The Secret World Ditches MMO Genre & Resets Servers, Community Rages

Funcom has been in the news recently thanks to the success of Conan Exhiles but now it is their five year MMORPG The Secret World and plans to reboot the game that have fans up in arms.

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Kreisen2440d ago

The atrocious combat is why i quit this game like 10hours in so if they can get that right im definitly coming back.

DeviateFish2440d ago

Article is mostly quotes from Reddit and the press release, and I am curious where the info that says the servers are getting wiped comes from.

Razuel2440d ago

the old game will allow zero new players, this means it will slowly die off. Legends is an entirely new game.

RabbitFly2440d ago

I understand how hard this can be for the loyal players, but looking at it from the standpoint of funcom it is hard to fault them.

The Secret World has the best story and worldbuilding I have ever seen in an MMORPG. It's just too bad that the game was never really that successful. This gives them the oppertunity to resell assets that while old, still hold value to someone that haven't experienced it.

It's tough for the old players that have been supporting them since day 1, but considering that Funcom as a company almost when bankrupt, it is clear they were not enough. At least this way, the game can live on in some way.

2440d ago

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The Secret World TV Series Begins Production

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PapaBop2303d ago

The Secret World has an amazing setting, this could be great if it's done well.


Secret World Legends Readies TSW Legacy Transfers for Head Start

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