MAG Beta Test for Qore Subscribers Launching Thursday

Playstation Blog: Here's an update about the status of the MAG Public Beta email vouchers. The first wave of voucher codes for the MAG Beta will be e-mailed to all current Qore subscribers beginning today and continuing over the next few days. Follow the instructions so that you'll be ready to download the Beta and jump in when the test starts this Thursday, September 17. The email subject line will be:

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Xbox360Elite3721d ago

MAG a game which wanted to be but could not be so sad.

bigboss9113721d ago

does anyone know if you can gameshare a beta?

wUTTer3720d ago

Some people are claiming you can game share this beta.

I'm not sure if you can or can't, but if it is sharable it most likely will have that 24hr restriction.

Hopefully someone confirms soon.

chisox1003721d ago

fuuuuuuck my ps3 got the ylod of death yesterday and im going to miss this now!

CheesePie3720d ago

That sucks, at lease it lasts till November 8th! :)

Megaton3720d ago

Got mine. September was the last issue of my subscription too.

rbluetank3720d ago

this qore takes to darn long to download...1705mbs ="qore annually sub" i thought SBC for FTW when concerning downloads!! guess not. the episode was like five minutes long about UC2. i am just glad i got the mag beta code.... sony has to stream line qore. i can not wait for a five minute show for 3 to 4 hrs download. not cool!!