Neocrisis: Exploitation of the Contributers by N4G

Neocrisis: N4G over the years has grown into a incredibly prosperous and successful site, This is due to the excellent work of the community which brings forth the content that drives the visitation to the site every day, and it is well known that this site now makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in advertising revenue for its owners and the staff and contributors.

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Zhuk3787d ago

I wrote this article and I was lucky enough to get it approved for hosting at Neocrisis, many thanks to the admins there.

I think this is an issue which N4G members of all sides can get behind, be you an Xbox 360 enthusiast or even a fandroid.

Our hardest working contributors deserve to get better compensation for their efforts which have made the people who run N4G a lot of money over the years as the site has gained in popularity while the contributers are still given the same monthly compensation which now is only a tiny fraction of what N4G earns every month.

This has gone on too long and it is time for us to ensure that our best contributors are treated the way they deserve to be for being the driving force behind this site's success and continued generation of wealth.

TheColbertinator3787d ago

I agree Zhuk.N4G is now extremely profitable and top contributors could certainly be compensated better than before.

Sunny_D3787d ago

Lol, this is probably going to get taken off by the owner... lol

nightelfmohawk3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

I honestly don't care how much money N4G makes. What I probably love about this site more than anything else is that unlike the Nazi moderators over at Gamefaqs and Gamespot who have their heads so far up their corporate asses, freedom of speech is pretty respected here within reasonable limits.

The moderators on Gamefaqs and Gamespot are corporate douche bags that only care about moderating offensive posts that might upset their sponsors, which means no one can give their real opinions without being warned, suspended, or banned for bull**** reasons.

I love the community here on N4G much more than those two sites, so I will continue to come here.

Rhythmattic3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )


"I think this is an issue which N4G members of all sides can get behind, be you an Xbox 360 enthusiast or even a fandroid. "

A perfect comment. Thanks for your trivial input.

PS: So where the F did the Droid thing come from , Anyway ?
The Sony Faithful call the Xbox loving type Xbots.... It sort of works.... But the Xbox faithful call PS3 users droids?
WTF, its like the most menial comeback ever....

Zeevious3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

How is this exploitation?

Every one of the contributors here...including myself, are aware that we're spending this time for free. This is no different than any other similar community site.

How much, EXACTLY did you get paid by Neocrisis...and you didn't just add a LINK to someone else's article...YOU WROTE IT.

You where paid nothing -- That alone invalidates your very argument.

The truth that we should be discussing here is YOUR BIAS & Exploitation of the community here.

Your motivation is what the subject should be...from your eternal bias & idiotic assault on half the gamers here just because they own a different console than you deem is your constant, incessant FANBRAT whining.

YOU ZHUK are the problem with this site...NOT contributors not making enough -- or your ill-informed narrow view of the 360 being the ultimate console to worship in your gaming universe.

The problem with this site is moderation...not actually PAYING contributors for their freely volunteered time.

Your problem is your long, & distinctly disappointing, pathetic history as one of the top fanbrats on this site.

That undistinguished 'honor' wasn't enough for you was it?
You chose to take your bias out on the site itself, under the very feeble pretense of concern over the contributors.

How much concern have you shown for anyone here, or the very contributors you now claim to be so concerned about when calling them:

The average Sony fandroid undoubtedly has the cranial capacity of a small bird...

The most hilarious thing is that none of the droids are arguing that the PS3 should be ahead of the Xbox 360...

The PS3 is dying fandroids, and its because of the PS3's inferior architecture and Sony's inherent inability to provide games that people actually want to play for the system.

With sales collapsing and consumer interest all but gone, the PS3 is finally on its last legs as a console and will be relegated to the bargain bins by the end of this year.

Accept defeat fandroids, PS3 is sinking, so is GT.

...and of most interesting importance :
You posted this as a blog HERE first...THEN had Neocrisis post this same biased nonsense as an "unknown" contributor...just to attack the site you now realize has grown beyond you and your Fanbrat nonsense.

We're all tired of you and your type. It's why most of your kind now have a bubble or two at the most.

