Guitar Hero Downloadable Contents To Be Removed Soon

All the DLC for Guitar Hero will be removed on March 31st. The DLCs for Band Hero and DJ Hero will also be removed on the same day.

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GentlemenRUs2341d ago

Feel sorry for those with the DLC song packs now.

lashes2ashes2341d ago

Why. If you already have the songs you can still play them. You just can't buy them any more.

Vegamyster2341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

They're not taking it away from people who already have it on their hard drives.

Edit: Ninja'd :/

SaffronCurse2341d ago

Guitar hero 3 to be exact.

CorndogBurglar2341d ago

Me and my girlfriend still get hammered and play it from time to time.

brads42341d ago

Just play Rocksmith. Then you can actually learn a skill (real guitar) instead of being a musical joke.

FriedGoat2341d ago

Nah, who needs rocksmith, Rock band 3 is where its at. You can learn real guitar, there are more tracks, and you can also learn drums and basic keyboard.

brads42340d ago

Seriously? Rocksmith is SO much better as a guitar learning tool than RB3 it's not even funny.

ShadowKingx2341d ago

wont be able to purchase them, but if you already did, you can still dl it later. i have not played guitar hero in awhile though.