PES 2011 patch is live | Details revealed

The latest patch for PES 2011 is now available to download on 360, PS3 and PC. PS3 and Xbox 360 users as normal and PC users should be able to access the patch by selecting online mode, and your default browser will open with a download link.

Konami have reported that the patch adjusts the defender AI to allow for more consistent pressing from various situations and includes a series of alterations based on feedback from users.

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Pro Evolution Soccer - Nevermind eh?

TPV Writer Tom Writes: "A carefully reasoned and informed discussion. With myself. And who knows? This analysis might give FIFA some much needed credibility (not that I over estimate my writing powers at all), because let’s be honest, Sep Blatter is so crooked, he sleeps on a spiral staircase. So corrupted, Microsoft Word can’t open him. You get the picture, but don’t worry Mr Blatter. Here to help."

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curtis3944525d ago

Haha... Pes feels far more arcadey than Fifa, So I guess you are right there ;)

news4geeks4525d ago

"In reality, Lionel Messi is the perfect poster boy for Pro Evo. He personifies everything this game is. Flashy, annoying as hell, and overrated."

Well I already hated this article before I read this part but that was icing on the hate cake. Pretty much everything he said was unjustified.

Jonmau54525d ago

Offended so easily? Everything is justified with his reasons and guess what you get from an opinion article? A motherfunking opinion....

Louis_Guzman4525d ago

Wow, someones mad, lol. Btw, Fifa is a joke and so is this site.

Anderson84525d ago

lol in what way is messi overrated?... next you'll be telling me scott parker is the best player in the world

8bit_Nes_Rambo4525d ago (Edited 4525d ago )

Brought to you by EA games. I take it PES somehow beat this kid up and stole his lunch money?

Jonmau54525d ago

Nope he just thinks PES Is poor compared to Fifa.... which it is.

8bit_Nes_Rambo4525d ago

Cool bro. I think Fifa is crap compared to PES. Opinions are funny like that.

kza4525d ago

PES is way better u fifa players are NOOBS!!


10 great looking games the critics slammed

Sadly, the old adage that beauty is only skin deep can easily be applied to some of this generations' video game releases. Megabits of Gaming looks at 10 titles that have split opinion...

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Philoctetes4801d ago

Yes, it looks great, but with 94% on Metacritic, I don't think it's quite accurate to say that it got "slammed" by critics. Even with the cutscenes, it's still one of the best games of this generation.

hay4801d ago

True. And only fanboys slammed the game.

Chubear4801d ago (Edited 4801d ago )

most of those games were critically acclaimed. They weren't "slammed" O.o

Also don't know how Haze is on that list. Haze was a very decent shooter and though it's graphics were good they weren't not at all "great". Haze graphics was essentially 7th or 8th gen games on the PS2 done in HD

If any game should be on that list it's Lair. Slammed for EVERYTHING and lunatic rabid fanatics (and some reviewers) called its graphics PS2 or PS1 "with water looking like sand"

Crazy. All I know is, there are many "AAA" multiplat titles today that still don't put Lair, a 1st gen game, to shame graphically talkless of technically cause most multiplat games with this much stuff happening on screen with these kind of graphics would chugg like madness.


Please, show me these released multiplat games (or even exclusives on other gaming consoles) of recent time that has display this kind of chaos both on the ground and in the air.


4801d ago
morganfell4801d ago (Edited 4801d ago )

MGS4 still stands for me as the greatest game I have ever played. A culmination of 2 decades of masterful storytelling. As regards the play time, most reviewers put the actual non-cutscene game time beyond the length of the majority of current titles.

What is even more perplexing is the sophomoric comprehension of reviewers that failed to realize they were playing a game by Hideo Kojima. And a Metal Gear game at that. Many reviewers were simply ignorant of the series nor could they grasp Kojima's unique presentation technique imbued with his personality.

If you fail to realize the context of a title then you shouldn't be reviewing it. If you are unable to critique a work based upon the acceptance and expectations of the audience for whom it was made then you should shuffle along to another game.

Pokemon isn't a bad game...or a good game in my mind as I know nothing about it. I am ambivalent toward the series and as such know I should never offer my views on the title.

As regards the visuals, much of what was done in MGS4 has never been surpassed.

Man In Black4801d ago

The plot was kind of a let down. I hate how a lot of stuff was explained as being caused by nanomachines (Liquid Ocelot, Vamp, etc), and Acts 3-5, in terms of gameplay, were way too short.

Act 3 was pretty shit for the most part (follow some guy, bike chase, boss fight, and that's it), while the spider bots pissed me off in Act 4. The start of Act 5 was great, it reminded me of the older games, but it didn't last very long.

King-Leonidas4801d ago (Edited 4801d ago )

Agreed with every word you said. Mgs4 is such a master piece that fanboy´s tiny brains couldnt comprehend its greatness.

did you notice that most of those games are developed by the Japanese?

DaTruth4801d ago

The first review I saw for MGS4 was surprisingly from Eurogamer(track record with PS3 exclusives). "BEST GAME EVER!!!", I think was how it started. Needless to say, 10/10.

MGS3 turned me off of MGS series(camo system pissed me off). So when I saw the Octo-camo, I was back in it and was the defining moment of next gen.

Prior next-gen games looked good, but MGS4 just had it all!

acky14800d ago (Edited 4800d ago )

I thought the nanomachines explanations were great... it kept things grounded more in real life as nano-technology might be possible to do some of the things from MGS in the future.

MGS4 has to be my favourite game ever after more than 10 years of playing and replaying the franchise. Was perfect for me in almost every way.

Man In Black4800d ago

Thing is, they used nanomachines for practically everything, to the point where it started to become ridiculous.

King-Leonidas4800d ago

but think about it man in black, it would make sense to implement nano machines in soldiers on the future. They are very advanced technologicaly.

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ProjectVulcan4801d ago

Crysis is another that didnt get slammed. It got excellent reviews. True enough on release back in 2007, the fastest graphics in the world was an 8800 ultra. It cost 300 pounds. Crysis squashed it badly. But tech moves on quickly for PC, and 120 pounds three years on buys you a card thats twice as fast as an 8800 ultra, perfectly capable of coping with crysis.

Im pretty confident this time will be different with crysis 2, and although i expect it to challenge the fastest cards, i suspect it wont maul them nearly as bad as the original did with 2007 hardware.

GWAVE4801d ago

It didn't get slammed by critics (for the most part), but the vast majority of console gamers wrote it off as "that one PC game that has crappy gameplay and is all about teh grafix".

Naturally, they changed their tune once Crysis 2 was announced for consoles.

FragGen4801d ago (Edited 4801d ago )

I went out and bought Haze used when I first got my PS3 after playing the demo not being aware of any of the hype. It was a fun game, IMHO, if you didn't take it too seriously. Having only paid $10 for it, I was super happy with it. :)

I guess if I had been aware of the hype I might have been disappointed. But then again maybe not, because to me, "Halo Killer" does not set the bar that high, I think Halo is terribly overrated. :) I've probably logged as many hours on Haze as I have Halo 3 on my 360. LOL.

tacosRcool4801d ago

MGS4 is a great game but people are gonna find something wrong with it and complain about it

Kon_Artist 4800d ago

take mgs4 off before i chop u up

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versusALL4801d ago

Why the hate for Final Fantasy XIII, I for one think it was one of the best games this gen, I love the story, the characters, the world, and the graphics of course.

DelbertGrady4801d ago

Very random list. Since when is Naughty Bear a "great looking game"?

razielsonofkain4801d ago

Since when was MW2?