Final data in - PS3 sold 550,000 last week

PS3 slim boosts PS3 hardware 400% worldwide as Guitar Hero is down 37% year on year in the weekly charts for the 30th August - 5th September 2009

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GWAVE4940d ago

Waaaa? Why is VGChartz being used for news?

Well, anyway...

"But but but but the Slim and a price drop won't matter for Sony"

dolan4940d ago

I thought vgchartz was banned from this site?

How can a site that puts out fake sales numbers not be banned?

Time Lord4939d ago (Edited 4939d ago )

I said it when they posted low PS3 numbers and I'll say it again now

VGcharts 'A fair proportion of the 550,000 PS3 buyers this week will be existing PS3 owners (especially in Japan) wanting to upgrade to the new machine, maybe 30-40% (as a rough guess), but the remainder will be new buyers'


Lifendz4939d ago

It's still VGchartz. I'll wait for a more reliable source.

Mr_Bun4939d ago (Edited 4939d ago )

I'm all for PS3 selling well, but when did VGChartz get accurate data....especially when they throw up numbers regarding who specifically traded in old ones for new ones "maybe 30-40% (as a rough guess)"...I'd say VERY rough.

What is more reliable is the fact that VG's numbers are always low when GUESSING PS3 sales

raztad4939d ago

Vgchartz numbers are just rough estimates, probably they are playing safe providing a conservative number. I expect more than 600K slim sold. Just Japan is contributing with 150+K.

gaffyh4939d ago

@1 - I agree, now we wait for that guy who always defends VGC based on old data.

Poopface the 2nd4939d ago

I think it is a decent indicator tho, and it looks like the price drop and the slim have really increased PS3 sales.

Doesnt surprise me as I got one even though I wasnt planing on it. now people are more likely to just decide to buy one on impulse now that its cheaper.

I also prefer the smaller version. I dont mind the features they took out since the 60gb(although BC would be nice) as I got what I wanted them to focus on since the beginning: A ps3 that plays blu-ray movies.

bmw694939d ago

Posted for about the 4th time this week:

Seriously, you guys need to do some research before posting this stuff. VGChartz numbers have been pretty much spot on with NPD for the last 6 months now - why don't you actually look the figures up and see?

Let's do it for you:
VGChartz July preview -
NPD July data -

VGC - 537,000
NPD - 538,900

VGC - 309,000
NPD - 252,500

VGC - 128,000
NPD - 121,800

VGC - 198,000
NPD - 202,900

VGC - 129,000
NPD - 122,800

Yeah I see what you mean - no correlation between the two at all. In fact apart from the 50,000 difference on Wii (and many in the industry believe that NPD undertracked Wii for July) the numbers correlate perfectly.

And you can see the same, if not better, in previous months:

VGChartz June preview -
NPD June data -

Again i'll list these ones out:
DS - 766k / 744k
Wii - 362k / 366k
PS3 - 165k / 164k
360 - 241k / 248k
PSP - 164k / 143k

Obviously made up and "fake" from VGC once again.

Also if you look, the software lines up almost perfectly as well.

Seriously, this misconception that VGChartz is a joke has to stop. They provide solid industry estimates for free that nearly always line up well with official data that is released.

Perkel4939d ago (Edited 4939d ago )

@ bmw69

again somebody must tell you that
vg fix their numbers after npd media create sales are up....


also VGChartz are real Speculation based on nothing.

Watch media create sales watch npd sales this month

bmw694939d ago

You need to learn to read! The VGChartz projections are made BEFORE NPD comes out, just like the one they did this month. Then the NPD data comes out and matches up almost perfectly.

Then Fanboys on N4g claim that the site makes the data up because it doesn't show them what they want to see.

n4gno4939d ago (Edited 4939d ago )

You are probably not a gamer poopface, but do you know you can play with it ? and play the better console's games this generation ?

just information.

ATY4939d ago

Vgcharzt goes back and 'fixes' their fake sales numbers when the real numbers come out.

Vgchartz is a site every gamer from no matter what console should be disgusted with.

