Our Top Five Non-Free MMO Games That We Wish Were Free-to-Play

Subscription and pay-to-play mmos are still around, and MMO-Play list their top five non-free mmo games they wish were free-to-play.

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TimelessDbz2076d ago

Lol if FF14 went to F2P I would quit.

zeal0us2076d ago

TSW is relaunching F2P apparently

LastCenturyRob2076d ago

Well, it would be nice if everything were free, but just doesn't work that way.

STK0262076d ago

From my personal experience, wishing for a paid MMO to go F2P is basically wishing for said MMO to become significantly worse.

Developers need to make money, and if they can't make it by selling you the game and/or a subscription fee, they will simply nickle and dime, sometimes with some cosmetic goods, but at some point, most offer some Pay2Win mechanics to encourage players to pay more. I'd much rather pay to play a good game than waste my time in a bad one.

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