Top 10 Gaming Characters You Would Love To Kick Up The Arse

Shadowlocked - It's a rare event, but every once in a while a videogame gives us a character that, whether immediately or over time, we come to loathe. But just who are the worst offenders?...

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zeal0us4626d ago

50 cent need to stick to music bc video games isn't his best genre

I would rather kick bowser b4 princess preach, my god its the same thing with that guy. Always taking some1 else's woman but can't find his own....w8 where them children of his come from. I know bowser can't asexual(basically mean have kids without the need of another person) reproduce. There are more annoying character the Sonic series than tails. Scotty's finishing move, "The Worm" lol I remember that.

hazelamy4626d ago

the thing is with scotty, and the worm, yeah the move, when you look at it objectively, is ridiculous, but what it did have was that the crowds at the shows absolutely loved it.
and you know why? audience participation, that's why he kept that ridiculous move for so long.

when you watch it on tv or in a game, then it is just kinda ridiculous, but tfor the live crowd, it's their chance to be involved.

hazelamy4626d ago

i'd vote for kratos, seriously, the most one note character in all of gaming, maybe a close second to gordon freeman.

of course i'd have to run away very fast afterwards because that guy's a frikkin psycho.

Quagmire4626d ago

I would love to kick Kratos up the ass, what a douschebag.

Master of Unlocking4625d ago

I fully agree on that 50 cent guy being No1. I can't stand that guy, sorry. Neither in agame nor in reality. :(


SEGA Hasn't Given Up On Competing Against Mario With Sonic

SEGA’s Second Division Manager, Osamu Ohashi, wants to surpass Mario by strengthening the Sonic IP.

TheColbertinator26d ago

Pointless really. Mario is galactic .

SinisterMister26d ago

So is Sonic, but at a lesser level comparatively.

Snookies1224d ago

Nah, Sonic is definitely iconic but it will never be at the level of Mario. Much less surpass it...

Knightofelemia26d ago

They can compete but Mario will always win. Mario and Sonic cater to different fans or fans who like both.

jwillj2k426d ago

Give sonic a reason to run fast mix in some Saw and Texas chainsaw features.

Barlos26d ago

Sonic doesn't have to compete though. Both are their own thing, there's plenty of room for them both.

Inverno26d ago

Thing is Sonic despite the bad games is still an icon as big as Mario, probably bigger cause he's seen more in media than Mario. More cartoons, more movies, more memes. So on that end he's good, they just gotta stop making bad games.

Rebel_Scum26d ago

Nailed it. Tbh though Sega don't know how to make a good Sonic game anymore.


Super Mario RPG announced at Nintendo Direct

Read the latest here

Kados162d ago

Welp, thats that. Nintendo just won this year by a mile.

jznrpg162d ago (Edited 162d ago )

For a remaster/remake?

They have had a pretty good year.

Zelda , Xenoblade3 DLC and now this.

I do wish Switch had more mature games I’d rate them higher (and more power)

shinoff2183162d ago

I wish switch came with better controllers. The joycons kill it for me, I do have a couple regular controllers but their corded. I need to get a wireless so I can finally check out xenoblade and some of the other rpgs they got

Spenok162d ago

For you maybe, but for most, absolutely not.

This game is GREAT, and one of my favorite RPG's... but no, a remaster does not kill every other game coming this year.

Especially with FFXVI coming out tomorrow.

Kados162d ago (Edited 162d ago )

Was not saying SMRPG would be better than any other game coming this year. Was just refering to the game shows this year. (SGF / Sony / MS / Ubisoft). Nintendo Direct won best show imo, due to SMRPG. This has me far more hyped than anything the others showed.

Second imo would be MS, due to Fable.

MrNinosan162d ago (Edited 162d ago )

So a remaster of an old game and a game with barely any gameplay that probably won't release within 2 years stand above games like Spider-Man 2, Final Fantasy XVI, Phantom Blade 0, Dragons Dogma 2, Resident Evil 4 Remake or while talking games in the future, Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater remake?

Chevalier162d ago

Honestly between this, FFXVI, MGS collection, Baten Kaitos, Baldurs Gate 3 and Spiderman 2 I think my fall is pretty much full.

162d ago
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Venoxn4g162d ago

Didn't expect to see this one, but... wow!

Tacoboto162d ago

After the rumor, I expected a 2DHD art style.

This looks like modern 3D Mario with such clean graphics and 60fps. I cannot wait for this