IncGamers - Need for Speed: SHIFT Hands-On Preview

IncGamers' John Robertson gets his hands on the latest Need for Speed title, Need for Speed: SHIFT.

From the preview: "It all starts with the much-hyped in-car view which, unlike many other racers, Tudor is adamant is the best way to play the game. 'We looked at first-person shooters,' Tudor told us, 'and took their stylistic techniques, the screen de-saturating, blurring, the disorientating view.' In real terms what this means is that what you can see and hear from inside the car is intrinsically linked to what is happening on the track. For example, crash against a wall and your driver's head shakes violently and your vision becomes blurred (much like being shot in an FPS), accelerate hard off the grid and the g-force pins your head back into the seat or speed down a high-speed straight and the interior of your car blurs out creating a tunnel vision effect focused on the track."

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Leord3785d ago

I bloody love racers, and this one promise to be the mother of all racers :D

Chazmers3785d ago

totally different to other Need for Speed titles, could be giving Forza and GT 5 a run for their money.

Maticus3785d ago

You don't get tunnel vision by speeding up in a car :S