The last thing gaming needs is yet another site spreading lies and fake information.

ATY4939d ago

"Vgchartz numbers are just rough estimates"

I don't want to flame you, but can we stop this sh*t.

They are not 'estimates', they are fake. End of story.

Fake. F A K E

There is no source for tracking sales data globally. Let alone on a weekly basis.

Are you guys so naive to think some kid running a website is get week retail tracking information from every country in Europe, South America, the Middle East, Asia, in addition to the US?

Honestly, do you?

This garbage should have been banned a long time ago. Even bringing up fake vgchartz numbers on most messageboards I frequent is something that will get you banded.

bmw694939d ago

Ok, why not compare their data to NPD this month - here is the preview:

DS - 468k
Wii - 293k
360 - 214k
PS3 - 157k
PSP - 133k

Also note that VGChartz have already said they think NPD will be higher on PS3 - maybe over 200,000 due to the leaked PS3 slims in the last week of August and the difficulty of tracking it accurately as it was only available at some retailers.

Check back when NPD is out in 30 mins and see how close they are...

ATY4939d ago (Edited 4939d ago )


Go away. Go back to your pathetic little site and its fake sales numbers.

percephone4939d ago (Edited 4939d ago )

Data care of NPD Group for August 2009

PlayStation 2 105.9K
PlayStation 3 210.0K
PSP 140.3K
Xbox 360 215.4K
Wii 277.4K
Nintendo DS 552.9K

The only one that is close is the 360 number

Edit: Disagree, come on bmw69 admit that you were wrong

Oner4939d ago

Wow BMW you are SOOO misinformed. VGChartz has been PROVEN to ESTIMATE that system "A" sold "X" amount for date "Y" through date "Z" then when NPD comes out to confirm the ACTUAL sales they go back at a later date and re-adjust their numbers to make it seem as if they where "accurate" when you go back to compare sold #'s...just as you are doing.

4939d ago
Poopface the 2nd4939d ago (Edited 4939d ago )

You cant even comprehend what Im saying. I said, " A ps3 that plays blu-ray movies." As in playing PS3 GAMES and movies. You got all upset because you think I just want a ps3 for blu ray. I havent even watched one blu ray yet. I just dont care about all the pc like features on the ps3 as I have a computer already. I dont need a card reader, browser, other operating systems or 4 usb ports. I just want a system for ps3 games and blu ray movies. The only feature that I would have liked them to keep since the 60Gb that arnt in the slim is BC, but I didnt buy a ps3 to play ps2 games.

Im most likely more of a gamer than you, as I dont care what system I play games on. I dont care which one is perceived to be better by anyone as I am not committed to one or the other. Look at my profile If you wanna see all the game systems that I have owned, and I got them all for playing games.

bmw694939d ago (Edited 4939d ago )

"DS - 468k
Wii - 293k
360 - 214k
PS3 - 157k
PSP - 133k

Also note that VGChartz have already said they think NPD will be higher on PS3 - maybe over 200,000 due to the leaked PS3 slims in the last week of August and the difficulty of tracking it accurately as it was only available at some retailers."

Actual NPD:

PlayStation 2 105.9K
PlayStation 3 210.0K
PSP 140.3K
Xbox 360 215.4K
Wii 277.4K
Nintendo DS 552.9K

PS2 - spot on
PSP - spot on
Wii - spot on (and higher than all analysts)
360 - spot on
DS - low
PS3 - low (but ~200 like I said and like VGC had said earlier).

Looks pretty damn good to me - for the third month in a row.

Compare to the other predictions:

Pachter EEDAR NeoGAF
NDS 490,000 490,000 492,000
WII 240,000 235,000 250,000
360 205,000 190,000 207,000
PS3 160,000 140,000 194,000
PSP 130,000 110,000 121,000
PS2 100,000 95,000 99,000

So VGChartz was closer than Pachter and EEDAR (two professional firms) and better than GAF (an average of about 100 industry followers and insiders) on everything but DS and PS3.

Not bad for a fake site making guesses.

