New Fallout 3 customised armour mods

Here are some user-created armour mods that are sure to brighten up your Fallout 3 experience.

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Megaton5423d ago

...giggity goo.

Wish my PC could play this game. Modding makes this this best version by leaps and bounds.

Nihilism5423d ago

yeah fallout 3 can be pretty punishing, the mods for this are insane, what's that you say, you want liberty prime as a companion?, deathclaw companion?, done.

and the GECK editor they released can change anything in the game, you can make it so the gauss rifle can be repaired with different weapons, change the fire rate/damage, degradation rate of weapons, anything

seriously check the youtube vids good stuff

Pandamobile5423d ago

Yeah, I love when the devs give you awesome tools to make stuff, or even the game tools that they used to make the game itself.

(Epic Games and the UnrealEd, Valve and the SourecSDK, Crytek and the CryEditor, etc). All that stuff kicks major ass.

Megaton5423d ago

I never got into making my own, but I had tons of mods and maps for the original Unreal Tournament when I played that 24/7 on PC. Was awesome that UT3 came with mod installation possible on the PS3. Too bad that idea didn't catch on with anyone else.

gamesR4fun5423d ago (Edited 5423d ago )

that samus mod almos looks good nough for me to invest in my pc again lol the game runs ok but only at console like quality any mroe n she bogs right down :(

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2FootYard5423d ago

Neato burrito they got a Samus!

ZombieAutopsy5423d ago

Consoles need modding features.