G4TV's PAX 2009: M.A.G. Hands-On Beta Impressions

G4TV: As M.A.G. designer Ben Jones gave me a tour of the ongoing public beta, I couldn't help but to feel a sense of loss. Loss for the traditions of SOCOM, which, once M.A.G. drops early next year, is pretty much dead and buried. Instead, Zipper has thrown itself into an experience that's a little bit SOCOM, a little Modern Warfare, and undeniably influenced by MMO culture. It's an ambitious experiment, and I'm curious to see how Zipper pulls it off, even if SOCOM never fully resonated with me.

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Saaking3794d ago

Best of FPS for 2010, just like KZ2 for 2009. Can't wait.

Once Upon a Fable3794d ago

Killzone = haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Those Sony flops aren't even in the same league as the big boys.

zenosaga043794d ago

yea, big boys like Fable right? hahaha

Scarecrows3794d ago

fukign nutcase. I liked killzone and all, im sure this MIGHT be cool but shooter goty , your wacked.

Rhythmattic3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

One things for Sure... With huge maps (1 guy played the beta and said it can take up to 10 mins to run from one end of the map to the other ) ,up to 256 online multiplayer, I dont expect it to look like K2.

However, It looks as good , if not better than Halo.... Impressive Tech.

As for gameplay, it hopefully will meet expectations....... Halo is fun, K2 is fun, even Q3 is fun...

Lets wait and see.

El Botto3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

But looks pretty good for all out warfare shooter.

Guy playing must have been in god mode. He just dont do despite being shot at from all sides.


The bots are talking about big boys like Ninja Blade, Too human and banjo flopzooie.

talltony3794d ago

Says "Once upon a Fable!"

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CaptainKratos3794d ago

at 53 seconds when he shooting at the guy climbing the ladder the enemy looks like he flew straight

Milky3794d ago

Gaaarrr I wish it was coming this year, it looks so awesommmeee.

Chubear3794d ago

Insanely awesome game for tactical shooter nuts. I'm completely impressed by what Zipper is doing for gamers with this game.

wxer3794d ago

the game look great
i dont know why every one just talk crap about the graphics
looks okay to me

phosphor1123794d ago

Yeah lets shoot the guy with the friendly icon (the <3) and see if they die. Lol. fail.

BattleAxe3794d ago

I can't see Zipper giving up on Socom.

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iSynysteRx-3794d ago

Jealousy & Denial rolled into one!

BlackPrince 423794d ago

Maybe it will come together at the end, but sheesh, that video was dull as dishwater. Hopefully as Zipper puts the finishing touches on this game we'll see something more exiting.

mastiffchild3794d ago

For the amount of players involvd /I'm amazed it looks as good as it does. If you expect it to look like KZ2 with all the people playing it at once then I'm afraid you're going to be bitterly disappointed-and for a long while yet.

Fact is Zipper have done just about as well as I could have hoped looks wise and possibly quite a bit beter. Looking forward to this more than any other FPS as it might tempt me off TF2 and irregular(since they patched in the fix that wrecked the controls by pandering to COD4 moaners)KZ2 games.

Chubear3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

Looks better than any game online that I've seen on any other console. If you disagree, mention one exclusive title on any other console that remotely comes close to the looks of this game.

*Yeah keep disagreeing but I've not seen any games mentioned yet though. Since this game is so "meh" graphically I thought you all would mention several online shooters that have way better graphics. The best you can come up with is MW2 and that's not showing this game up graphically in the slightest and is multiplatform.

Go on, name an exclusive shooter on any other console that beats this game graphically. You can't cause you're full of S*.

BlackPrince 423794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

We all know MAG's visuals are going to be compromised by it's support for 256 players. My problem is with the generic looking gameplay. What in that video was there to get exited about?

The shooting mechanics look like a stiff version of COD, the HUD is a god awful mess, and the art design doesn't seem particularly interesting at all.

@Chubear: COD4 & MW2 are visually better than this game and as far as exclusives go, Halo 3 and ODST just barely edge this game out right now. Not that these comparisons have any meaning since MAG's player level is so beyond any other shooter but, you asked and I answered.

cyberwaffles3794d ago

everyone i know who is in the mag beta love the game. they said it's not ready for release because of an ass load of bugs and glitches, but they all think it's amazing and the next big thing for FPS's. right now, my friend is experiencing issues like getting kicked out of the whole beta and overbalancing with sver versus valor. 256 vs 32 doesn't sound to balanced to me.

also, everyone hates valor and if they remain the same from the beta, then you'll see in the final release why valor's aesthetics and music is disliked.

well i haven't played it, i'm just relaying what my friend said. be glad that the game comes out next year because it still needs a lot of ironing out but atleast we know it's so good that people are still loving it.

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Ps_alm3k3794d ago

Show me another game that can do that on console!?

I bet you can't , yea STFU!?

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