Also remember that VGChartz put their data out BEFORE Pachter, EEDAR or GAF - so they can (and do) all look at VGC data for reference when making their predictions for the month.

DaTruth4939d ago

The numbers are in! All I see here is VGChartz! Where are they in exactly; Some dudes imagination! The numbers aren't in till a legitimate source says they're in!

Sarcasm4939d ago

You can see he's a 360 fanboy when he starts talking about the speculative 30-40% of PS3 Slim sales are current PS3 owners. Did anybody stop to think that the PS3 phat's were also selling too? Not all of the sales are PS3 slim's. And I cant Imagine 200,000 PS3 owners rushing to buy the Slim especially seeing as how anyone who has a 60gb will bash and bash the Slim trying to make it look like an inferior product.

"So yes, the 30-40% is pure speculation "

Sarcasm4939d ago

bmw69, you're hellbent on protecting VGchartz aren't you?

If you really want to defend it so bad, then tell us. How does VGchartz collect their numbers WORLDWIDE? How do they get numbers from the smaller countries in Europe? How do they get the numbers from Japan? How do they get numbers at all? As far as I know, NPD and even media crate collects their numbers from retailers. There's no such mention of this "VGchartz" collecting numbers from retailers.

TheReaper424939d ago

don't give that POS site your clicks. VG = full of fail

Bucky Sligo4939d ago

Listen guys, let's all get rational for a second here. It's obvious from bmw's post that VGChartz actualy post more or less accurate numbers. What is there to argue? The proof is right in front of our eyes.

Can any of you post something that contradict the VGChartz numbers? How do you guys know it's fake?

Oner4939d ago (Edited 4939d ago )

@ above ~ As the saying goes "Even a broken clock is right twice a day"...Just because they got it "right" this time does not mean they are accurate every/all the time. As I said they adjust their "numbers" at a later date to reflect the correct numbers in an effort to SEEM like they where right in the past but were not.

Read this in FULL (not just pieces) while paying close attention to "Where's the Beef" and the "conclusion"

And additionally

imtiyaz64939d ago

All I can say is the good ol' sony dominance days are finally back

GameGambits4939d ago

It's over 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!

SoapShoes4938d ago

Dude get over it... First off all VGChartz does is guess and I don't call being a few thousand off close... Anyone can guess around a few thousand, damn! All you have to do is look at previous months data to come up with a close estimate of next months unless there is a huge shift in demand, which there was. Funny how VGChartz did not come even close on their estimate for PS3 on August, they just said they expected NPD to be higher on the PS3. WELL NO CRAP! All they are doing is saying, "we don't know what the PS3 numbers will be but lets guess low and say we expect them to be higher in case they are higher". If they can't estimate more than the status quo, then why should we trust them?

bmw69, no professional website does guessing. That just is not how things work. These people did not go to college, they are not even close to being analysts. The site is fail and how the hell can you even defend them with their August PS3 estimate and a blanket statement?

slayorofgods4938d ago (Edited 4938d ago )

We all know that VGchartz will never show completely accurate numbers and because of the speed they report numbers (compared to NPD) this is not even possible.

VGchartz works the same as exit polls do in an election. These polls give us an early indication of who won the race between the 360, PS3, and wii with a (ROUGH) estimation by what percent. This is a very useful tool to resellers who want an early advantage before the concrete data (NPD) is released.

As far of the trend on this site to hate VGchartz and the people that look at its data; get over yourselves.

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kws10654940d ago

then I can safely guess.

Panthers4939d ago

From US sales only? No you cant.

kornbeaner4939d ago

Why is it that NPD is all that matters? from my understanding the numbers they gather do not include wal-mart. How are those any more accurate then those by VGcharts? If you gather numbers but do not have the sales number for arguably the biggest store franchise in the U.S. how can those be called accurate? just like VG, NPD is an estimated guess. The only time we get pretty accurate numbers are during E3, Leipzig and TGS when the big 3 talk sales figures.

saint_john_paul_ii4939d ago

the NPD to look at is the september NPD, not august. August NPD is going to arrive in a few days from now, while September NPD will be shown in October.

