PAX 09: Sony Mag Meet Up

"On Friday after PAX, Sony had a Mag themed party for the fans. It was fun playing Mag while talking to Jeff Rubenstein and Zipper Interactive about this massive new shooter. Mag impressed me from the very beginning, and I was reserving my final impression of the game until I actually got to play it."

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Press_Agree3791d ago

Too bad mag will either have laggy connection or be a monthly subscription

DeforMAKulizer3791d ago

No monthly subscription whatsoever, and people in the Beta have been incredibly impressed by the lack of any lag even in the first beta test...

iown-ipwn-ikill3791d ago

i was in the beta dude. i played it a lot and experienced only lag for about 2 seconds in one game. Ran Smooth as a whitsle. ;) ive played around 17 matches.

mastiffchild3791d ago

Wow! First ever read from KJotaku that didn't leave me with the impression that they're all w4nkers!

Zipper and Sony will NOT balls this up either and with a Warhawk sized community MAG will end up being a lot of people's favourite game for quite a while I imagine. I'm a great believer that had Confrantation been a Zipper game it would've ran better from the start AND been a more complete experience rather than the patchy(imo) one we eventually ended up with.

Back about the article that kind of random pairing up used to be rife in my non clan Warhawk career and much of my friend list is made up from people who I teamed up with on a whim to partner in a 'Hawk to steal zones/flags. Some of the best mates I have on PSN were made in this exact way! One guy called Kalaluma(IIRC) was my best ever comrade yet I've nly ever met a couple of times and he hasn't *sob* logged on for ages! Maybe he , or his PS3 didn't make it! Curiously enough we ended up together one night on a server where eberyone else seemed to be either female(by their names and voices)or from France and us wo English boys kept getting picked on til we teamed up-one of the best nights of gaming I've had in ages(we ended up randomly changing sides and changing back to be tohether and were first and second player every subsequent match.

Cool article, though, and though it sounds a little odd I'm sure many of us do similar in MP games when our actual mates aren't about-I know I do and was doing do on FP the other day at a mates but most people just didn't get onto it or wanted to be lone battlers so I had a lonely time til someone I knew arrived.

Anyway, MAG will no doubt lend itself to teaming up with people with the structure of the squads and I'm so much more excited for this than I am for MW2 that it's not funny. I don't really like the controls and was annoyed when GG relented and allowed a COD4 friendly feel to KZ2 a while back(shouldn't have done it as the beta was almost perfect control wise for me and why do people want their FPSes to all play so similarly anyway?)so this was my next best hope to ween me away fom TF2 and Warhawk after Socom Confrontation didn't live up to it's amazing heritage.

However, as I said, I've complete faith in Zipper(much like may 360 only gamers have in Bungie) as my real introduction to online console gaming was through them. I think I'll find MAG just the ticket.

B-Real2063791d ago

The 1st phase will end on sunday 10am-6pm (pacific) There will be a 10 day "blackout" and we enter the second phase on Sept 17th. If you are in 1st phase your in second!! whoo-hoo for me!