If you missed it -- WE ARE TIRED OF YOU...and attacking the site & owners themselves won't change the fact that YOU . . . Y O U - Z H U K are the problem here.

You are what needs to be moderated.
You are what needs to be banned to the open zone or entirely.
You are the very reason this site is community driven, so you and your fellow Fanbrats can simply be shut up, and we can get on with the News 4 Gamers this site is all about.

Can more be done moderating contributors & anyone like you? YES!
Should more be done focusing more on ending posts of the same 59 articles & stupid blogs like YOURS from getting posted with EXPLOITIVE YOURS? YES!

There needs to be better moderation & oversight of Fanbrats like you, your bias, your negative effect on the community, and your consistent assault on fellow gamers.

By fellow gamers, let me be clear : I mean MY fellow gamers, 360, PS3, Wii & classic consoles alike...NOT YOU.

You have made it clear your agenda here is NOT GAMING...NOT THE COMMUNITY...NOT ANYTHING but your stupidly narrow pro-ConsoleX demands that we all worship with you at the same 'gaming' altar you pray will someday make your d!ck the size of a real mans.

Crude? Juvenile? Blunt?

YES...but Isn't that what you're used to...
...and from your treatment of the Community, Staff and now your contrived attack on this very site...It's all you deserve.

Zeevious3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

( - it is too a word - )

So...Why am I thanking you?

Because, by Disagreeing without posting a single comment you confirm and concede every single point made here about Zhuk, his intentions, and you validate he is absolutely not a gamer.

Zhuk, in fact is like others of his kind...embarrassing to fellow gamers on EVERY platform...and you couldn't say ONE SINGLE thing to dispute that fact...or any single fact above.

Thank you so very much . . .
If it weren't for spineless cowards like you, who can't even come up with a single reply...we'd have even more of the Fanbrat ravings of Zhuk and his kind.

I'd invite you to stand up and take a cowardly bow for us. . .
. . . but how could you . . . without that spine?

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jazzking20013787d ago

Its American to SUE
so start sueing lol

NexGen3787d ago

If the contributors aren't happy with the terms of compensation, then by all means, they don't have to contribute. There is also nothing stopping them from creating their own site, in similar fashion to N4G.

When contributing, people are made aware of compensation, if any. Again, no one is forcing them to contribute...and to be honest, I am really surprised contributors make any money at all.

This is the information age...these contributors, if paid, are just brokering information that was obtained from other sources anyhow. Who says the middle man should deserve a cut of the money? The site owners should, both for site maintenance and advertising revenue...but I don't see how people deserve to get paid for finding a source that was not their own.

And besides, most people want to be "FIRST!!!1!!1" and will find the information anyhow, should a contributor not be there with it first.

SnuggleBandit3787d ago

ya i always have wondered what bloodmask's motivation is

kingme713787d ago

If it is American to sue, what nationality is it that whines and cries about how someone else runs a business that they are not a part of?

Montrealien3787d ago

am I the only one that is curious about this (well known fact)? Where have N4G`s financial information been discussed before? I would be curious to read up on it also.

pharmd3787d ago

theres numerous sites that do nothing but profit from contributed links, dont be jealous because you arent!!!!

Game13a13y3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

for examples:
Nike exploited child labor
McDonald's dollar menu killed off small burger joints
Best Buy, Targets, Wal-Mart,etc... monopolizing the retail markets
this is how their economy works, big company gain growth by killing the small...

Armyless3787d ago

Competition... THAT'S the American Way.

Captain Tuttle3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

Armyless nailed it. Have some balls and start your own.

JokesOnYou3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

I know I would like to see more sites "like n4g" but with better mods who actually monitor the site CONSISTENTLY and with a "fair" system where everyone has equal say no matter what their preference is.

I think its a tough position for any moderator (whats opinion, freedom of speech vs fanboyism, flamebait, trolling) but with consistency and actually having enough staff to be "involved" full time then it can be done, currently the voting/bubble system is flawed...not because its a bad system under the guidelines, but because like many other aspects of this site it is abused. Random members, myself included should have NO say in how much I or anybody else comments, a group of fair and balanced mod's are needed to delete posts, and determine whether someone is not following the guidelines, because there are waaay too many who are too immature to simply disagree with you but would rather play censor(take bubbles) from you because they don't agree with your thinking, imo having the "option" to ignore me is plenty...don't like my history, you always disagree with what I say, you think I never add anything to the subject, simply click on "ignore" and you'll never see my post.

