Halo 3: ODST - 87 Uplift Nature Reserve screenshots

Gameswire has added 87 brand new in-game Halo 3: ODST screenshots, from what it believes is the 'uplift Nature Reserve stage'.

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dgroundwater3792d ago

Something makes this game look bad in screens but fine in gameplay. I kid you not some of the finest texture work of this generation is in Halo 3, but you'd never think it looking at these rough shots.

Gameswire3792d ago

It's because the game runs at less than 720p and is then upscaled. This shows up in stills, but the speed of running gameplay hides much of the imperfections.

Also, it's a bit jaggy.

dgroundwater3792d ago

I know devs feel the need to look state of the art. But they would be doing themselves a favorite by releasing shots at resolutions that don't look like this.

3792d ago
3792d ago