Resistance: Fall Of Man Interview

After concentrating on platform games like Spyro The Dragon and more recently the Ratchet and Clack series for the past several years, developer Insomniac Games is going in a different direction with Resistance: Fall of Man, a first person shooter that will be one of the launch titles for Sony's Playstation 3 console. FiringSquad got a chance to chat with Insomniac's head man Ted Price about the game as well as some other topics.

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cant wait till this game comes out looks fun as hell

Guttersnype6180d ago

Yeah this sound better and better the more I hear about it. Can't wait to play it.

InSpectre6180d ago

This game will probably be over the top! Insomniac does good work.

JIN KAZAMA6180d ago

This looks as good as the fantastic Gears of War. I cant wait to play this game.

silent ninja6180d ago

i'll problably play this game at my friends house

96impala6180d ago

i can't wait to play this game with no rumble.

Bhai6179d ago

Its a definitely must-have title. Other than Fatal-Frame series or MGS, I never used Rumble feature, it diverts in fighting and racing gameplay and is a pinch in deep story games like Resistance itself. Its going to be a true next-gen launch lineup with PS3. Only trouble is that I'm worrying about which titles to buy I already have the launch buying list as follows :

-Heavenly Sword(not confirmed as a launch-title though)
-Untold Legends
-Fatal Inertia

ACE6179d ago (Edited 6179d ago )

nothing on that list is any good mate,, you should wait till 07 when half decent stuff comes out.....

as for rumble it is very important in games now adays .... i meen i was playing a game with rumble it was just that much more imerrsive then no rumble ,,, no rumble feels flat and not right when ur used to it.....

achira6179d ago (Edited 6179d ago )

was a sony fan: can you stop it ! go play your crapbox, it has rumble, and if anyone will have it he can buy the crapbox, ok ! i play games on pc all the time without rumble, and i dont need it, do you understand this ? and the list contains far better games than the crapbox has, although its almost a year released. i want not to speak of the launch games of the crapbox, i only can say: powned !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! looser

OutLaw6179d ago

Besides Heavenly Sword (which isn't confirmed as a launch title) there is nothing on that list that makes me want to buy a PS3.

TiTuS6178d ago

Hi if you find a release date for Heavenly Sword can you please let me Know, cause that game is so going to be mine, and if possible Assasins Creed aswell please, THANXS

ASTAROTH6178d ago

Xbox gamers keep talking that the launch line up for the PS3 is not as good as the XBOX360. I Tthink that this is because the PS3 does not have KING KONG as a launch game. JAJAJA. Apart from COD2 what other had the 360 to offer?? JAJAJA

TiTuS6176d ago

yo i think all ps3 fans must really give all x-box fans crap, and really push it into them that the x-box sucks and the PS3 RULES

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