Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Delayed

It seems that one of ps3 most acclaimed title which had a previous release date set for fall this year has been delayed in an email sent from Gamestop.

Old Release Date - 9/1/2007
New Release Date - 3/1/2008

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ErcsYou4265d ago

i never thought this game was going to release in 2007, why is every one acting suprised? second, gamestop/ebgames release dates mean nothing. if this is true then why wasnt a new golden axe released march 26th? or heavenly sword. these games have never had a release date, they are just guessing, it can still come out christmas or january. 09/10/07 was never a release date, ask konami. a [email protected]#kin flame war over gamestops release date, how sad.

reaperxciv4265d ago

with decreased competition for Microsoft, the quality of games churned out for the 360 would suffer, tsk tsk

FreeMonk4265d ago

Just another reason to hold back on buying a PS3.

All the big games like Lair, Heavenly Sword, MGS4 etc are all out late 2007, early 2008!

So it gives me enough time to spend cash on games on my X360 like Bioshock, Mass Effect, Halo 3 etc and then as soon as on the PS3 biggies arrives, spend the cash then!

gta_cb4265d ago

yep that sounds like a plan to me =D
not being a fanboy or being biased, but there isnt enough on the PS3 this year (not including multi platform games like GTA) to make me want to buy one, but as soon as the good games come out like this one, and hopefully by then there would have been a price cut, i will DEFF be looking into buying one, especially with the option of having the BluRay player and my finally having my HDREADY (with HDMI) tv =D

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TriggerHappy4266d ago

thought this game was going to get released this fall, Microsoft line this fall is looking to a be a real killer, no mgs this year is not a good thing.

Now the good part, RUMBLE is Definitely going to come with the game.

Satanas4266d ago

Maybe they'll actually put it on the quadcore BD-ROM they were talking about.

100GB game...=O

tk4265d ago

How the heck does someone get that many bubbles with so little knowledge. CPU's have cores. Disks has layers. You must be thinking quad layer BD - but I am not sure the PS3 will read those.

Quadcore BD - rotflol

gta_cb4265d ago

yeh i think you must be talking about layers lol as tk said, CPU has cores lol

FreeMonk4265d ago (Edited 4265d ago )

It'll be great if MGS4 comes with the rumble feature, but the main problem is how many people are going to buy a new controller that'll probably cost £25-£30 / $50-$55 for a new controller that's only difference to the original controller is the rumble feature?

A great reason why I, along with many other people have held back on buying a PS3 is to wait for the must have 2nd Gen games (MGS4, Lair, H Sword), to wait for the rumber controller to hopefully be packed with the console along with the bigger hard drive, and hopefully with the very slow sales at the moment, hopefully a price cut.

Although the price cut may not happen seeing the amount of cash Sony is loosing on each console!

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decapitator4266d ago facking way ? wtf Hideo ?

I was really looking forward to this game for a fall released. :(

deepujatt20054266d ago

i think they pushed it back becuz maybe they want to add rumble to it... for little for fun

sak5004266d ago

I dont suppose it has anything to do with either low sales number or the difficulty in programming on PS3? And btw adding rumble support does not require delays of 6 months.

FeralPhoenix4266d ago

-WTF, Well I knew it wouldn't be done in Sept/Fall but I was hoping for Christmas, dammit I'm waiting for this game for my PS3, there's no way it takes that long just to code in for rumble,...I'm sorry but this pisses me off, but hey I understand, if its not ready then its not ready and I know in the end Kojima will deliver a [email protected] game.

gta_cb4265d ago

i know this is off topic but how long have you had 10 bubbles for? i gave you good feedback the over day but i swear you only had 8 or something... ohwell keep up the good work.