YourEMGN: Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 | Preview

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 (abbreviated as PES 2010) is an upcoming football video game in the Pro Evolution Soccer series developed and published by Konami for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, Wii and Xbox 360. The game was announced on 8 April 2009 and has a tentative release date of 23 October 2009; but, according to retailers, it is set for an 2 October release, the same day as the expected release for EA Sports' title FIFA 10. However, rumours are circulating that the game will be released early this year, possibly in September. On 11 August, Amazon.com put the game up for pre-order, station that customers will recieve it on 16 October. It was also announced that the Wii version will be released around the same time.

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Madusha5153d ago

Which one is really the better game? My money is on PES

Madusha5153d ago

The graphics look incredible, can't wait for this one. The overall gameplay features have also evolved.

adasoo5153d ago

The graphics are not very important, they will be similar to PES 09, It's the gameplay that really matters!

Battlefield5152d ago

the graphics are almost exactly the same, the gameplay will only sightly change and there will be a ton of new features.


Goodbye Youth - The End Of The PS2.

This Is My Joystick NEW Celebrity Games Columnist OJ Borg Laments The Death Of The PS2.

The power of the PS2 was the social aspect; that dragged Gamers in. Nowadays we don’t need to see, smell or entertain our friends as we have Xbox Live and the shabby PS3 online thing, but back then, we used to have to be in the same room to play these games. This wasn’t a new thing, but the games just made it all-encompassing.

Games like Tekken Tag Tournament were great for a night of lazy boozing and gaming. Track and Field with a Multi-Tap was where we would give different names to the competition, depending on who was there (“AAA” if it was the poorer player’s, right up to an Olympics once every four weeks). We even had a little drugs scandal, when we decided to ban the use of socks on fingers to help mash the buttons.

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Jek_Porkins3915d ago

The PS2 was a once in a lifetime machine, but honestly I hadn't seen a new one available here in the states in almost 5 years. The news that they have ceased production worldwide is basically symbolic.


Classic PES For PSN/XBLA?

WENB writes: "What Konami are doing however is asking the question on their facebook page as to which classic Konami title from the past gamers would like to see on both PSN or XBLA. I figured that with so many saying they would love a remaster of a PES5..."

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Nate-Dog4462d ago

I'm not really sure how it'd work but man I love the idea.

Yi-Long4462d ago

... which is still their best PES game. Brilliant game. I remember scoring screamers from free-kicks with PSV's Alex. He has such a hard shot. :)

mastiffchild4461d ago

As a Chelsea fan who's had the honour of sitting directly in line with a couple of real life Alex free kick blasts I can concur that Konami did , indeed, get that part of his career bang on in PES5! If anything the bugger hit's em even harder these days!

Yi-Long4461d ago

... and is a great defender as well. One of the best there ever played in the Dutch Eredivisie, but sadly he isn't getting as much playing time at Chelsea. Would have been nice if Hiddink would have joined Chelsea :)

I'm surprised one of the other clubs haven't made a move for him (Alex) yet.

KAEM74461d ago

bringing back pes5 or 6 is awesome, i do think pes 6 is the better one, people just have a better/ more fond memory of 5 because the leap from 4 to 5 was huge

Yi-Long4461d ago

... cause on the 360 it didn't have replays(!)

I believe the PS2 version did, but I didn't have a PS2...


Pro Evolution Soccer - Nevermind eh?

TPV Writer Tom Writes: "A carefully reasoned and informed discussion. With myself. And who knows? This analysis might give FIFA some much needed credibility (not that I over estimate my writing powers at all), because let’s be honest, Sep Blatter is so crooked, he sleeps on a spiral staircase. So corrupted, Microsoft Word can’t open him. You get the picture, but don’t worry Mr Blatter. Here to help."

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curtis3944465d ago

Haha... Pes feels far more arcadey than Fifa, So I guess you are right there ;)

news4geeks4465d ago

"In reality, Lionel Messi is the perfect poster boy for Pro Evo. He personifies everything this game is. Flashy, annoying as hell, and overrated."

Well I already hated this article before I read this part but that was icing on the hate cake. Pretty much everything he said was unjustified.

Jonmau54465d ago

Offended so easily? Everything is justified with his reasons and guess what you get from an opinion article? A motherfunking opinion....

Louis_Guzman4465d ago

Wow, someones mad, lol. Btw, Fifa is a joke and so is this site.

Anderson84465d ago

lol in what way is messi overrated?... next you'll be telling me scott parker is the best player in the world

8bit_Nes_Rambo4465d ago (Edited 4465d ago )

Brought to you by EA games. I take it PES somehow beat this kid up and stole his lunch money?

Jonmau54465d ago

Nope he just thinks PES Is poor compared to Fifa.... which it is.

8bit_Nes_Rambo4465d ago

Cool bro. I think Fifa is crap compared to PES. Opinions are funny like that.

kza4465d ago

PES is way better u fifa players are NOOBS!!