I definitely would like to see financial reports of n4g, I think thats only fair for a site who's revenue is generated by the work of its contributors...why not?, everything else is reported on this site.

End Rant.


Sarcasm3787d ago

You really have to question someone who'd rather sit on a computer all day searching video game articles for a measly $500 a month.

bjornbear3786d ago

....i don't contribute but i give credit to those who do! N4G you should too!"

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Christopher3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

So... your argument is that 5% isn't enough for the top contributor to make, but 10% is enough even though they're still doing 99% of the work?

Look, it's a benefit of coming up with a good idea. The people who created and still manage the site get the money. On the plus side, they actually compensate the top contributors, unlike other sites. Look at IGN's Vault Network. The only time one of them is getting paid is if the publisher for a game is giving IGN money to keep a portal going or as a source of advertisement. Otherwise, they're all volunteers who are lucky to get invites to E3, if at all, and I'm not talking full paid invites, either.

So, honestly, the site has its use, and people enjoy it and if you contribute enough you can make some money doing what you like to do.

Seems like a win-win situation to me.

Edit: At current and future disagreers - if you disagree with the way the site is run, why are you still here then? If you're here, it's obvious that the site is doing something right. Last time I checked, people don't create gaming Web sites to make money for the people who visit, but for themselves. Oh, and to spread gaming news.

Polluted3787d ago

I hear ya man. Just prepare for a deluge of disagrees. People around here aren't happy if they don't have something to whine about. I mean they could go contribute over at digg or reddit or something where revenues are higher than anything N4G's ever likely to see and nobody who contributes ever gets paid, but it's more fun to cry on N4G I guess.

Oh and lets ignore all those tiny little blog owners who use N4G and eye catching headlines to drive insane amounts of traffic to their crappy little sites. Forget the fact that N4G is meant to be a fun spot to talk games and extend your e-peen if you're a contributor. It's more fun to whine and cry.

Statix3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

I'm surprised this news story hasn't been banned or removed by N4G staff yet. Kind of makes you wonder if the owners of N4G even look at the content that's being posted on their own site.

Polluted3787d ago

@Statix: They know it's here. There's a forum thread going on right now that some of the N4G staff have even posted in. Fortunately they're choosing to let the community discuss the matter rather than trying to censor things.

Give it a couple of hours and everyone should be back to hating on EA or Activision or Valve or their truck drivin' neighbors or whatever it is we're supposed to hate this week.

Tomonobu Itagaki3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

Statix: Just see any news related to PS3 vs 360, PS3 is doomed or 360 is winning, the number of "open zone" comments in the gamer zone proves admins strictly don't care about their community. Moderating? Rules? Wtf is that?

Even i, i deliberately do heavy biased comments and i got 8 bubbles. As if it was normal to see trolling in an area considered as neutral.

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Saaking3787d ago

I agree, for example Bloodmask and Cryrus365 contribute a TON of articles yet they only get 500 and 300? The should get more giving the fact that it's people like these keeping the site alive. So yes, they should get more; however, you also have to take into account that they know what they're getting so in the end it's their choice.

Saaking3787d ago

I like N4G, it's fun and yes, I think contributors should get more especially the top 10 who work hard. Yes, all they do is get stories that are written by someone else, but look at bloodmask for example. Over 30,000 stories submitted. I mean, without the contributors this site would not have as many articles as it does. Contributors deserve more and like I said, especially the Top 10.

NexGen3787d ago

Bloodmask sounds like a well informed enthusiast then, and that is awesome. But to say it simply, if he, or other contributors don't like it, there's no reason they couldn't come up with their own gaming site, filled with their own content.

I'm sure his site would be great, filled with lots of content. I'm also sure that if contributors wanted to do so, they would.

If I don't like the terms, I don't go through with the actions, or my work. It is that simple.

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