Secret World MMO detailed at PAX 2009

The Lost Gamer Writes "It seems that there isn't a day that goes by where we hear of another MMO, and today is no exception following the trend of a more recent tendency for Developers to start to look at console MMO projects. Secret World from Funcom is one such project, and will release on PC and Xbox 360 in 2010. Yet, what will set the MMO apart from the rest.

Secret World will be set in modern day times in the real world, and players will be able to roam the good planet Earth just like normal life – however all the myths and legends that we have heard of in real life will actually turn out to be true in the Secret World. There will be three secret societies that players can take allegiance with and such choice will then allow players to then pick a start location of either London, New York or Seoul following which the adventure begins to uncover the truths behind the myths."

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MKV3795d ago

WTF? How is this gonna work? Is Microsoft gonna charge double for using 2 services?

I just saw the preview trailer and it looked awesome.

Celeras3795d ago

Was excited about this when I first heard about it too. Alas, it's Failcom.

BX813795d ago

I've been waiting to see some game play on this. The game trailers make me want to find out more.

hakis863795d ago

This really sound interesting and fresh, can't wait to see some in-game footage. I'd buy it for PC, not 360 though.

Tony P3795d ago

So when are any of the consoles ever going to get a current gen MMO instead of just these announcements? Feels like they're dragging their feet.

Baka-akaB3795d ago

Why are so many people excited ? This game has been announced and hyped for so many months with still so far no gameplay , and just empty talks and two CGI trailers .

Coming from an already beloved and failproof developper such as Blizzard or a Bioware , i could understand it ... but it's funcom !!!

A pbulisher/dev who hasnt yet released a non buggy game between Anarchy online and Age of conan , even if they worked to fix it later on . And games they never featured even half of what they promised ...

And here we are againwith promises ?? People and the press should known better already ..

BX813795d ago

Snarf, Snarf! People are excited because it's a new game coming out.

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