The PS3 and PSP were and still are openly mocked on the internet, in Gamestop, on the news, and pretty much everywhere else. In short, Sony's throne had crumbled with the economy. We have to ask ourselves- with Sony's investors losing so many millions, what's next for them? Will the Playstation brand eventually be sold off the highest bidder?"

So what now? You gonna continue to back this horse still or take a pause?
Im ready to negotiate.I'll accept this review..If you people accept what he wrote last week.

GHOSTR3V0LV3R3715d ago

Coming from a kid named "Helghan666"

Damn fanboys.

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DelbertGrady3716d ago

I was really looking forward to this game but since some no-name blogger says it sucks I have definately changed my mind.

Tinted Eyes3716d ago

Funny how all these "No name sites" have the same opinion huh?
Looks like Halo lost its charm

Pennywise3716d ago

No named sites that didn't get their gift basket.

Do you really think Halo3 deserved all those high marks?

Jinxstar3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

If Associated content is a part of Associated press(The largest and more reliable and unbiased news source out there neck and neck with reuters) then I think this is fairly legit. If they are not a part of AP then I would side with you. Not that I care about the game but yeah...

Pennywise. Not a chance bro.

Jamie Foxx3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

'here is a bubble' i do honestly wonder if IGN an other sites got expensive gift bags for ODST, microsoft did do it with halo3,bet they fetch a fortune on ebay

ultimolu3716d ago

And yet no-name bloggers have reviewed PS3 games. And yet the 360 fans praised the blog like it was the second coming.


v1c1ous3716d ago

have pissing contents, it makes everything ALL RIGHT!

ultimolu3716d ago

Has nothing to do with pissing contests. Hypocrisy runs wild on this site and it mostly comes from 360 fans. I could care less about the score or whatever but the hypocrisy just amazes me.