EA Developer: Xbox 360 will triumph over PS3 due to performance and support

An EA developer has called in to let Maxconsole know that he believes the Xbox 360 will triumph over the PS3 due to its better performance and more rounded support. These claims come on the revelation that development of Army of Two on the Xbox 360 manages to yield a maximum of 60fps while the PS3 version struggles to reach 30fps currently. Army of Two is expected to hit retail shelves during November.


Note from admin: As the origin of the information is questionable, we have filed it under rumors for now.

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Gears4485d ago (Edited 4485d ago )

I told all the PS3 fanboy in the thread about the RSX being more powerful than Xenos. SOny is losing at the HARDWARE battle who would have thought that? Me all PS3 is, is a fancy blu-ray player, and you can't even watch blu-ray without HDMI unless you want to watch it at 480p. I can watch al HD-DVD's at 1080i without HDMI on my 360. HAHAHAHAHHA

PS3 fanboys AM CRY. Look at my post in the other thread the 360 GPU slaughters the 7900GTX and X1950XTX which are way more powerful than the RSX.

THE 360 GPU IS MORE POWERFUL THAN A 7900GTX and X1950XTX which is way beyond the PS3's GPU. Xenos can actually sustain its max outputs, where as the PS3's GPU is only 60% efficient, which means it is very WEAK in comparison. Xenos will kill the 7900GTX and X1950XTX, something the PS3 can't.

First to put this to rest the PS3 has a severe memory limitation when compared to the 360. Example: I did notice a report done by that talked about the main memory in regards to PS3 version of Oblivion and downloadable content. In that report they said that the memory that the PS3 had could not hold all the downloadable content that has come out on XBOX 360 so in that case it is a big deal. The developer had to choose the content for Oblivion on PS3 instead of including it all. That is a limitation that will continue to get worse as games grow larger and larger in games of this type. SO EVEN IF THE PS3 GPU IS MORE POWERFUL COMBINED WITH CELL YOU WOULD NEVER KNOW BECAUSE OF SEVERE MEMORY LIMITATIONS. Look at Prey, couldn't be done on the PS3, again GRAW2 and Rainbow Six Vegas devs are having a he11 of a time working with the PS3 memory limitations, I guarantee FRAMERATE ISSUES.

Quote from a developer: From all I've seen, and overall feeling here at my work (no, it's not MS, it's an independent developer) the 360 is way better from memory, graphics, overall CPU power and functionality. and it's clearly easier to develop for, as well.

Want to know why Xenos doesn’t need as much raw horsepower to outperform say something like the x1900xtx or the 7900GTX? It makes up for not having as much raw horsepower by actually being efficient enough to fully achieve its advertised performance numbers which is an impressive feat. The x1900xtx has a peak pixel fillrate of 10.4Gigasamples a second while the 7900GTX has a peak pixel fillrate of 15.6Gigasamples a second. Neither of them is actually able to achieve and sustain those peak fillrate performance numbers though due to not being efficient enough, but they get away with it in this case since they can also bank on all the raw power. The performance winner between the 7900GTX and the X1900XTX is actually the X1900XTX despite a lower pixel fillrate (especially in higher resolutions) because it has twice as many pixel pipes and is the more efficient of the 2. It’s just a testament as to how important efficiency is. Well how exactly can the mere 360 GPU stand up to both of those with only a 128 bit memory interface and 500MHZ? Well the 360 GPU with 4XFSAA enabled achieves AND sustains its peak fillrate of 16Gigasamples per second which is achieved by the combination of the unified shader architecture and the excessive amount of bandwidth which gives it the type of efficiency that allows it to outperform GPUs with far more raw horsepower. I guess it also helps that it’s the single most advanced GPU currently available anyway for purchase. Things get even better when you factor in the Xenos’ MEMEXPORT ability which allows it to enable “streamout” which opens the door for Xenos to achieve DX10 class functionality. A shame Microsoft chose to disable Xenos’ other 16 pipelines to improve yields and keep costs down. Not many are even aware that the 360’s GPU has the exact same number of pipelines as ATI’s unreleased R600, but to keep costs down and to make the GPU easier to manufacture, Microsoft chose to disable one of the shader arrays containing 16 pipelines. What MEMEXPORT does is it expands the graphics pipeline in more general purpose and programmable manner.

I’ll borrow a quote from Dave Baumann since he explains it rather well.