Poopface the 2nd4939d ago (Edited 4939d ago )

estimates the wallmart sales and adds them to their other concrete numbers. The NPD comes out today I think, and it will include some of the pricecut and slim sales considering I got my slim on august 29, and I know they were selling them before sept. 1st.

I think that sept will be a huge month for sony, but August should also have a small boost since the pricecut and slim were sold at the end of AUG.

you must be on crack if you think wallmart is where many people go to get ps3s.

The NPD is very accurate for US sales.

kornbeaner4939d ago

How I'm I on crack for thinking walmart might play bigger role. Wal-mart might not be used for a majority of game sales in big cities like New York, L.A., Chicago and such but there is a big part of the country where Wal-mart is where it's at. Even in some places in California Frenso and Modesto you might not see a best buys or Gamestop around but the one thing that is near most cities is a wal-mart. The point I was trying to make is just like VG charts uses estimates to conclude a certain sales number NPD does the same.

It doesn't really matter what numbers you guess and plug in the end thats all Vg charts and NPD are. Guesses. Until there is a firm that can gather sales numbers from 98% of all major and sub-major outlets all you will ever get is estimates and guess. VGcharts and NPD provide you and all other people with the same basic formula. Gather what we know, estimate what we don't and then fix those number when we know we are wrong. Both NPD and VGcharts are off on sales numbers by nice chunk. The only reason why VG gets a bad rep is because they run a free always open site. So anybody can just go to the website and see real-time correction. With NPD there is a fee so the chances of catching real-time fixes are not as likely. If VG's website was runned like NPD there wouldn't be such a big uproar about their numbers cause we'd only see them 1 once a month and never see corrections made.

kws10654939d ago (Edited 4939d ago )

I know how many slim PS3 has sold in UK(40k), JP(150k) and FR(37k). And I know that US starts selling Slim since August 24, which means major sales of NPD August sale comes from Slim version. From that, I can estimate how many consoles would've sold in the first week of September in US (Second week of Slim version for US). Then I can add up the rest of the world such as AU, ESP, and etc, which is a safe guess.

At least safer than VG.
Edit: My bad, I mean "more safe"

DaTruth4939d ago (Edited 4939d ago )

Please don't insult NPD by throwing them in with VGChartz! At least NPD calls somewhere at sometime! They're sales reports are actually bought by big companies; I doubt they would pay for some guy in his mom's basement's guesses!

And they don't throw in flamebait opinions for good measure!

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ghostface4940d ago

I like how he said 30-40% are previsous ps3 owner who traded there 80gig for the slim model. I'm not saying there's not people not trading there fat for a slim, but where are he getting his numbers from?

beardpapa4939d ago

It could be people that recently got the model only to want to exchange it for the Slim. Remember there was a Bestbuy article about this, and to avoid having to take in a return, they instead offered a free game deal.

So that number, 30-40%. How do we know it applies to the previous total of PS3 userbase, or if it applies to recent owners within the past few weeks?

DaTruth4939d ago

Does anybody who bought a Slim, remember taking the VGChartz poll at every retail store in the whole world, that asks if you previously owned a PS3 Phat?

SupaPlaya4939d ago

I thought I read a comment from you on another VGChart article/sales news. I don't remember you laughing at that number. Then I looked:

"1 - Now these are sales numbers not any PS3 exclusive could get.
Not even GT5, not a chance to beat the MASSIVE sales monster that is Halo 3. "

The Wood4939d ago (Edited 4939d ago )

owned. what a hypocrite

vg has always been crud but it seems some WILL pick and chose where n when they see fit wont they 'shocky' ¬_¬.

ive not seen and ownage like that ALL year +1 SupaPlaya

from now on any ounce of credibility you had left is

lol @ below...more like a sledge hammer to the face

Boody-Bandit4939d ago (Edited 4939d ago )

SupaPlaya with a uppercut to the chin.
Shocky is out cold!

Jsynn74939d ago

Wow....just wow. Totally owned. You should have all your bubbles taken for that.

DaTruth4939d ago

Time to change your account!

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