“With the capability to fetch from anywhere in memory, perform arbitrary ALU operations and write the results back to memory, in conjunction with the raw floating point performance of the large shader ALU array, the MEMEXPORT facility does have the capability to achieve a wide range of fairly complex and general purpose operations; basically any operation that can be mapped to a wide SIMD array can be fairly efficiently achieved and in comparison to previous graphics pipelines it is achieved in fewer cycles and with lower latencies. For instance, this is probably the first time that general purpose physics calculation would be achievable, with a reasonable degree of success, on a graphics processor and is a big step towards the graphics processor becoming much more like a vector co-processor to the CPU.”

And about the DX10 features, PS3 will never be able to go past DX9 level, but the X360 has a large portion of the DX10 features already built-in. So once developers get a better grasp of shaders, you will see the X360 surpass the PS3 as far as graphics are concerned.

Plus anything Cell can do Xenos can do as well with it's 4 Vector ALU's. Look at the water effect that are acheived in Bioshock, I guarantee the PS3 would choke on that.

All crossplatform games have a higher framerate on the 360, making them better.

TO BIGMAC: I would eat your d!ck, but when I pulled down your pants all I found was a sticky picture of the Xbox 360.

Ignorant Fanboy4484d ago

I laughed, but then the dog bit me again.

He doesnt like it when I make any noise.

ErcsYou4484d ago (Edited 4484d ago )

You really beleive EA games. wrote a whole damn story about WHAT YOU HEARD, not what you truly know, will the ps3 look better than 360? most likely, ,besides, i dont what to read a comment longer that a B/S story so quit posting comments and join the forums

tehcellownu4484d ago

dude you dont know crap about the ps3 hardware or the never work with any u are retard.your just a fanbooy spilling bs..EA is begining to know how its a pain in the ass to program for the PS3..didnt they freaken said they will concentrate on the PS3 since it have more processing power?? damn once they work with the ps3 they changed their better give devlopers who isnt skillful in programing a better an easier tools..

Wargasm4484d ago (Edited 4484d ago )

but i still found your post irritating.

You did make a few good points, even if you did so LIEK a JACKA SS OMG LOL!


Sashy4484d ago

Dudes, cant you see who posted this news ? THEMART !!! LOL

Look what Mart have done :o

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power of Green 4485d ago (Edited 4485d ago )

Go get your head checked whats wrong with Sony fanboys they're getting worse each year; man and i thought Sony fans wher rabid when the first box released.


I wonder where the 360 sales would be if Sony didn't trick the masses yet again about its console's capabilities.

ATI and other have already said the 360 will outpreform the PS3 and will be able to do 1080p 60fps better than the PS3 later on down the road(I could post the links but will it matter to rabid ass Sony fanboys).

(((((Amplifier)))))) *Sigh* The truth doesn't hurt anybody. Never made any comments about the post untill this edit; what wrong with you?. Sony hype and lies dont effect me LOL get real, like i said before what does what i typed in my post before the edit have to do with the BULLSHIT you typed?.

#10 just leave it alone you're not making sense, what you are saying doesn't make any sense. My original post was a response to a rabid PS3 fan calling people names and personally attacking folks your post #8 make no sense what so ever when it come to my post before the edit. Theres only so much to talk about in a game site(games and hardware)lets not forget what thread we're in, if your 2nd post is a response to my edit.

marionz4483d ago

its so sad, they act like they are on sonys payrole, the way the b1tch and spread rumours and BS is juet pathetic
if you got the feedback of all the 360 owners in here im sure it would be mostly positive, yet the ps3 fans are the onew with all the friends with brokes 360's? give me a break
even when ea was making games for ps2 and porting them to xbox they looked better, perfect example is burnout 3
and its happening again this time, but even when they make them for 360 and port them to the (aparently) superior ps3 (cough) they still look better on the 360!
what does that tell you now sony fans?
yep making games for a sony console has and always will be harder to do, and with the haze and jaggies that all ps3 games seem to suffer from its obvious games will always look cleaner sharper brighter and more colourfull on 360
blame the ram limitations cos its pretty obvious thats where the problem lies (oh i said lies thats what sony does aye?)

i rule4485d ago

love to tell you off big mac, but your done and we wont here from you again. grow up loser!

Silverwolf4485d ago

even if it's true (which I doubt). I wouldn't believe sh!t coming from EA.

Sexius Maximus4484d ago

Epic & Id Software have both said the 360 is a better system when it comes to all out performance. They are both VERY good developers. I do agree with you though, EA can eat donkey balls.

Russbomb4484d ago

What a coincedence, the only thing that comes out of EA is fecal matter. So believe nothing

BlackIceJoe4485d ago

This is so fake the PS3 can do 60FPS and 1080P plus self shadowing just look at NGS. Then people will see this is a fake.

Saint Sony4485d ago

Yes it can do, but ever thought it really depends what there is on the screen. If you got a basic primitive for example a cube, sure all machines can run it well.